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It's Dr. Perper Time

3/25/2007 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithDr. Joshua Perper will reveal the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death on Monday. With reports swirling that an infection contributed to her death, TMZ has learned about a photograph of an earlier infection that could explain a lot.

The photo that is making the rounds shows Anna, eight months pregnant, with an infection on her leg. Sources tell TMZ that it was caused by an injection.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine are reporting that Anna had a "raging blood infection" which was caused by an unsterilized needle, and that it "contributed to her death." The magazines say, however, that the direct cause of death was an overdose of sleeping medication.

TMZ first reported that during his investigation, Dr. Perper asked people who knew Anna about self-injections of Demerol and whether she sterilized the skin area first with alcohol.

Dr. Perper will announce his finding at 10:30 AM ET. TMZ will cover it as it happens.


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Hey- no one is saying that Howard the Coward ISN'T a murderer, they're simply saying they don't THINK he murdered Anna Nicole. And, given her lifestyle of excess and abuse of drugs and alcohol, I'd say it's a good bet she did herself in. I would have thought she'd have been dead years ago from the way she was slurring and falling down way back then. What I think (and probably some others do, too) is that it's likely Howard had something to do with DANIEL'S death- even if all he did was score the kid some illegal prescriptions, it's still a large part of why he would be dead today.

2731 days ago


If this is indeed true, the number 2 killer in the US, if not the world.. drug cocktails killing people. We are getting a "wake up call".and we are being given an opportunity to change the system or learn to live with it.
People who want a fix or who seek pain relief are exhausting and strong. They pretend to be sleeping or working until you are off guard.. then they grab, steal, hide stuff. The job is impossible. It is not the fault of the people around them. Shallow blame throwing and attacking will not fix the problem.. might win the Marshall money, but it will not change society.

Others are just too blase about what they are doing.

2731 days ago


Did someone in the hospital give the lexapro to Daniel/?A staffer?

2731 days ago


Hey, accidental overdose by the medical examiner does not mean there is no criminal intent. I suppose she shot herself in the butt, and got infected, where was everyone when she was dying in bed, no one seemed to be around for that, hmmmmmmmmmm, well, its not over yet. Howard still has to answer a lot of questions, which he already contradicts himself in the previous hearings in Florida. He's not the father, and has no proof of marriage, just has her stuff and banks her money. Get a clue!!!!!!!!

2731 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Why is it that some bloggers are such filthy talkers (or writers?) These are people's opinions. They may be misguided, unimformed, deliberately being obnoxious or deaf and blind.


Anna Nicole's life is her business. Howard K. Stern's life is his business. The public is wrong to stick its nose in their business and cause problems.

OK. So Daniel is dead. Big deal. Why don't you KNOW-IT-ALLS read the newspaper, pick someone from the Obituary page and start dissecting that person. See how fast you can get away with accusing people of what is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. May you experience the same scrutinity in your life and be left alone in a corner to deal with the consequences. It will be well deserved.

2731 days ago

That says it all    

Your comments: I am sorry to disappoint you, but us Stern people are not in
cahoots. LOL, You guys the conspiracy theory. First you make Howard Stern look
like the inadequate, freeloading totally inept person, then he is the
conspiring, sneaking, mastermind of a gigantic plot. It is not hard
to go to Stern side.

The media Frenzy is a joke now they even misquote
facts, Nancy grace is making fun with wake up dead routine. Howard
on the other hand is low profile, taking care of the next right thing
in front of him. Doing whats in his best interest for him. Not for
you, not for the media, but the best thing for him.

Anyone in his situation would get the best attorney and do what they say.
By in his situation, I mean the center of a huge controversy. People are
looking the JFK assasination, it may be a good detective novel but it
isn't whats happening get a grip. With that have a good day

2729 days ago

Perper: I'm Not One Of TV's Coneheads

HOLLYWOOD, FL. (March 27, 2007) -- Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper has had the world's attention focused on him lately with regards to the mystery of Anna Nicole Smith's death, but there's something else in regards to the doctor that has at least a few people mystified -- what's up with the shape of his head?

The question about Dr. Perper's "lump" has been posed on Yahoo Answers, and it turns out that a previous interview with a Florida newspaper holds all the answers.

It seems that in all the interviews he's done, no one had asked him about his odd noggin, including his own staff -- but a brave journalist with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel "went there" with the doctor, and got an amusing response from a man who rarely lets his sense of humor be seen in public:

"I am definitely not a member of the television's Coneheads," Perper reportedly said with a chuckle, "I always used to say I have extra brains that I could not accommodate in my head."

It turns out that Dr. Perper was dropped accidentally on his head by his aunt when he was a young boy, and a blood clot thickened part of his skull.

Perhaps that old schoolyard insult about being dropped on your head as a baby needs to be re-examined?

If the well-regarded Dr. Perper is any indication, it may not be such an insult after all!
I'm Not One Of TV's Coneheads

2728 days ago
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