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Drugs That Killed Anna Rx'ed to Howard K., Others

3/31/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithThe Broward County Medical Examiner confirmed that none of the 11 drugs that were found in Anna Nicole Smith's hotel room were prescribed to Smith.

FOX News anchor Greta Van Susteren obtained documents from Dr. Joshua Perper's office which shows that of the 11 drugs, eight were prescribed to Howard K. Stern, two were prescribed to Alex Katz and one was prescribed to Anna's personal shrink, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich. We don't know who Katz is, but Perper acknowledged one thing that was clear -- Dr. Eroshevich wrote all 11 prescriptions.

Perhaps most interesting, the chloral hydrate that was the major cause of Anna's death (and was prescribed to Stern) was in a duffel bag in the hotel room. As Greta said, Anna was too weak to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom, so how did she get out of bed to rummage through the duffle bag and get the chloral hydrate? Van Susteren pressed Perper for an answer; the doctor said he asked Stern, Eroshevich and the bodyguard if they gave her the drugs and they all said they didn't.

Perper also acknowledged it was a bad idea for Anna to take sedatives in the morning, given she was already too weak to get out of bed. Perper said even if someone else gave her the drugs, "It's not wise for sure, but it's not homicide."


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ms. anonymous    

34. My gosh people - get a grip.

It is well documented that Anna was using drugs loooooooong before she met Howard. Anna loved her drugs and no-one and nothing stopped her from taking them!!!
A bit of weakness and not feeling well would not have stopped her from getting to them I am sure. Please stop judging others and jumping to conclusions.. she was a big girl and she was careless with the drugs - that is all, end of story!! happens all the time to people who love their drugs...

Posted at 1:09PM on Mar 31st 2007 by Reality Bites

I totally agree with you. I am not a fan of Howard's or anyone else. Most of the people are dealing with speculation and what if's. Just because he enabled her does not make him a murderer. Look where those that tried to intervene the curb!!!! We need to wait until all the FACTS are in and the PROFESSIONALS make their decision. After all, most of them having been doing what they do for a very long time. Howard does not have enough money to pay ANYONE off and I suspect neither do his parents. Also, everyone assumes Anna had money that Howard wants. Anna was in debt. The Marshall case has not gone to court again, yet. She has not won the other times, what makes everyone think she will win this time? All Dannielynn is inheriting is a bunch of debts!!

2728 days ago


Make room for the possibility that her testimony could change during the interim since Daniel's death or not be consistent with her statement.

2728 days ago


I strongly feel that Anna and Danniel both needs to be exumed and a autopsy done by Dr Lee! He will not coverup for anyone!!!!

2728 days ago


ANNE became a PROBLEM, If she were to SUGGEST that her SON (may not) have
died of an ACCIDENTAL DRUG OVERDOSE After learning Daniel contacted the PI
(private investigator) Before the scheduled Inquest would take place! It would too
great a chance to Risk, ... WHO really hired Dr Cyril Wyck (or wacky) to come to the
Bahamas to do autopsy ? Who's idea was that? They said Anne ! CROCK of BS !
I'm just an poor un-educated Hillbilly , But my old Dog is smarter than to believe
both Daniel and Anne's Deaths was ACCIDENTAL, It was REDRUM !

2728 days ago


somebody should stop howie and the good dr. for good before the baby gets hurt. also stop howie from delaying the inquest and paternity.

2728 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    


2728 days ago



2728 days ago


When is Howard and his Scheme Team going to explain why these drugs were prescribed to HKS yet found in ANS system.
Can't wait to hear how they try to spin this one.
I honestly don' t think they will have an answer for it.
I'm so glad this new information has come out. It only goes to prove HKS is involved somehow.

2728 days ago

boy - cott this!    

well hello again there Judy!
You give them all hell on here for me!
Thank you all for your support.
I'll be back down there on Monday for another round.L.B.

2728 days ago


It seems to me from Dr. Perper statement last night, that they just took everything that Howard said to be fact. How dumb is that?? I am getting so angry the more I see and hear. I think Greta did a great job last night! This baby is stuck in this house with this monster. The legal system sucks!!!!!!!

2728 days ago


Why don't they check the finger prints on chloryl hydrate?

