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Xbox Back in Black

3/28/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Xbox 360 EliteMicrosoft has unleashed the newest version of the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 Elite.

The console is an updated version of the current one. Clad in a sexy new black paint job, the Elite gives owners of HDTVs exactly what they have been asking for: HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface is the interface between components and HDTVs that allows reception of uncompressed audio and video). Finally, you can battle in the crisp world of HD without those pesky component cables bumming your high. You don't just get the port, you get the cables too!

Maybe you've been downloading videos and games off the Xbox Live Marketplace, and that Xbox hard drive of yours is gettin' pretty full. The Elite comes with a 120GB hard drive for all your downloaded goodies, and is packaged with a black wireless controller and black Xbox Live headset.

If you're bummed because you already have an Xbox 360 and you're jonesing for a larger hard drive, cheer up ... the 120GB hard drive is available for purchase as a stand-alone. It comes with a migration cable so you can backup your current puny drive with a new mega drive.

The Xbox 360 Elite will hit stores April 28 at $479, while the 120GB hard drive will be available for $179.


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Wow $179 for a 120gig hard drive!
Thats insane, if you have a PS3 you can buy a 500gig hard drive for the same price!
xbox 360 sure is a lot more expensive then a PS3

2744 days ago

Jason Spence    

I have the original xbox 360 and I am still bummed. I don't want to spend another $179 for a new drive. I'm sure I'll upgrade eventualy, but not till the price comes down. I do like the new design though.

2744 days ago


This is just great. So those of us who bought the launch Xbox are just out of luck, unless we want to buy another system. Oh, and guess what, with all the console bricks out there anyway, you'll probably need a new one every year... until M$ decides to fix the issues that the system is having. But why should it fix the old, when it can just paint the system black, add an HDMI connector that it should have had to begin with, and drop a larger HDD on it. Then we can just buy that.
It's finally starting to get better than the PS2. I think they should call this the PS2.2. Maybe next year when the next version of the Xbox 360 comes out, it will be near the level of the PS3 today.

2744 days ago


nice advertising jerkoffs!

2744 days ago

Sangamon Taylor    

Does this one have a 65nm CPU? Can someone confirm this?

2743 days ago

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