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Opri to Birkhead -- I'll Hit Play, You Pay

4/2/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri was rollin' on dubs, and now she expects Larry Birkhead to pay.

TMZ broke the story over the weekend that Opri sent Birkhead a legal bill totaling more than $620,000 for charges that include fees for Opri's personal publicist, time spent at Anna's funeral and wildly expensive dinners.

But wait, there's more. TMZ has learned there are a number of charges in the bill for dubbing copies of Opri's TV appearances. For example, on October 4, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $435 for getting dubs of seven appearances on Los Angeles television, including the 11 PM newscast on KCBS.

Were these dubs necessary for the case, or were they part of Opri's resume reel? You be the judge.


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Even whores expect payment. If she feels she met the requirements he asked of her she is entitled to her pay.

2759 days ago

who cares?    


2759 days ago


I think Debra Opri was trying to punish Larry for taking her off the case.

I'm sure she thought the mild-mannered Larry would be sufficiently punished if she sent this big bill!

Don't know who gave the bill to TMZ but I hope it ruins OPRI for being such a vindictive BITCH.

2759 days ago

Enough Already!    

Im sure ,unless Larry is a complete moron, which is possible, that he knew the bill wasnt going to be a few thousand dollars. Come on, the woman is a high paid attorney. Of course when a high paid attorney is on a case of several weeks flying here there and everywhere devoting herself to one person that its going to be a substantial bill in the end. I have no problem with her charging a huge bill but where she crosses the line is when shes charging him for her meals and laundry bills. I mean she would have to buy that stuff no matter where she was so making him pay for her husbands dirty laundry as well as expensive meals....thats crossing the line. And I am saying that not being a Larry Birkhead "fan" like some of you

2759 days ago

who cares?    

I think she wanted to have her way with Larry---

2759 days ago


She's a shameless money-grubbing whore

2759 days ago

Heaven Help us    

I knew it. EVERYONE is in it for the MONEY. When it is all done, there will be NONE left to help give Danylin a headstart

2759 days ago

Mr Truth    

O.J.'s bill was over 30 milllion- Anyone noticed that once HKS got Laryy to get rid of Opri, then Howard got his own "Debra Opri" wanna be in attorney Lynn Sanchez? and HKS has hired a PR firm to fix his image you are all very naive....

Larry hired the best.... I guess now he has to pay for it.... maybe Howard will lend him the money lol

2759 days ago


wow.she is very bitter that he sacked her ass out of all this publicty , she is just another publicity whore and is bitter because he dropped her cause birkhead saw that ,she wasn't helping the case she probably was hurting it , so now that she is out of the picture positve things are happening for birkhead that's a good thing , in the end he'll get his kid and( stern )will be in jail if their is any justice in this world and opri will be another bitter lawyer in los angeles ,birkhead my advice go as slow as possible with the over inflated ego driven bill that in the long run the real amount after all the fluff she put in out of spite will be half of what was stated lately

2759 days ago


Debra Opri was very unprofessional when she came out the day of the important paternity hearing in the Bahamas and stated that she was no longer representing Larry.

Opri also alluded to the fact that Stern was trying to influence Larry and that Larry wanted to do something ethical that she could not participate in.

She should be sued for for $620,000 for breaching attorney-client privilege and also for FRIVILOUS BILLING. I hope the California bar is looking at these charges!

2759 days ago


This is retarded! I mean, she didn't have to go to the funeral! Her prices are out rageous!

2759 days ago

The point is    

Just what exactly did this lawyer do for Larry?

2759 days ago

Moe knows mo than anybody    


Opri did a great job, he shouldn't have fired her, he should hire her back and he should pay.
She did an excellent job on his behalf.

Virgie's atty's fees are free and look what she gets for PR from them.............
mind you, I like Virgie, but she needs to keep O'Quinn under wraps.........

2759 days ago


If it is proven that LB is the father, which I am sure it will, AKS estate should be made to pay this ridiculous bill. Afterall, LB wouldn't have needed an attorney if they had cooperated with him on a simple paternity test!!!! The bill has some pretty excessive , absurd charges, she should get paid but at a fair price. She was compensated in part from all the publicity she received, which she loved !!!!

2759 days ago

Just me??    

Pay your bill Birkie or you'll look like you skip out on your bills..As unfit to be in the presence of a child....

2759 days ago
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