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Anna's Company -- Shut Down Over Tax Trouble

3/21/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

anna nicole & howardHoward K. Stern might have to start spending Anna Nicole Smith's money a lot sooner than he thought.

TMZ has learned that a corporation started by Anna Nicole Smith and handled by Howard K. Stern -- owes more than $30,000 in back taxes and has been officially suspended by the Franchise Tax Board from doing business.

According to records from the California Secretary of State, Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. never filed a tax return with the State of California in 2004, and owes a total of $28,945 in corporate taxes! Howard K. Stern is listed as the company's "registered agent." Anna was listed as the president. But that's not all ...

The Los Angeles County Tax Collecter claims that Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. never forked over $8,920.54 in property taxes they owe on a Studio City home where Anna used to live.

On March 1, 2007, Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc. was put into suspended status by the FTB, which means they can't make any legal, financial or business transactions. It is unclear if any of Anna's other belongings, including cars, boats and other property are actually registered to Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc.

Howard K. Stern was named in Anna's will as the executor of her estate, which means that he may ultimately be the person responsible for cutting a check for all of Anna's debts.


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Love Ya    

I have a question, in regards to the $500 billion Dannilynn is suppose to get, is it a guarantee. I has been 10 years and nothing has happened. What is the deal with that if someone can explain it?

2737 days ago


good work hk$, your a great business man, are a moron

2737 days ago

pattie in cali    

LISA, #12- hes going down. theres to much hes done. people who love people don't treat them as he has. ANNA AN DANNY will watch over this. stern has done many things. IT WILL ALL COME OUT IN THE WASH. GOD WILLING.

2737 days ago


hey all youwho claim that ANS so trusted HKS and that he was only doing "what she wished"...well where did all that get her??? get real people and smell the truth..

2737 days ago


I just heard on Fox News that the judge in the Bahamas has ordered HKS to NOT leave the country. The wagons are circling, and this jerk is going down!

2737 days ago

lee simon    

Was it true that they didn't pay the electric bill at horizons? that's why the hotel!

2737 days ago


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stern is finally getting a dose of his own medicine (pun intended) !!

Haven't see Ron "also signed the will" Rale or Krista "ya know" Barth for a few days.

2737 days ago


I think Howard is wonderful and he deserves all the money and the baby.

2737 days ago


Stern worked for ANNA and is not his responsibility to pay her debts. Maybe that's why he didn't take ANY money for her for 10 years...she didn't have any money to pay HIM???? Poor guy.

2737 days ago


#16: We're all pointing the finger at Stern because his hands are everywhere. He was there when Daniel died, and both Daniel and Anna died due, in part, to meth - which your hero had access to. If that doesn't qualify as suspicious, I don't know what would.

No one will ever tell me otherwise he didn't get Anna to move to the Bahamas to complicate things as they are now. He doesn't have a real job, so he had all the time in the world to look up how complicated things would be if he were to get Anna to move to another country and give birth there.

Sure, Anna was over the age of reason, but when you're constantly doping someone up and promise to be their savior, you're bound to be starstruck and let that person run your life.

Howard K. Stern is a cockroach who needs to be smashed. Plain and simple.

2737 days ago


This so called attorney has done nothing but kill ANS.To the posters who say Daniel knew too muchi so agree with that.HKS should be disbarred and sent to jail IMO.

2737 days ago

Ignore HKS Paid Bloggers    

I Hope the DNA results get leaked(no pun intended) many people are not gagged and tax invasion will be the least of Howie lol

2737 days ago



2737 days ago


What does Ron Rale know about this and when did he first know it??

Can't ANS's property be foreclosed on for unpaid back taxes?

Didn't Geraldo say this past weekend that all of ANS's assets were in a Corporation in CA?

Hot Smoochie Lips sounds like a porno site.

Howard the recommendation is that when you've dug yourself a deep hole, STOP DIGGING!! lol

2737 days ago

jen newman    

#23 you are so right. Definitely Ron Hale is involved in a lot more than just her company that HKS owes money for. Just buy his arrogance during interviews, you KNOW he has stuff to hide. Handcuffs and a cell for 2 please!


2737 days ago
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