The Sanjaya Diet

3/22/2007 1:15 PM PDT
The MySpacer who vowed to starve herself until Sanjaya Malakar was tossed off "American Idol" has another week of starvation to look forward to.

The woman, who idenitifies herself only as "J," was not pleased that Stephanie Edwards got the boot on last night's show, leaving Sanjaya to continue "singing" at least through next week. "I'm really starting to feel sorry for Sanjaya," wrote the hungry blogger last night. "People keep voting him through because they think it's funny ... and I think it's to the point where this kid is starting to believe his own hype." Yeah, that self-confidence thing sucks.

So it's another week of water and ... well, water for "J." If Sanjaya isn't voted off soon, his singing may literally kill someone.