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Anna's Cause of Death Revealed

3/26/2007 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After performing an autopsy, it became clear that Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose of medication.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner for Broward County, just announced the 39-year-old former Playboy Playmate was taking a number of drugs, including methadone and anti-anxiety drugs, among others.

Anna did not take methadone the day she died, said Perper, but there was evidence she had taken it several days earlier.

Dr. Perper concluded that it was combined drug intoxication, including anxiety and depression medication, Valium, Ativan and antihistamines, that contributed to Smiths' death. She had also taken chloral hydrate, a strong sedative, which was a major component in her death.


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I feel better knowing she didnt suffer. Dr Perper says accidental, I believe him. He's a very respected person is his field & with all his interviews. I am sure he covered everything,and is confident in his findings. ANS was still grieving over Daniel, but she was making progess. She seemed hopeful & looking forward to her new life with her daughter. If you are not feeling well as she was & have high temp, it would be E Z to take the wrong amount of medication. Maybe she felt so bad physically , she just wanted to sleep. Anna was a big girl and probably always took more than the average person & with her state of mind, the illness, it was just all a lethal combination. Its obvious she was on anti depressive meds and anxitey meds due to all the stress and depression. I felt very bad for her. How strong she had to be to fight in court as long as she did and to endure the pain of watching her son die, right before her eyes! I dont wish that on anyone! I dont have the same negative opinion of her as most people. She was human, made mistakes, no one's perfect. She was a very unique individual. She marched to the beat of her own drum. I will miss her. Its just shameful that those around her, knowing her state of mind and how sick she was, ( temp of 105?) didnt have enuf common sense to override her decision of not going to a hospital. It would have saved her life. If she had been my child, a loved one, I would have called an ambulance regardless of weather she wanted to go to the hopsital or not! She was way too ill to be making wise decisions regarding her health at that point. If there are neligent law suits out of this, I wouldn't be surprised. May she rest in peace & be with Daniel & watch over her baby girl, we can all put this behind us. I think Howard should be left alone. He has enough to deal with. I am sure he is suffering & blaming himself for not doing things different on that day & also on the day Daniel died.. His whole life was with this family . Anna was Anna and had mind of her own.

2768 days ago


Nina-get over yourself Howard lover, he knew what she was taking and in what increments, and someone prescribed medications that didn't interact well together, no one did a damned thing to help her and HK$ probably gave her the chloral hydrate before he left the room, but it can't be proven-or DISPROVEN!!!

2768 days ago


"Accidental Overdose ??????? what about the doctors who prescribed large amounts of pain medication to a pregnant & depressed woman - shouldn't the dr's be held accountable for this ???????"

That is an entirely different matter. Dr. Perper said that clearly, it is not the ME's job to comment on the quality of medical care. The Medical Board will surely look into these doctors and what they did in the case. Somebody will surely report the ones that hasn't been outed in media. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Eroshevich will surely have to answer before the Medical Board...

2768 days ago


"What the hell is wrong with Dr. Joshua Perper's head? What the hell is that bump?"

When he was a child, he fell onto the floor, hitting his (soft) head and the injury caused this bump to form. He has explained it to media in the past.

2768 days ago


"WOW!! Accidental overdose hah.. I thought Dr Pervert said there is no such thing as accidental overdose.. Didn't he said in his preliminary autopsy that there was no sign of drugs or whatever in her system?"

NO he did not say that. He said that there were no PILLS in her stomach. Big difference!

2768 days ago



She wanted to go back to sleep. Should he wake her up to say goodbye?

She was feeling better, but was weak after being sick for several days, according to Dr. Perper. How should he know to check on her when he just saw her? He is not an MD. To blame him for not checking on her again, I really don't think is fair.

I think Dr. Perper held a good Press Conference. He took his time and explained things very well.

2768 days ago


HOWARD's not over yet! Don't be surprised when tomorrow comes and your idol HKS gets right back in the hot seat!

2768 days ago


Rania said: "she had similar drugs in her system like Daniel. Daniel died of a lethal drug combination. and now Anna had of methadone(like Daniel) and a anti-anxiety drug (Daniel was using anti-derpessiants). how can this not look suspicions."

