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Sanjaya Hunger Striker Powers On

3/26/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya Malaker"J," the MySpacer who wants Sanjaya Malakar off "American Idol," is nine days into her hunger strike and feeling the effects.

She had planned to post a video entry to update fans on her condition, but instead wrote a blog Sunday night that read, "I know I promised you guys a YouTube video, but I am just feeling too tired and weak to do it tonight. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now."

The night before, she cautioned readers not to attempt a hunger strike of their own: "I got a few messages from people that say that [sic] want to join in the strike, I must reiterate over again that I do not recommend this. It's really not fun."

Perhaps it's time that "J" admits defeat and has a cheeseburger.


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Skeeter 17    

This shot of Sanjaya should be labeled "A powerful rodent killer"---even rats would be scared of is a face only a mother could love! Yike---how ugly! TMZ is wasting precious space by putting this obnoxious wannabe!

2770 days ago

Skeeter 17    

Get out of the race, ugly Sanjaya!

2770 days ago


#24acg...Don't hold back so much. It isn't healthy. Please tell us what you really feel...*bahaaha*

To take American Idol so seriously to consider a hunger strike is just disturbing.
The only time I watched the show was Season 3 when William Hung sang his version of "She Bangs". There was something just charming about his performance, I imagine it was his belief in himself that he had what it took to be the next American Idol. Otherwise, I think the show is overrated, it bugs me that it is on so many times a week, and wonder when it will be canceled and a better show put in its time slot.

2770 days ago


vote sanjaya
vote sanjaya
vote sanjaya
vote sajaya

not because he is a good singer
cause he sucks big time
just so this fat ugly pig can lose a few pounds
ah she is eating

vote for the

2770 days ago


I'd rather starve to death than hear Sanjaya's caterwauling. Everything about his is offensive to the senses.

2770 days ago

carol ard    

She is nuts but this guy cannot sing and he should have gone long ago! He is horrible!

2770 days ago


Yah...don't you guys know that everything someone says on their myspace page is the honest truth??? Haaa...c'mon...we all know how easy it is .... my personal myspace page says i live in Ethiopia, but that's only because i'm a smartass....
and from the pic i've seen of J, she looks like it's not gonna kill her or anything to shed a few of those pounds
stay hydrated chica so we can keep laughing.

2770 days ago


What is a Sanjaya anyway? Is that a boy or a girl? What a freak!!

2769 days ago


I have a plan to get Sanjaya voted out. Go to my website for details:

Don't let J starve to death!!! :-)

2769 days ago


49 CAS Yes bow out he is being made a fool of---he knows and people have admitted they are voting out of spite and just to cause CRAZINESS so to speak------------read the posts you'll see, visit votefor the worst you'll see He should feel bad hes there and other GOOD talent is leaving hes HORRIBLE

2769 days ago


55 BIG Your clueless,,,,,,,,,,,,and wrong!

2769 days ago


Sanjaya is the only singer on the show that has personality and charisma....He may not be the best singer granted but some of the most wealthy and famous singers in the business werent so hot , Bret Micheals, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, they had what it took till their voices got better ....Sanjaya needs to find a good rock band ..American Idol is to limited for him.....Face it Know it all American Idol fans Sanjaya is here to stay and has a chance to stay in this for a long time ...Sanjaya rocks !!!!!

2769 days ago


I love love love sanjaya!!!!

I cannot wait to see him tomorrow night.

That bitch is so stupid, get a life! Go eat a pizza and quit being so hateful. I mean really, I can understand you must hate your life and you try and bring others down to your level but Sanjaya WILL continue on and you will starve! Stupid Ass!

2769 days ago


This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This woman needs to get a life. Oh my gosh what a STUPID thing to do. If this stupid woman really wants to get involved in something meaningful, go down to the Gulf Coast and help the hurricane Katrina victims.

I am always amazed at the stupid things people will do for attention.

2769 days ago


This is a 17-year old kid and he appeals to lots of young girls. They have every right to vote the way they want. What a sad commentary on this world that so many HORRIFIC things are going on in the world and someone is able to create news out of a starvation diet because a cute kid is still on IDOL. Honestly, it makes me WANT to vote for him!!

2769 days ago
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