"A.I." Finalists Fuming Over "Sanjaya Situation"

4/2/2007 12:22 PM PDT

"A.I." Finalists Fuming Over "Sanjaya Situation"

While most of the country may have fallen in love with "American Idol" wannabe Sanjaya Malakar, there is one group that is finding his growing popularity a tad irritating -- his fellow "A.I." contestants!

An inside source revealed exclusively to TMZ that some of the remaining "Idol" hopefuls are annoyed that the vocally-challenged 17-year-old continues to advance, while other "more talented" singers get sent home. We're told the contestants are not-so-much mad at Sanjaya, but at the situation, which finds websites like votefortheworst.com and satellite radio host Howard Stern urging fans to keep Sanjaya in -- simply as a joke.

We're told the "Idols" don't find it funny, since it's their future being toyed with. Our source adds that the contestants find it troublesome that they all work so hard to pick the right song and rehearse each week, but it appears that all Sanjaya really has to do to move forward is to show up wearing a scrunchie.

TMZ contacted an "Idol" rep, who had no comment.