Paris Gets "Desperate"

3/27/2007 10:53 AM PDT
Paris Hilton may have found herself a new man -- "Desperate Housewives" hunk Josh Henderson.

TMZ spotted the two hand-in-hand as they exited movie theaters at Universal City Walk last night. Hilton even kissed Henderson goodnight before hopping into her SUV ... and this isn't their first date! Paris & Josh went out last week for a party Paris' sister Nicky held for her boyfriend, mogul-son David Katzenberg, and even partied together over the weekend in Vegas. See ya later, Stavros!

When asked for comment on the relationship, Hilton rep Elliot Mintz would only say that Josh "treats Paris with great respect and dignity. He is not a 'Hollywood guy.' Paris seems very comfortable around him," When pressed to comment if Josh was her new boyfriend, he said, "Matters of that nature are only the business of the two people involved." Oh.