No, Anna had not taken Methadone. She had taken Methadone days ago, they only found trace amounts in her bowel, nothing in the blood. Anna had therapeutic levels of several drugs she was on in her system, and too high levels of a sleeping medication, which she had taken in syrup form. She usually used to take around 2 tablespoons of this, which in itself is too high a dosage (2 teaspoons is normal dosage). This time she had taken even more than that. If she had been in better shape, and didn't have all these other drugs in her system already, she might have survived this dosage. But the combination of all the drugs (and possibly the infection causing her to be weak to begin with), affected the respiration and heart rate, causing her to die in her sleep.

I hope that somebody goes after the involved MD's...

2768 days ago


Jane, Anna didn't always take more than she was supposed to as far as her meds go. Dr. Perper clearly stated that all of the meds found in her system with the exception of chloral hydrate were within theraputic levels. Someone gave her too much of the chloral hydrate.

2768 days ago


It would not surprise me if Vergie did bring on a Civil Suit because she is all about the money.. and people all over the world die accidentally and no one is blaming some one else. Stop blaming HKS.. he was going to marry her, if he was really going to kill her wouldn't he wait until they were married? He is an attorney, he would know that he was entitled to much more if they were married. Someone always is looking to blame someone else... what this autopsy report means is that Anna overdosed all by herself.

2768 days ago

The Doubter    

I don't think I will ever believe in our Justice System again, it was unadaulterated murder,this I know in my heart, but I don't spell very well so don't come down on me for that if we let $tern get away with murder.

2768 days ago

Cat Kil    


The site has had a face lift but is back up & running!

Lots of great info & links on one site!

All of the original info is under archives.
Updates posted several times daily.

2768 days ago


and JFK died of a bullet. Tune in next week when we review the movie and ask "Who's the baby daddy?"

2768 days ago

Donna Wolfenbarger    

Ok, well now we have it !! Imagine that a drug overdose !! This is just pitiful !! Has one thing been answered, ummmmm no !! Anna and Daniel, both dead, of drug overdoses. Is it heredity? Is it example? Is it endulgance? Is it that something was to be gained by others if both Anna and Daniel were dead? Is it negligence? Is is suicide? Is it murder? Or was it all of those combined?
Will we ever really know? Of course not !! It will be litigated for years and in the end all of these questions will never be answered. The only thing that will be verified is possibly who the father of Dannielynn is. If it is Larry Birkhead or some other known sperm donor. But, the actual father may never be found, because it could of been just about anyone...
Probably the best thing for that little girl would be is if she were adopted by some nice Midwest family with some values. That may be the only way that this cycle of pain and death will end.
As far a Vergie goes, I would not let her raise a puppy. She is a pitiful piece of crap. She is trailer trash just like her daughter was. I think that the innocent victims in all of this were her children, Danny, that poor kid, look at the example that was set for him while he was growning up. I think that Anna loved her son, but she was a very weak and unhappy woman, and had no parenting skills ( thanks to her fat bitch of a mother) Maybe Dannielynn is the lucky one... She will not remember the mess that she was born into.....
Howard Stern is either a murderer, or was so in love that he enabled Anna to commit suicide. Either way, it seems that he lost his way many years ago and was sucked into the vacumn that was Anna Nicole Smith !! I Is he guilty of her death, probably partially !! Was it intentional, we will never know !!

It had to be like living in the middle of a three ring circus. Just watching the reality show, it was plain that there was no reality in any of their lives. All I ever felt was sadness when I watched it. What a mess !! Again, it was Danny that I felt the worst for, imagine having Anna for a mother, OMG !! So I guess we should all feel pretty lucky that we are just normal people, living our lives and not being famous.....Sometimes the price of fame just isnt worth it. I know that there are many people are famous and not so f#@^&* up !! But more and more we are finding out just how messed up alot of our "celebs" are.
Anyway, there is still the inquest into Daniel's death, the paternity suit, the inheritance from J. Howard Marshall, the eviction from the house in the Bahamas.....We will have our "FIX" for a long time to come...
I only hope that Anna and Daniel are together, and are at peace, which is something that eluded them in life. Hopefully they are learning from the mistakes that were made in this life and preparing for a better journey in the next life !!

2768 days ago

Too much!    

You go Howard. Sue Vergie, her mumbling attorney and these media outlets. Sue them all and fight LB til the end for custody!

They are all hating on you because Anna loved you and NOT them.

I am sooo happy today, already laughing how certain reporters are trying to retract their accusations, saying it was only Vergie and her attorney that accused Howard...Give me a break, this was a witch hunt. I have NOT lost faith in justice system but I have completely lost faith in media reporting.

2768 days ago
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