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Burglary at Home of Duran Duran Guitarist

4/2/2007 11:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John TaylorTMZ has learned that the home of John Taylor, bass guitarist of the rock group Duran Duran, was burglarized Monday night.

According to police, Taylor's house was ransacked and several items were missing from the residence, including the rocker's personal safe.
Taylor and his family are currently in England. The break-in was discovered by the housekeeping staff.

Along with the LAPD, the Hillside Burglary Task Force, also responded to the call. The special task force was created after a string of burglaries were reported in the west end of Hollywood Hills last year.

Cops told TMZ, "At this point, the fingerprints and photos are being taken of the scene and it is an ongoing investigation."

Taylor was one of the founding members of Duran Duran, one of the most popular bands of the 1980s.


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Was it Ford Shelley? He has experience :)

2758 days ago


weeeirrrrd. wonder what was in the safe!

2758 days ago


LOL I thought the same thing!

2758 days ago


HARVEY LEVIN IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST HYPOCRITE!!! He ridicules Star Jones on this website, then goes on Larry King and kisses her ass so he can promote TMZ. What kind of "Editor" is he!? Read and ridicule TMZ if you choose, but DO NOT support their sponsors. Harvey & Co do not deserve to be making $$$ off their "reportage." And they have the nerve to accuse Opri of bilking!!!!

2758 days ago


And....your comment has WHAT to do with this story? Opri's just a big fat camera hog who thinks she's pretty...(brb while I gag...) as far as this story goes, probably just a random hit. Coulda happened to anyone, but if it was any of us, it would not be 'news.'

2758 days ago


This is nothing. There's a rumor that Matt Drudge (drudge report) was caught with child porn... Developing...

2758 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

PerezSux: If you don't like Harvey's sandbox, go play someplace else, you whiny little retard.

2758 days ago


Firefighters talk of Bombs in the buildings on 9-11

building 7 reported collapsed and reason why 20 minutes before it happened. It sits in the right hand corner of the window behind the reporter.

Explosions in WTC


Learn then decide:
hunt the
hunt the boeing shanksville edition

911 in plane site
Painful Deceptions

2758 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Speak up for the Dead: I pity your ignorance. I won't lob insults at you because you're only doing this for the attention. Like a child.

2758 days ago


Hey, 'Speak Up' your videos mean nothing and are not even legitimate nor coherent. If you're gonna make a case, make it well, and irrefutable, not sketchy. Also, your post is only a self-serving futile attempt at something. Maybe your shrink told you to do this, but I think they meant you should make your point effectively where it might be well-taken, not here. Try plugging your useless videos on his/her message board, then get back to us...NOT..

I do have a comment on this story. I have no qualms with Cameron Diaz, never have, but I've never found her attractive, nor a good actress, personally. Sorry.

2758 days ago


Well, getting back to JOHN TAYLOR...
The person/people who burglarized his home are scum.

2758 days ago


this is new to you and your initial response is normal. Many of us have known what really happened for years. Hey I voted for both Bush's. Plz look into it on your own. I am doing this so you all will listen. I listened to those I did not agree with initially.

Norad Stood Down on 9/11

2758 days ago


Poor John Taylor
He's the sweetest guy I have met in a long time. Purely genuine. I hope that nothing scandalous was in the safe.

2758 days ago

hop on top    

His sex tape with Paris Hilton is missing.

2758 days ago

Hello Kitty    

At least the family was not in the home at the time, but why did they have to be so messy;O(

I hope John did not have any sex tapes in his safe.... or naked pics from the 80s because women in their late 30s will hunt them down if they end up online.

LAPD might want to have a chat with Keanu Reeves, because Mr.Nice guy had an affair with John's wife (not sure if its was an ex or the current wife) and she was going to have his baby until they suffered a miscarriage.

2758 days ago
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