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Naomi Causes Trouble with Cell Phone

3/22/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It only took three days, but Naomi Campbell is at the center of another controversy involving a cell phone -- this time, not her own.

TMZ has learned that an employee in the Department of Sanitation was reprimanded -- and faced possible suspension -- for trying to take a picture of the supermodel with a cell phone camera while she was working inside. Sanitation Department staff, we're told, have been asked not to interact with Campbell, and workers exiting the building have been tight-lipped about Campbell's stint scrubbing their locker room. A Sanitation rep did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Naomi arrived for her penultimate day of custodial wizardry in yet another fetching ensemble -- including some color, finally. She sauntered past photogs in a fur jacket, purple blouse, wide-legged trousers, and burgundy boots.

It could be an interesting day for Campbell, as she's been earmarked for locker-room duty -- the men's locker room, that is.


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well at least she is finally owning up to her responsibilities and she is admit her faults. thats the first sign of growing up. good luck naomi, maybe the others should follow her lead get self control and straighten out their lives. much love naomi

2739 days ago


Unfortunately, Naomi will not learn anything from this experience. The press wait for her daily, giving her photo ops. Why else would she be showing up for community service in a damn fur coat? Somehow, I just don't get the impression that she is really in there busting her ass!!

2739 days ago

I hate Britney    

Naomi is a dried up old has been. She is the complete epitome of a narcissist. She is one of those models who feels the world owes them something because of how they look. In the looks department, she is a dime a dozen.

2739 days ago

Sunshine all Day Long!    

You are a Genius

2739 days ago


I think she is getting spiritual guidance, a warm and welcome friendship of a sober and good moral man, who asked her 'why do you do what you do, when you could choose to do well?', ..Nelson Mandella, and is glad to atone some what for her evil behavior. She said she was lost and lonely not knowing how to get on with her life long ago., so perhaps this is a good thing she has to be responsible for her spoiled behavior and have a good reason to quit some addictions. Not that I particularly like her but she seems upbeat and willing and we will see what happens later on..

2739 days ago

pattie in cali    

now thats a change. i hope she gets her crap togather. shes mean. maybe this will help her. i think she should have been a maid for two weeks. maybe she will think twice before she hurts someone really bad. spoiled people like her, only learn when somethng bad happens. i hope not this time. clean girl, clean

2739 days ago


#4, You are so Right, She is still ducking time. I am not impressed, Clean some Jail Cells.

2739 days ago


I don't get the "community service'"stint cleaning the locker room at the Sanitation Dept. as punishment. Why not have her do a real service working with aids/canceridden children in a hospital! This is community service.

2739 days ago


Whatever happened to that baby polar bear
I saw on the news last night?

2739 days ago


only a few could pull off her look. leave it to Naomi the supermodel to fulfill her court-mandated community service IN STYLE! she looks good from head to toe. hope you've learned your lesson Naomi. stop hitting ppl and just focus on your @$$et$. after all these years Naomi's still got IT - just check her out in April '07 issue of British GQ mag. And noooo, I'm not her publicist, I'm just a stan of hers :)

2739 days ago

Great Dane    

I can't belive a worker would be reprimanded for taking a pic of someone doing COMMUNITY service! Her ass should be out in the park, the street working with all of the AVERAGE people......Naomi you are a longer SUPER model......

2739 days ago


Naomi is an old has-been that thinks she is still in the running with the gorgeous young 18 year old models. She has an ugly face and an uglier attitude. I am boycotting any publication that has her photographs -- and I called "W", Style and a few others and told them so. Let's get rid of her. Don't buy anything that has her photo in it. The publishers will soon get the message! If you want to look at a magazine, spend a relaxing hour at the library and see it for free. Or go to Waldenbooks and peruse it at your leisure. Just don't buy it if it has Ms Ugly in it. "W" has a photographer doing a photospread on her punishment. She'll make money on her criminal actions! Sleazy beatch.

2739 days ago


You can't change history. Naomi is and will always be a supermodel. Naomi still looks great. I'm DWL @ Antonette's comments...trying to get ppl to stop buying magazines that feature Naomi. Don't be ridiculous! It's not that serious. I wish I had the time to call mags on Naomi's behalf but I don't have time because I have a real job...scratch Naomi must be doing something right because she is still being featured in popular magazines. People make mistakes. I hope that Naomi will learn to control her temper and be humbled by this community service experience. Don't hate. Jealousy is so ugly. Naomi is HAUTE!

2739 days ago


what a washed up hag. wearing fur to top it off. I hope you die soon, your stories arent even interesting.

2739 days ago


Naomi is HAUTE! Posted at 2:34PM on Mar 22nd 2007 by lizzie

You meant haughty, right?
disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant; supercilious

2739 days ago
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