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E-Gads!! -- Judge Seidlin's E-Mails Under Scrutiny

3/25/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin, who decided where Anna Nicole's body would be buried, is now having his own body of evidence reviewed.

TMZ has learned Chief Judge Dale Ross of the Broward Courts has received a public records request for all e-mails sent to and from Judge Seidlin's office computer during the Anna Nicole Smith hearing.

Although we're not sure, typically these requests come from media organizations. Florida has a "sunshine law" that favors the disclosure of public information. One reason the computer might prove interesting is if the colorful judge was communicating with the media to strike an on-air deal after the hearing was complete, though we do not know that to be the case.

As far as we know, the Chief Judge has not ruled on the request.


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Trust me!! Any Judge can be bought, that hearing was so crooked!!
No matter what you people think about Virgie, she is the only one that loves her Daughter!! She has always been on the right side of the law!!
From what I can see the Judge was on the WRONG SIDE!!! He didn't give a damn about Anna or her child!!!

I have been around the block a few times and believe me, I know how the law operates!!! It's MOMEY AND WHO YOU KNOW!!!

2767 days ago


Charlette--That is the problem. He did not look out for the best interest of the child. He did protect HKS in the procedings by not allowing the paternity issue to be addressed. The paternity is the center of making the decision based on the best interest of the child. He wouldn't even take responsibility for making a decision, he made the guardian ad litum make the decision, and the guardian ad litum thought it was more important to get Anna buried in a hurry so she could have an open casket funeral (which it wasn't anyway) then to concider if the child would even be able to go to her mother's grave whenever she wanted to.

2767 days ago


Why don't all you people from other countries go to a forum in your country. This is for the US. Anybody that lives here and hates our gove. and President. Get the heck out.

2767 days ago


A judge is SUPPOSED to be the IMPARTIAL witness and decider of a cases fate.

In this case I think that judge Seidlin was more involved than he should have been given his position....

If they are requesting his emails.... you have to wonder what they are looking for !

I think, he may have been corresponding with people about this case ... which is AGAINST what his job permits.....For example had he been writing emails to Milstein and creating ways to help Stern ?

Had he been telling Milstein to be adamant about no DNA testing..?

So many possibilities here......and all do not look good....I'll bet Seidlin was in cahoots with someone.......and I have a feeling its pressure from VIRGIE"S side that is and will bring all this into the open.....!!!

Milstein....Seidlin... Stern....Eroshevich.....Gibsons......etcetera....ALL CORRUPT !

2767 days ago

Patricia A. Giantomenico    

80. According the the medical examiner, Anna Nicole's body was still warm when it arrived at the hospital.

2767 days ago


The judge is publicly paid. His actions and decisions affect the 6 month old baby for another 80 years of her life. His activities, correspondence and records about the case are public.

The Guardian ad litem, Mill$tein, is publicly paid. His actions and decisions affect the 6 month old baby for another 80 years of her life. Milstein wrote into the order that he was protected from lawsuit as a court employee. Also that his 500 man firm would be paid by the public courts.

Mil$teins payment records, activities, correspondence about the case are public. Milstein will try to plead privacy "to protect the child"

Still trying to figure out who is protecting the child.

2767 days ago

monkia louinski    

Anna's website is up and working again:

The mourning must be over. Time to make money! You can't join at this time but you can BUY Anna merchandise!

Do you think the proceeds will be donated to some deserving charity? NOT! lol

2767 days ago


well if he gave it to the baby and milstein why did howie the scum have the rights to the funeral who the hell does he think he is selling all the rights to anna when the baby right now owns everything

2767 days ago


Dream on! A crook of his level isn't going to be stupid enough to send incriminating emails. They did it all in person. MAYBE on the phone but you can bet the biggest part was in person where they felt they weren't recorded. You're not dealing with amateurs in this. And everybody needs to take a chill-NOTHING, again NOTHING is going to happen in this til the May rating sweeps. That's why they're saving the best of the Shelly videos among other things.

2767 days ago


Another posted said it exactly-- if authority to appoint guardian ad litem, then authority to work with CA to order the DNA testing before shipping the dead mom out of the country and covering the evidence with a grave.

Mil$tein did not investigate and act on the best interest of the child.

Wasn't it Millstein that wrote the order to bury ANS in Bahamas. The order is long. quotes, footnotes, citations. Would love to see Mill$steins payment records and correspondence records in Milsteins firm creating the order and to judge Seidlin and HK$ attorneys.

2767 days ago


It's about time.

2767 days ago


To Freefall (apparent UK citizen), and all of the UK bashers:

I am an American citizen and proud of it! The UK is our friend and ally, and I'm proud of it. Our laws in the US are based on English law, although we went through many changes since the Revolution. TheU. K. is not as different as many here think. The UK has also undergoine changes, and is also a representative government. We share many values. Stop the squabbling!

Anna Nicole was a drug addict and of low moral value. There are people like that everywhere. Both nations. Deal with it!

I do hope that justice is done in the Bahamas, and since they are under the microscope, I believe they will do their best.

2767 days ago


Seidlin had his mind made up from the first day of the hearing. He had Milstein already waiting to go, he had HK$ write Dannielynn's name on the easel (in plain sight to show everyone which way he is ruling). He held an unnecessary drawn out hearing to promote himself. He used tax payer money to guarantee HK$ would show up for Seidlin’s debut on television by providing HK$ with a jet to commute back and forth to the Bahamas. But, it does make much better TV when the villain shows up. This hearing leans more towards Seidlin's audition tape than it does a hearing. Dang right he should be looked at. But, they shouldn't stop there; Milstein is also questionable. I am really uncomfortable with Milstein being asked by HK$ to now be the quardian of Dannielynn's trust fund. That sounds like a promotion to me, or even a kick back. Judge "Mellow Yellow", well his part in this play was to give the audience a scapegoat, his circle knew about him and they used him.

2767 days ago

A Simple Plan    

The court case was appalling and disgraceful in my
humble opinion.
Seidlin made a mockery of the trial with his unproffessional behavour
and constant interrupting furthermore he wasbiased towards the Stern
camp and Milstien it was so obvious it was arrogantly & confidently
biased against Annas kin/family. Annas family did not have a chance
with this Judge Seidlin and Milstein. I thought some of his
questions were intrusive in relation to Annasmother and absolutely
not relevent to the funeral arrangements. It was all just a show a sad
pathetic circus and Seildin was the ringmaster ........I thought it was
ludicrous that the coroner Perpershould telephone a court on public
TV telling the family of Anna thather body was decomposing in the
morge etc etc therefore putting pressure to get her buried as quicky
as possible. IncrediblePerhaps in hindsight a second private autopsy
would of been a assett to the family of Anna N Smith.The transcipt of
the court case should be given over to a higher authority than
Seildlin to see if laws were broken etc etc in the hearing
Furthermore anyone who had a case before Judge Korda should also get
another opinion
Seidlins demeanor and behavour was absolutely
atrocious and very very very unprofessional.This man is in power to
Judge incredible

2767 days ago


Maybe most of the corroborating WAS done in person.... but be sure there will be inferences, suggestions and subtle clues......there ALWAYS IS !

I want Larry to have his child.... BUT I also believe Virgie is entitled to see her grandaughter regularly........Virgie is the power behind uncovering all the crap....... she is fighting for the rights of her grandson and her daughter who she believes were murdered...... She is a cop, her son is FBI and she will not give up........She will be the thorn in their side...and so she should be.........

The covers are coming off boys......... cover your privates...... or is it too late !!!!!!

2767 days ago
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