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Simon Is Not Nigel's Bitch

3/22/2007 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nigel and SimonSimon Cowell does not get his best lines from Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Star magazine reported in its current issue that Lythgoe "watches the rehearsals and writes notes on who Simon should make snarky remarks about."

TMZ spoke with Nigel today, who says it's a bunch of baloney. "I don't make notes," Lythgoe says, adding, "Simon keeps to himself in his trailer before the show with a feed, so he can listen to the music."

Lythgoe also told TMZ that none of the banter between Ryan and Simon is scripted -- "If I would have written any of that it would have been a lot funnier, to be frank." Lythgoe also said: "I wouldn't have kept this gay angst going for so long. They would have both come out by now in my story."


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So...they're BOTH gay...hmmmmmmmm

2769 days ago

Mary Worth    

Simon is so bland; he needs all the help he can get! And it's because he just doesn't have the "wow" factor!

2769 days ago


Is there any truth to the rumor that Amy Sedaris will be the Grand Marshall of this year's Halloween Parade in New York City's Greenwich Village?

2769 days ago

He's Boring now    

Both those Limeys have been sticking it to Americans for too long now, getting filthy rich while making a mockery of us all.

They snobbish and hate us because we kicked their ass over 200 years ago and they wish we were under British Rule..but since we arent they love making a mockery of us while making millions off of it...

I pray for the day this thing goes the way of "who wants to be a millionaire" show.

2769 days ago


is nigel even funny though??? simon is the show!!!! ryan come out of the closet

2769 days ago


ryan seacrest had to address the gay thing on larry king live......he didnt do a very good job of disguising himself he and simon vacation together all the time......and you can tell the goo goo eyes simone makes at ryan, just pay attention you'll see it.....

2769 days ago


Have you seen Simon Cowell's girlfriend? You guys are whack.

2769 days ago

george vieto    

Simon is as funny on American Idiot as much as Vince K McMahon is a boxing promoter genius.

2769 days ago


Anyone who thinks up these ass remarks that Simon makes to people should be shot. Whether it be Simon or someone else. calling people fat, ugly ,has nothing to do with a person's singing ability. That crap is just low class as hell. American Idol is a musical Jerry Springer.

2769 days ago


I like Simon he is honest and most of the time correct; but that stunt the other day with the british invasion show with the crying brat and queer looking cross-breed between prince and michael jackson has GOT TO GO! He can't sing!


2769 days ago


#2...what does Amy Sedaris have to do with this story?
and #8...American's don't need Simon and Nigel to make us look like ASSES!!! I mean, haven't you heard of our current Government Administration? Oh yeah, and then we do have the likes of Paris Hilton and all her Celebi-Slut friends to make a MOCKERY of us as well.

2768 days ago


But the thing is that it may likes the other peoples too. Any guess why??

2768 days ago


Please, i have to say . Simon and Ryan . Both gay . Now what would make you quess that ? God lord, any straight man would figure it out . Let alone a Gay mans Radar goes off any time they both open their mouth . As well as body movements. For simons girlfriend , give me a break, Rock Hudson was married for 2 yrs due to hollywood wanting to keep him in the closet. You think they want it to be Known that 2 nelly queens are the star of American Idol. If anything you should be worried about when it comes to these stars , its not their sex life . But by looking at the picture of Simon i have to say he looks like he is so stoned out of his mind . Is that what you want your kids to get the idea smoking dope is okay .? Seems every picture taken of the Loud mouth he looks stoned or is that because the Queen of Mean is just so Tired.... If so go on vacation no one will miss you, seems American Idol is going bland this season anyway . What a joke. Keep this in the news and try to keep the ratings up. Bland Bland Bland....

2768 days ago

Tony Barker    

It is time that Ryan and Simon came out of the closet?the show would be even funnier with their banter

2768 days ago


Hey, Rob AKA Gay Man's Radar--maybe it doesn't work on British men. British men don't have the same cultural assimiliation for machismo, homophobic maleness as American men. Go to England and look around. They can't all be gay. The fastidious attention to grooming, the formal grammar, that's upper-class British, period. It's not a clue about sexual orientation.

Now Ryan Seacrest. Okay. You have something.

I'm all for gay people coming out. But trying to "out" people who aren't gay--it just looks insecure on the part of the person doing it. It's cool to be gay. But focus on yourself, not others.

2768 days ago
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