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Heather Mills: Out on a Limb

3/29/2007 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Armed with two artificial legs in hand, prosthetic pirouetter Heather Mills ankled away from her busy "Dancing with the Stars" training to visit a Beverly Hills clinic, although it's unknown who's footing the bill.

It's nice to see that if the pedestrian soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Paul McCartney happens to lose her fake appendage while doing the Cha Cha, she has ample backup.

Break a leg, girl!


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No matter what she has said or done in the past it takes balls to do what she is doing.It is difficult to even walk in a prosthesis and maybe I don't like her but I admire her courage.

2662 days ago


I can't believe that most of us are agreeing. She makes me sick. She came to the US to run away from the horribly bad press in London. What makes her think that the US would embrace her when most of us loved the Beatles. She and Howard should get together, she could be his new "only client".

2662 days ago


THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF WHORE ... she had his baby to add to her zillions and she one legged today because she was a tramp running all around then. She has the ugliest face and the worst smile .. ugh ..

2662 days ago


My daughter volunteered at a landmine foundation that Heather and Paul were associated with and nobody liked her. They all thought she was a bitch.

2662 days ago

I Agree........    

How many freaking artificial legs does the bitch have? She has 2 in
this picture plus the one that she has on! Must be nice to be able
to afford so many.......GOLD DIGGER!!!! VOTE THE BITCH

2662 days ago


Her previous lies about the chamber pot and not being able to walk to an airplane (needed a helicopter) are all adding up folks.

2662 days ago


I doubt that Heather Mills FORCED Paul to marry her. Maybe if Sir Paul had set his sights on a more mature woman of his own age instead of grazing for some young, blond, talentless, jobless, legless, titleless chick, he would be in a better place counting his billions and getting along with his family. Why does everyone always blame the chick? As far as I can tell, she's not the fool in this love story gone bad. And that's my opinion.

2662 days ago


peg leg peg leg peg peg leg peg leg peg leg

2662 days ago


I hope she continues to speak out for animals. There is so much that needs to be done to help homeless animals, and the baby seals that are being killed right now in canada!!!!!! They need our voices!!!!

2662 days ago


Can you imagine Britney as a Freak--no arms and legs ---- dance dance dance dance hahaha

2662 days ago


#63...finally somoene who understands those limbs cost a FORTUNE!
If anyone really cares, here is what one of the best limbs, for ABOVE the knee amputee costs...

COST: The C-leg is slightly more expensive than a more traditional prosthetic. It ranges in price from upper $30,000 to lower $40,000 dependent on the socket and the foot put with the leg.

Heathers leg is amputated below the knee so hers would cost somewhat less, but she must have a closet full of them!

Personally, I use crutches as I cant afford a limb. She does NOT represent most of the "normal" amputees.

Please vote this bitch off DWTS next week.

2662 days ago


Heather said recently on a tv program that she has three prosthetic legs for her own use. She also provides prosthetics for hundreds of others who need them and has done so for years.

2662 days ago


Paul had been married to the love of his life for over 30 years....lost her to breast cancer....he was inconsolable. When he met her, he was vunerable...after being married to Linda, he probably thought all women would be as wonderful has her....HE was the one who woke up one day and realized he had made a mistake..but by that time, Heather had conceived a child, making Paul a bank for at least another 18 yrs.

2662 days ago


I'm not going to make any leg jokes, I'd just like to say this woman is a terrible person and she makes me sick. Seriously she really is a repulsive slag. Why do we Americans have to suffer? I don't watch the show myself but just the idea of her inside our borders makes me retch. But you know that's not to say she won't go far on the show; she's whoring herself to the lowest common denominator and they are just monoric enough to swallow her sympathy baiting and emotional blackmail. God how Paul must have suffered! Go home Heather...we've had enough of your kind--we don't need any imports.

2662 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

Im suprised... SHE SHOULD have gotten BOOTED OFF

2662 days ago
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