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Sanjaya Spoofer Strikes Again

4/2/2007 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comSanjaya's biggest fan is at it again -- no, not that overwrought teenweeper -- but Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E. This time, Smooth assumes his Sanjaya alter-ego to send a little Easter/Passover love to his fans.

As expected, it's Sanjy's hair, rather than his singing, that inspired this mock greeting card.



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I'm confused. What does politics (republican or democrat bashing) have to do with AI? I thought it was entertainment. Can't we possibly keep the politics out of that area? And even in the political arena, does it have to spew hate?

2739 days ago

Niccolo Piccolo    

I think there is too much ado about this 17-year old Sanjaya. The funny thing is, most of those who have posted quite nasty blogs about him don't even know proper English. I don't really care who becomes the next American Idol, but let me pose a challenge to those who claim to hate or dislike Sanjaya: Could you even make it through the American Idol auditions? Sanjaya did. Give the guy a break; he is doing his own thing, but if you don't dig what he does, just vote for someone else. As for those who continue to vote for him (and I don't), leave them be. This is America, remember?

2739 days ago

MO MO    

Howard Stern (the washed up, has been) is just looking for ratings because he is a washed up, has been. Please ignore him, don't vote for Sanjya, and even boycot H.S. if need be. Do not even acknowledge him. If we all ignore him, he will go away. (him and Rosie). Make this stunt backfire on him and keep AI the show it has been and was meant to be.

2739 days ago

Princess Leia    

The mock video wasn't amusing, but then again I do not condescend to watching shows like American Idol. Never watched it, never will. I guess being too educated is the culprit. Most of the banter on these pages is from uneducated peons who waste too much time in front of the TV or with their video games and desire to emulate the 'celebrities' they see on TV. AI is just another loose thread that is tearing apart the fabric of family values of this country. And of course the show was created by the most hateful brit on earth, Simon Cowell. I guess his mother never taught him 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all'. I can't wait for AI to be cancelled and Simon, Paula and Randy can finally go crawl back into the cave from wence they came.

2739 days ago



2739 days ago

terry collet    

There really is some talented people on Idol stop voteing to keeping Sanjaya in. Yes maybe he does sound like Michael Jackson but he can't sing and he forgets his words.

2739 days ago


No. 8 - You say that those voting for Sanjaya make American Idol a joke. No, the producers, the judges, whoever allowed him to get this far are the ones who made American Idol a joke. (Remember William Hung? A nicer young man we'd all be hard pressed to meet, but a singer?)

So the voters are rubbing their noses in this foolishness. This is not like those shows before I was born--those amateur hour shows where people with actual talent were given a chance. This is just jerking around and having a television show that doesn't require writers. I miss the days when television shows actually had story line, but they are cutting back on everything to save money--writers, theme songs... you can't even read closing credits because they squash them down so small to get in additional advertsing, leaving the viewer with no way of identifying an actor or a piece of music contained in the program.

"Reality" programming is just television's middle finger to the viewing public. This illustrates the public's striking back.

2739 days ago


Get Sanjaya voted out!!! Go to the website for details:

2739 days ago
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