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E-Gads!! -- Judge Seidlin's E-Mails Under Scrutiny

3/25/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin, who decided where Anna Nicole's body would be buried, is now having his own body of evidence reviewed.

TMZ has learned Chief Judge Dale Ross of the Broward Courts has received a public records request for all e-mails sent to and from Judge Seidlin's office computer during the Anna Nicole Smith hearing.

Although we're not sure, typically these requests come from media organizations. Florida has a "sunshine law" that favors the disclosure of public information. One reason the computer might prove interesting is if the colorful judge was communicating with the media to strike an on-air deal after the hearing was complete, though we do not know that to be the case.

As far as we know, the Chief Judge has not ruled on the request.


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Hello Patti... haven't seen you on here in a while.....Like your posts !!!

2731 days ago


#90 The charity of Howard.

2731 days ago


80. According the the medical examiner, Anna Nicole's body was still warm when it arrived at the hospital.

Posted at 1:20PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Patricia A. Giantomenico


Patricia, Moe said anna Nicole was covered with purple blotches when he was trying to do CPR on her. I believe this blotching was post mortem lividity, and that only starts to show up a half hour after the heart has stopped, and gets worse for a while. They could have kept the body warm with a hot pad or electric blanket. Someone could have been in bed with her and transferred body heat. She was under covers in a warm climate. The body wouldn't have lost too much body heat even at room temperature.

2731 days ago

he is number ONE!    

LARRY BIRKHEAD, the former boyfriend of ANNA NICOLE SMITH and alleged father of her baby girl, DANNIELYNN, has filed a trademark application for the phrase, "Goodnight My Sweet Anna Baby."

The trademark covers movies, books, TV programs, programs broadcast over the Internet, electronic media and stage plays.

Anna Nicole told ET she thought Birkhead was in the battle over baby Dannielynn for the money, and while he insisted to us that wasn't the case, the trademark could end in him profiting off of his relationship with the former Playboy playmate.

2731 days ago


The charity of ANNA...

Paid for :



and even cheques she didn't know HKS was signing

2731 days ago


# 91 Yes and her lips were purple and she was tucked in bed. Seams like she never woke up.

2731 days ago


#92 Cari7000

You should add Dr. Perper's name to the list. He seemed to have a part in this shendig. Calling everyday during court proceedings. Appearing on news shows to say "I have nothing to say." And, just because he accompanied the body back to the Bahamas did not mean he should have been a party to the actual burial. Pictures of him placing a flower on Anna's casket.

2731 days ago

Just me??    

Here we go again......Another $$$$$$$$$$$$ person..If this Judge ever gets a TV show I hope everyone runs for the remote...........He needs to smoke a joint with the other judge and leave the world alone....

2731 days ago


well said #99

2731 days ago


And why shouldn't he... that phrase was special to him and Anna......get over it......He has a right to keep what he feels is his... and that his his 'tribute to Anna...

It would be become macabre if used by Howie now wouldn't it ????

2731 days ago

carolee west    

I noticed a few of you posters had observed the same
thing that I noticed during the hearing...that being that
Seidlin said in court that he had a person who VOLUNTERED to be the guardian of Dannielynne. How does a person get to be the guardian ad lidem?

I agree that MIlstein should have addressed the paternity issue first...and then perhaps ANS sex life with many men would not have been known...can you image when the child gets older and reads all this stuff about her mother what her reaction will be.

I think I also read somewhere that the nurse (psychiatrist) left the day before ANS died. Anyone else know about this?

2731 days ago

Just me??    

Did you see the msnbc reporter on the Bahama Beach interviewing him yesterday......He was having a grand ole time....Wish Virgie had put on her bikini and joined him....

2731 days ago

Daniel deserves Justice    

I'm with you. I don't think Milstein did his job properly. Now Barth says he is the trustee of a trust fund of 3 million for Danielynn. Of course that means he has a running tab and since Howard is broke the Florida taxpayers are paying him. Concerns about this isn't even enough. He is a thief reported the other day Priest (Deacon) whatever stated he still hasn't been paid for the funeral. But they charged $2,000 per reporter and $5,000 per camera man another $1,000 for a live feed. There where alot of stations covering the funeral. Where did that money go. Maybe Milstien. If I lived in Florida I'd be outraged. Also since it was Milestien's funernal (Anna's) he footed that bill also well not him again the taxpayers. Siedlin although I honestly feel he thought he was doing the right thing was wrong and I said it from the beginning. Daniel should of been exhumed and moved to Texas. Ashes to Ashes. Anna didn't have clarity to make the decision to bury Daniel in the Bahamas. I hope they exhume Daniel and Anna and bring them back to the States after all they are US citizens.
Unbelieveable that Anna would use extorttion to stay at the Horizons. Wasn't she also looking for child support. This women needed real mental help.

2731 days ago


if this is true, do you really think anyone (that was with her) is going to come forward and admit they accidently gave her an overdose of chloral hydrate? and they did not want to take her to the hospital, because she "did not want to go". What a crock...How about it was suggested she not go because it was in her best interest not to be in US jurisdiction due to all the legal crap that was created by her and HKS.

2731 days ago


He seemed whacko all right.. but funny at times.. did not seem professional tho... and just did not seem or sound very smart if you ask me... a bit entertaining at times but that is not the JOb of a judge... I really hate all the crookedness there seems to be down here... not really from Fl.. thank goodness..moved here and want to go back asap...too much crime too many accidents , too many canals..eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

2731 days ago
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