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Vivica A. Fox

A-rrested for DUI

3/21/2007 6:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vivica A. FoxTMZ has learned Vivica A. Fox has been busted for DUI.

It happened last night on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley at 10:57 PM. We're told Fox passed a marked black and white while going approximately 80 mph. Sources say the officers went after the 2007 Cadillac Escalade she was driving.

The officers administered a field sobriety test -- which Fox was unable to perform. The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant was then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Fox was taken to Van Nuys jail where she submitted to two breathalyzer tests. CHP spokesman Leland Tang told TMZ, "It was definitely over the .08 legal limit."

Fox was cited and released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear in court.


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Hmm, another celeb DUI....I am SHOCKED and AMAZED!

2739 days ago

Brian Beach    

Screw her. What about Tom Arnold on Craig Ferguson? He had to be screwed up, either that or he's just really screwed up. I hope he didn't drive home from that show himself!

2739 days ago

Finkle and Einhorn    

That is such an annoying picture of her face. That weird face, with the baggy eyes. Post something new TMZ, so that face isn't sitting at the top of your pages.

2739 days ago


#55 I understand...feel the same...I wouldn't know you different from the plethora of white child molesters out there either...

2739 days ago

concerned citizen    

# 64 agree!
If poor people can afford a cab home, they can surely afford one or if that doesn't suit them, they should call a limo.
I wonder if celebs think that they're above the law.

2739 days ago

jane smith    

I like Vivica. Why don't these stars hire a driver if they are going out drinking? No way should they ever have to drink and drive.

2739 days ago


How many more famous people will get off wrist for this crap? I mean the average Joe gets caught goes to jail and pays high insurance for ever. WHile famous rich folks get a slap and can afford it. Sometimes they even kill people (Ted Kenndy) and get away with it. I also hear that alcohol consumption contributes to Global Warming, so I think all alcohol consumption should be banned to save our World. I could just pay someone who does not drink and use their credit so I could continue my drinking without feeling guilty.

2739 days ago


SOME BIG ASS NOSE HOLES !!!Must be where the Lord held her up to spray paint her.

2739 days ago


She's just become another Hollywood side note...getting coverage for breaking the law and screwing up a perfectly beautiful face with plastic surgery. I don't understand what goes through their heads!

2739 days ago


18. Please. Why would anyone stalk that ugly man?

2739 days ago


Not everybody who registered the legal limit (.08) in California is impaired! If you're 5'11" and weigh 190, and you have a few drinks and are just fine like I was when I was pulled over for a "burnt out tail light" after three carefully measured ARE NOT IMPAIRED. I don't care what all these wimps/MADD etc., say about this. This whole DUI thing has become a very lucrative thing for lawyers and the State of California. When someone is .14 or .15 now we're talking impaired, but the one sized fits all approach just is a way to fine people, make them hire a lawyer and PAY PAY PAY. We have to decide what to do with all the bars and restaurants with parking lots. I've had a few drinks knowing full what my limitations are, and have made it to/from my destinations hundreds of times without a hitch (and this is dealing with traffic in LA--not Hootersville USA).
While I don't advocate drinking after drinking for those who are buzzed after one beer,
I have to say this one size fit's all approach isn't fair and is designed as one more way to get money out of people. The graphic examples given here about the DUI's are not representative of many people who go out, have a few (1-3) drinks, are in their full capacities and get pulled over and lose their balance in the kleg lights shining in their face. Everyone jumps on DUI, I want to take away licenses of all people who register below average on a standard IQ test, because it seems I'm always having to deal with that on the roads, and I think I have a valid point. People with low IQ's frequently do not know where they are going, cannot handle talking on the phone while driving, and sometimes have a difficult time measuring space, speed, and depth perception. We should fine and imprison people for that as well because they cause accidents and kill people too!

2739 days ago


to totts drinking and driving is not cool grow up and get a life because if you drink and drive you could take a life. Do you know how many people die each year from drinking and driving its not funny and it's not a joke too many innocent lives are lost each year. I think we need to be tougher on people who drink and drive to deter assholes like you who think its a big joke. when you kill someone then tell me its a big joke

2739 days ago


rumpaltrollskin:you comment on #78,tells us women that you have a case"of little man syndrome".
I am sure with this nasty mentality that you have,makes it bad on you to attract "sober" women.
A man that brags,HAS NO REASON.
A man who doesn't brag...SHOULD

2739 days ago

Change substances    

Had she been smoking mj, not only would that had been healthier, but she would have been doing 50, not 80 and wouldn't get caught... ;)

Alcohol is the nastiest, unhealthiest substance known to man, it can be lethal and should be on the list of controlled substances.

2739 days ago


Vivica is too old to be so stupid and irresponsible. She is the type of person that behaves reckless and maimes or kills an innocent person. I hope her license gets revoked.

2739 days ago
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