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Sligh: I Didn't Want to Win "Idol" Anyway

3/30/2007 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Sligh-tly sore loser, are we?

Mop-topped "American Idol" hopeful Chris Sligh, who just got the axe on Wednesday, now says he thought about quitting the show after getting excoriated for his maverick arrangement of "Endless Love," and that he really just stayed in to get paid as one of the Top Ten, who will go on tour this summer.

In an interview with his hometown paper, the Greenville, S.C. News, Sligh says he never really wanted to be the American Idol. "I never came into this wanting to win it. I made the Top Ten. That was my goal," says the big-haired Sligh, who many observers pointed out bears a striking resemblance to "The Simpsons'" Sideshow Bob.

But when he was told that he wouldn't be able to go on tour with the Top Ten if he pulled out, Sligh grudgingly stayed in, getting his final walking papers two weeks later.


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Great Dane    

#11.....I agree that his HEART might not have been in his last performance.....but, I don't understand why someone would be in this competition, if they didn't WANT to win......OBVIOUSLY previous Idol contestants- that didn't win have prevailed.....look at Chris Daughtry's success......but, to me, he seemed as if he wanted to win, every week he was always TRYING.....this group seems as if they are just TRYING to be seen, become KNOWN.....maybe they are sucked in by the hype that Lakisha or Melinda are going to win.....when I deally, I'd like to see Gina, Hailey or Phil win.....I think they seem like the most REAL contestants this season......

This season lacks the Constantines, Pickler, Daughtry charm.....

Blake and Chris are POP START cut outs.....with their Timberlake and b-box'n pink shirts, ties and plaid pants......

Lakisha is OLD......Melinda, is such a FAKE.....she pretends every week she didn't know she could sing.....did that just come out of my mouth? Oh my God...I can sing? REALLY....

Sanjaya is a whole other story.....


2677 days ago


"i wanted to go home" --- GOOD, that makes two of us. I just got tired of looking at him. He does sing well though.

2677 days ago

big joe    

o'k loser LOLOLOL

2677 days ago



2677 days ago


I think the show this year is the worst ever , I hope vote for the and Howard Stern gets sued. Sanyaha or whatever his dumb ass name is should quit while he's ahead. HE SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!Sabrina ,Stephanie , and Sundance should all still be on the show at thi point. They all should sue.

2677 days ago

big joe    

clean your self up/.

2677 days ago


I dont watch american idol but they all seem like losers to me.

2677 days ago


I'm not surprised, really.
He just didn't seem to be into it and I think that's why people quit voting for him & let him be the one to go home.
It seems like it would be fun though so I don't know what he didn't like about it.
He did mention that it was a lot of work so maybe that's just not his style of entertaining.
heh that makes me laugh though...what are the contestants expecting?
People aren't just going to throw money at you because you have some talent.
A LOT of other people have just as much if not more.
You have to do something to stand out or work harder to get ahead and if you're not willing to do that then yes I can see wanting to go home early.
Well, let's hope he finds himself happier now that he's left.
I hate to see people up there being miserable.

2677 days ago

Real Love    

I think it was pretty class-less of him to respond like that. If it is the truth, then why not man up from the get-go Chris Sligh-de Me Over Another Sandwich... come out with it on the show. When the judges said he was off tempo, why not a "well, I didn't put much effort into it because I just want to make the Top 10 so I can go on tour and get a nice paycheck." This guy's a d-bag. He's a fugly looking guy who cracks a couple generally lame jokes here and there to make up for the fact that he's a fug no personality d-bag. I hope people boycott that tour and this ass clown fades right back into obscurity. F U Chris Sligh!!!!

2677 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

Don't you think this sounds a bid like a SORE LOSER? I sure
do! How could you not want to win? I feel kind of sorry for all of
his supporters also, him having this kind of poor attitude.

2677 days ago


So, you didn't want to win--then why did you have your damn ugly fat ass up there trying anyway? Just shut up and go get a couple dozen big macs and sing out your ass.

2677 days ago


Looks as if this guy's ego is larger than his body. I detected a slight arrogance from this guy in the beginning and it looks as if I were right on target! Get over yourself Chris!

2677 days ago


Hey sideshow Bob! I didn't want you to win either.

2677 days ago


Maybe Sligh saw the show for what it is. The winners are pre-ordained by the producers and then the judges spend 12 weeks "guiding" America in the right direction. He started out well and then seemed to lose his momentum. I hope he does make some money out of this. Why should Idol get all the money?

I see someone mentioned the charm of Daughtry, Pickler and Constantine. Charm? I found Constantine to be a conceited fool and Pickler a ditz. Daughtry was never charming. His album is good, but I sure wouldn't call a rocker charming.

2677 days ago

She was no different than any other former stripper still trying to make money off her body at almost 40    

I'm from Greenville, SC and this guy was NOBODY here until he got on the AI show. The band he was with (Half Past Forever), he left in a lurch (on the verge of releasing their first CD, they had to scramble then) so he could pursue his "dream" of singing by himself on AI. HE IS A TOAD!

He won't ever be a star -- he hasn't the looks or the ability to make it on his own. He will wish he had stayed with his band by the time he crashes (and he will -- badly).

This "attitude" you guys are just starting to see --- it has been there all along.

2677 days ago
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