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And I'm Telling You,

I'm No Diva!

3/19/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Hudson is firing back at recent media sniping that says she's a flake and an ingrate.

In an exclusive interview, she tells Jawn Murray of "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" that she's been "hurt" by the backlash since her Oscar triumph, especially allegations that she tried to ditch the "Soul Train Music Awards" and that she demeaned "American Idol" as a mere "stepping stone." Page Six reported last week that Hudson tried to back out of the "Soul Train " show, where she received an award. "Why would they dog me out after I was one of the only people to show up on the show?" asks Hudson.

And as for her calling "Idol" a stepping stone -- to which Simon Cowell made a pointed and sneering reference on a recent episode -- Hudson acknowledges that she did, but says, "I didn't mean it in a bad way ... 'American Idol' is a stepping stone because had it not been for them, no one would have known of a Jennifer Hudson to call to audition for 'Dreamgirls.'" Hudson adds that she's actually met this year's "Idol" contenders and taped a segment with them -- all at her own request.

Hudson is clearly learning that getting famous as meteorically as she has ain't no dream, girl: "It's like everything I say referring to the show gets twisted around and makes me look like I'm being arrogant and a diva."

Check out the full interview at the BV Buzz at AOL Black Voices.


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everyones intiltled to there own opinion how can we not be informed when its all over the news ..AOL, the New York Post ,MSNBC, the Insider, and its not just this site that has negative things to say about Jennifer Hudson what kind of research do you need to do to see the ego.....and i dont know why she keep talking about A I in every interview its not like she was on the first season she was on season 3 and was #6 to be voted out by america, of the top 12, we all saw how rough it was on those contestants not only by Simon but Randy Jackson too so why is she acting surprised that she got a few comments that wasnt so nice, thats why the show got so famous she got exsposure from AL,voice lessons and the criticism she needed to try harder. why did she say any thing at all about AI in those interviews now she trying to clean it up.......

2744 days ago


The reason why Jennifer Hudson was voted off A.I. is because she just wasnt likeable. In my opinion she came off as irrogant and diva-like, I didnt like her at all and thats why I never voted for her. Also even though she can sing, she wasnt pop-star material, She's more broadway-motown sounding.
In interviews , she comes off as ungrateful.

2744 days ago


I think AI hired most of you to trash Jhud.....I dont recall many posters on tmz supporting or having anything positive to say about black folks....Is this a racist thing?....tmz posters hate blacks, that should be the next headline/subheading....Leave Jhud alone and allow her to enjoy her achievements...She is not a drunk, or drug addict like most of yourg stop the hating....

2744 days ago


This is not about jennifer hudson it is a comment in regard to the oprah article why is everyone hating on her. Why would any celeb in their right mind want to build a school in inner city america. All inner city youth care about is guns drugs basketball and rp why should we waste our money on schools their. They are unappreciative. By the EUBONIX (IF THAT'S EVEN HOW YOU SPELL IT ) IS NOT A LANGUAGE

2744 days ago


I don't care what she called AI, I still think she's a bitch. She didn't deserve ANY of her awards!! So many other accomplished, and TALENTED actresses were also nominated. I don't see what made HER so special. Ungrateful bitch! I hate her regardless of what she's "done".

2744 days ago


Leave jen hudson alone i love her she is a beautiful black woman and we should all be happy for her

2744 days ago

Lydia Layne    

Thank you Cindy K. for posting the article explaining Simon's comment about being bigger than Bruce Springsteen. I was going to do the same thing. I couldn't understand how the other poster was confused about what he meant if she'd read the whole article. Before you call other people idiots, take the time to read to the end of the article so you'll understand the context under which someone makes a statement before you post "what's he talking about?" He clearly explains in the article that he's referring to the fact that he makes more money for Sony B-M-G because of the people AI has signed to the label. It has nothing to do with Simon thinking he's a bigger star than Bruce or that he has musical talent.

2744 days ago


Didn't she thank Simon Fuller at the Golden Globes? Seriously, she says good things about American Idol all the time, and then she says one thing that could be construed as a disparaging remark if taken out of context, and now she's just an ungrateful diva?

2744 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

She's a very classy young lady. Anyone who is calling her all of these horrible names and downing her are just jealous.

2744 days ago


i wish her 15min will be up soon i am tired of her

2744 days ago


Do your thing Jennifer. Most of the people on this site wouldn't purchase your music anyway. F'em!

2744 days ago


To the poster CP,
Remember its just our opinion about Jennifer, No need to tell people to shut the hell up....Everyone is allowed to say what they feel, no need to be rude.
Why couldnt Jennifer ever thank Beyonce in any of her acceptance speeches? Beyonce always praised Jennifer and even shed a tear of happiness for her during the oscers. Jennifer never thanked any of her costars and Im sure they all taught her something while working together.
If it werent for A.I. Jennifer wouldnt even of be able to audition for the movie. Simon is the one who put her on the show, American didnt send her thourgh....Blame the voters not Simon.

2744 days ago

Cindy K    

CP - you're the one who said you didn't understand what Simon was saying when he commented about Bruce .... I mean it's pretty self explanatory plus you just posted you had read that article so I'm not sure how much more we can dumb it down you. It's quite apparant your preception of what he said is different then most. He stated a fact, he is bringing in more business then Bruce plain and simple, I guess in your eyes he shouldn't be proud of what he has accomplished. But I guess if it makes you feel better about yourself so you come across as looking somewhat intelligent to blow it out of proporption to fit your needs then go for it girl perhaps one day you can join Mensa :) So what Simon has a huge ego is that like news ...

2744 days ago


No I said I didn't understand you taking issue with what I said about Simon. Like I have been saying reading is fundamental. You can make all the excuses you want but you are being exposed for propogating double standards. I never said he shouldn't be proud but from what I see you are applauding him for doing EXACTLY what most people on her say Jennifer Hudson is doing...HAVING A SWELLED HEAD. Why would he just pick Springsteen to single out and say he is more valuable to BMG than he is and then basically say his 100 million deal is just it was insignificant. C'mon man...don't patronize me. You must think I'm stupid. Its funny that you talk about blowing something out of proportion because that is exactly how all of this mess got started. Simon blew things out of proportion when J-Hud said AI was a stepping-stone that allowed her to get to where she is. But of course you are too dim to see that the two situation are analogous to one another. Why do I waste my breath with fools....can't save you all from must be in the DNA

2744 days ago


Dear JH,
Stop reading what the press says about you. Hire people to read/watch it for you.You know who you are. Your words and actions will be twisted many times over in this business. Roll with it and keep on singing. You have a huge future ahead of you. Positive people are watching you. God Bless!

2744 days ago
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