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Dina and Lindsay: "We're Just So Misunderstood"

3/24/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan wants to set the record straight: She's not -- not, despite appearances --a party mom. "Whoever said that, my ex-husband or whatever, I'm not the party mom!" she tells Harper's Bazaar in an interview in its April issue.

But she's not afraid to admit that she's living large -- "I'm living the American dream, and you can go ... " -- and that being 44 years old and the mother of four doesn't mean being a stay-at-home frump. "If you can button it and clip it when you're in your 40s, you're going out," she says. And there's little doubt, as TMZ has observed, that she does.

Still, Dina has plenty of mothering to do as well, what with Lindsay, one son in at an unidentified "great" college, another playing soccer in Italy this summer, and young Ali, who's following in big sis' footsteps. This even means holiday dinners every year for friends and family -- who always come first.

Dina also reveals that Lindsay's tried to set her up with various guys, particularly those in showbiz, but that she's demurred every time: "Linds, who am I going to marry? Like, an actor? Not happening." But Dina expresses admiration for some of her daughter's contemporaries in young Hollywood: She says Paris Hilton "a really smart girl" and calls Britney Spears "beautiful."

But Mama Lohan -- whose own daughter is easily one of the most paparazzi-hounded stars around -- also shares a dark prediction with the mag: "Look at me. Diana will happen again," referring to Princess Diana's tragic car crash while being chased by lensman. And as a result, Dina wishes Lindsay would quit the movies, though she admits, "If your daughter is a talented artist, you can't say, 'Stop drawing.'" Ultimately, however, people may just never get them: "We're just so misunderstood," laments Dina.

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I hear about mom's like this and I want to smack them upside the head and say "BE A MOM, STUPID!!!!" One of the reasons kids are such a mess today is because my generation (raised in the 70's) wants to be "friends" with their kids, and not their parents. They don't want to hurt their kids feelings or be too hard on them. That's GARBAGE! Kids need PARENTS, not more friends!

Dina, grow up. I'm 4 years older than you and you make me ashamed. Your youngest daughter is looking to you for guidance and boundaries. Start practicing it yourself and maybe you can save this young girl before she turns into a skank like Lindsay.

2770 days ago


i think they want cisco adlers balls ,cuz paris found him first & turned him out!

2769 days ago


She wants to be Lindsay's friend, not her mother. She doesn't want to piss her own child off because the free access ticket will dry up. You have never heard her say I will stay at home and focus on my children's needs. Hell no, she might miss a party.

She thinks Paris and Britney are virtuous and misunderstood? Bitch please. What a sorry excuse for a mother you are. But then her dad was no father of the year either. No wonder they married.

Try getting a job, acting like a mom for a change and stop whining so damn much. Lindsay needs a good ass kicking, not rehab and maybe throw in a foster parent or two.

2769 days ago


Misunderstood???????????? You're not misunderstood; we understand you and your daughter perfectly. You are the worst parent ever and she's just poor white trash that got lucky in Hollywood. You both play your parts superbly. You go girl!!

Too bad kids imitate what they see.

2769 days ago



I can hear the sound of Mother of the Year trophies across the land being shined up, so they can be handed to Dina.

What a freakin' skank. No wonder her daughter is a mess.

2768 days ago


Why don't these so called 'celebrities' (and I use the term loosely) go to a REAL rehab ??? Mom should go thru a Mom's class !!!!!!! RIDICULOUS !!!!!!

2768 days ago


Dina Lohan is so stupid that it isn't even funny. She makes Jessica Simpson look like a genius. If she is so wrapped up in being a stage mother that she does not see that her own child...her own flesh n'blood is going down a downward spiral..then I feel sorry for that so-called woman.

Dina is living the "American Dream" alright. She's too busy living her daughter's life, she is living through her daughter. What mother goes out and parties with her daughter? What mother would allow for her 17 year old child to go out and party with the likes of Nicole Richie, Tara Reid and above all...PARIS HILTON? A real mother would not do that. Dina is as much of a cokehead as her daughter is.

She needs to stop being Lindsay's best friend and be Lindsay's mother and set some rules and boundaries for her. What's she gonna do if Lindsay overdoses? Who is she gonna blame...I betcha that she'll blame the media. Both of them need to go see shrinks. Let's hope that Dina doesn't put her claws in Lindsay's little sister and ruin her life as well.

2766 days ago


Yah, the first two people i'd pick to be paragons of virtue would be ms. hilton and ms. spears...........she is an idiot in my book

2764 days ago
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