2728 days ago

Ron Rale (the Diaper Pail -- and I am not full of $hit)    

The Houston Chronicle
Wed Mar 28 2007

It has recently come to light that the lawyers representing Howard K. Stern have hired a public relations firm in an effort to turn his reputation around. A source who is an employee at the office of one of Stern's several lawyers says that Stern's team of advocates are "desperate" and "quite alarmed" that, despite their best efforts to sway public opinion in Mr. Stern's favor, polls indicate that the vast majority of respondents remain vehemently convinced that Stern played a role in the deaths of model Anna Nicole Smith, 39, and her 20-year old son Daniel Wayne Smith.

"The lawyers are scrambling," says the source, who prefers to remain anonymous. "I think they figured people would change their minds after the [autopsy] report was released."

On Monday of this week, Dr.Joshua Perper, Medical Examiner for Broward County in Florida, released his autopsy findings. Dr. Perper determined that Ms. Smith died as a result of a drug overdose and that her death was an accident.

Based on one recent poll, 9 out of 10 respondents did not agree that her death was an accident.

"The blogs are saying differently," our source said. "A lot of people are wondering how the medical examiner could base his findings on testimony that came from people who would be the first ones to lie if they had anything to hide."

According to our source, the internet is filled with blogs, or message boards, where the public can post their opinions about the Anna Nicole Smith case. One such blog can be found at, an entertainment site that posts news related stories about celebrities.

"Mr. Stern's folks have been monitoring the blogs for months now," our source said. "They've been trying really hard to change people minds [about Mr. Stern]. The problem has mushroomed and it’s beyond their capabilities to handle.

"I suppose because they're figuring he may be facing charges here [in the United States], they hired our agency. Part of our job will be to go on the blogs and try to get people to change their minds about their client. People's opinions can affect the jury pool and change the outcome of a trial."

Coincidentally, Mr. Stern's concerns about a tainted jury resulted in an unexpected delay in yesterday's inquest proceedings in the Bahamas. The delay came about because of Mr. Stern's wish to do away with the jury or at least have the opportunity to question the 7-person panel about their impartiality. Such a request is unprecedented. The inquest procedure is rooted in a Common Law tradition dating back almost 300 years.

2728 days ago


Hey Howard - I'm sure ET would be willing to pay you for the story about why the drugs were prescribed to you, yet found in the dead body of ANS.
We're all anxiously awaiting your explanation.

2728 days ago


Anna Nicole was kept a CHEMICAL HOSTAGE FOR YEARS. Erosevitch and Stern worked in concert with each other. It is pretty clear from documented footage that Anna did not have romantic feeling for Howard. But people need to watch the footage of the Dr. and Stern arriving at the funeral.. there was a "tender little moment" there. It's kind of obvious that Stern and Erosevitch had the relationship and Anna was the cash cow.

How has this site and other news orgs and entertainment shows have not put it together by now?!?!

All of the questionable medications were liquid.

The fridge was stocked with cream based diet drinks that would mask them.

Methadone has been administered by pill and LIQUID for years.

Daniel may have inadvertently drank a concoction meant for Anna. Given her deep affection for him, she may have mistakenly offered it to him, unaware that it was one of the means of keeping her chemically hostage.

Because she had become tolerant of therapeutic doses, the amount of drugs needed to keep her sedated, were high enough to kill Daniel.

Erosevitch and Stern said Anna "drank chloral hydrate"??? Has anyone tried it???? Medications meant for injection are not tempered for "para ora" or by mouth and would taste HORRIBLE unless masked by a thick or heavily flavored fluid.

Stern has often remarked that the baby is constantly under "doctors care" , meaning Erosevitch....

The authorities need to stop looking to the Dr. for a professional opinion and start looking at her as suspect.

Let's hope these twits keep talking!!!! Every interview the Dr. does is compensated, and the money Howard says he is not getting, is being held in an account BY HIS PARENTS WHO ARE SENDING IT TO HIM!!!!! His parents need to be investigated... the sister too.

Daniel died when he consumed the drugs meant for her.
Erosevitch and Stern have a relationship and conspired to benefit from all of it.

Where are the authorities??? What is going on??

2728 days ago


I thought in Florida if drugs that are in your system that cause death and those drugs are prescribed to someone else it is considered at least manslaughter? This is ridiculous that none of them are being prosecuted for at least that.

2728 days ago
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