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E-Gads!! -- Judge Seidlin's E-Mails Under Scrutiny

3/25/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin, who decided where Anna Nicole's body would be buried, is now having his own body of evidence reviewed.

TMZ has learned Chief Judge Dale Ross of the Broward Courts has received a public records request for all e-mails sent to and from Judge Seidlin's office computer during the Anna Nicole Smith hearing.

Although we're not sure, typically these requests come from media organizations. Florida has a "sunshine law" that favors the disclosure of public information. One reason the computer might prove interesting is if the colorful judge was communicating with the media to strike an on-air deal after the hearing was complete, though we do not know that to be the case.

As far as we know, the Chief Judge has not ruled on the request.


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Sounds like Stern's camp knows something is going down.....

ET is in Florida for all the breaking news in the ANNA NICOLE SMITH case, including Monday's big announcement when the Broward County medical examiner's office reveals the cause of Anna's death at 10:30 a.m.

We've also learned that HOWARD K. STERN's attorneys have scheduled a press conference later in the day at 3 p.m. to address whatever bombshells the examiner might divulge.

2713 days ago


1045. Want something to think about tonight? Click on this link.

This is chilling. Mark Hatten tells of HK$ trying to kill him with an overdose and waking up in a BATHTUB full of ice.(sound familar?)

Daniel told him that HK$ was injecting him with drugs for days.

Posted at 2:28AM on Mar 26th 2007 by Svengali Exposer

2713 days ago

All alone in paradise    

The Houston Chronicle
Mon Mar 26 2007

Attorneys and allies of Howard K. Stern have pulled out all the stops to sway public opinion in his favor. Recent polls have indicated that a vast majority of those who have been keeping up with the story surrounding the deaths of model Anna Nicole Smith, 39, and her son Daniel, 20, believe that Stern played a direct role in their demise.

Some of these "stops" (as in Stop the Presses!) are stories that have supposedly been "leaked" to various media outlets, such as "The Enquirer," "The Star," "People" magazine, and various news websites.

Once it became clear to Stern's people that unfavorable public opinion could one day impact a potential jury pool if their client should ever be brought up on charges, a massive campaign was initiated late last week by Stern's advocates to bombard the news outlets with various "breaking news" headlines designed to redirect public focus away from Stern. Examples of these alleged diversionary tactics follow:

A fax that contained a request for several powerful drugs allegedly written by Ms. Smith's psychiatrist friend Dr. Eroshevich was mysteriously "leaked" to the press last week. Surveys of various blog sites that carried the revealing document indicate a wave of bloggers began discussing the doctor's unethical behavior, rather than that of Howard K. Stern.

Over the past week, several persons allied with Stern's camp appeared on various talk shows to discuss how both Anna Nicole and her son Danny were bent on committing suicide. As proof, one e-mail, allegedly written by Ms. Smith was produced. Ms. Smith is alleged to have written that she was so grief-stricken over the loss of her son Daniel that she "wanted to die."

On Friday, representatives from two prominent but disreputable gossip magazines appeared on television to announce the stunning alleged results of Anna Nicole Smith. Florida Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper's report will officially be released on Monday. "The Enquirer" and "The Star" do not state how they obtained the report. They also do not make claims as to its authenticity.

Stern's team's latest attempt to lay a pre-emptive strike concerning whether he provided Mr. Smith's last and fatal dose of medication is "The Enquirer's" breaking news that videotapes obtained from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino show a "mysterious man" entering and leaving Ms. Smith's room shortly before her death was discovered. Stern's advocates would have to concede, however, that Stern cannot, in fact, be ruled out as the so-called mysterious man. Seen from behind, the image of the man bears a striking resemblance to that of Stern himself.

Despite the efforts to "plant" stories in the media outlets to sway public opinion concerning Howard K. Stern's culpability in the deaths of Ms. Smith and her son, preliminary poll results indicate the public remains unmoved.

2713 days ago

Salvatore Durante    

Still question what the Judge promised Stern to get him to testify.Remember the Judge telling Stern "You got me over a barrel "

2713 days ago

Smart Philly Cookie    

You can bet that if this Judge is anything like the Judges I work with, he isn't using the Judiciary's computers for email or non-court web surfing.

You cannot check your PERSONAL email from Judiciary networks. The Judiciary networks are blocked by Websense for everything but "relevent" websites. Say you have an email account from AOL, Yahoo, etc. , you can't get in while using a Judiciary computer. This is to keep the Judiciary's network safe from attack. Every court employee with Internet access knows this. You are required to sign a release before you're even given a user id & password.

Everyone knows the Judiciary's computers are watched like there are terrorists using them for planning another 9/11. God forbid you type in a work like "death" or "white" or "black" or "Bush". You then recieve a visit from the Interet police. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if he has a Blackberry for personal use or registered from his law firm, I bet that holds a plethora of good stuff! LOL!!!

2713 days ago


the judge is an axxhxxx he should have been taken off the case the first 30 minutes.

2713 days ago


Judge Saidlin was an opportunist, clow acting and ridiculous behavior included the way he was sitting on his chair , all the time he wanted the media attention. He must be punished for his ashaming behavior and controversial words. this idiot made all the trial a circus where he was the main clow.

2713 days ago


Judge Seidlin 15 min of fame is over. He is better be a taxi driver than a representant of the justice.

2713 days ago

Vina Yan    

The Florida Supreme Court ruled according to intent of decedent..what ANS would have wanted done with her remains...buried in the Bahamas with her son. Ordinarily, this would have meant HKS side would have won straight out based on intent but because of this much "reviled" judge's fairness, the estranged tabloid story selling mother and discarded boy toy lover had their moment in the sun and could play equal parts in ANS's funeral which she never "intended". Amazing how those on their side continue to castigate this judge for his even handed way....looking forward to what would be in the child's best interest..

2712 days ago



2705 days ago

evil jesus    

All i got to say is he tried his hand at comedy during the trial,we didn't laugh with him but we did laugh at him...He definately doesn't need a tv show we got enough clowns on tv nowadays without adding this Bozo

2704 days ago
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