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Alanis Loves Her Lumps

4/3/2007 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alanis Morissette has recorded her own version of the Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps" -- and even released a video to go along with it!

In a word: genius.


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HAHA... so funny! And hey... Alanis is kinda hot all hoochied up!

2728 days ago

Baby Shamble    

To those who don't 'get it' this is called satire, cultural commentary, irony. You know, big words that you should have learned in school.

This is brilliant. The song and video are revealed for the slutty depressing tacky un-sexy lowest common denominator that is hip-hop and pop music today, based entirely on stripper moves, ass camera shots, and disgusting men standing around leering at women. The clothes are atrocious, the women are reduced to their butts and boobs, the entire scene is grubby, crummy, and reminds me of the hookers that live in sleazy motels. Cheers Alanis, for taking this song and in redoing it, exposing the absolute worst in our current popular culture. Its sad, humiliating, depraved, pointless. The men in it are gross as well.

There is no glamor, fashion, dignity, or sexiness in the Fergie video.

2728 days ago

pattie in cali    

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO ALANIS, GREAT, , iam sending this to everyone i know,

2728 days ago

What tha hell eva!    

What eva! She's really bored. She's great tho.'

2728 days ago


Oh good grief people! Don't be so nasty..its not called for. Really.

acg - no I have not seen her live. And yes I have heard her all of her music...not just top 40 (nice try on the sarcasm). In fact I am a fan of Alanis...aways have been.

josh - I'm dumb? Thats it? Maybe you should borrow Bungler's thesaurus (Roget's II is a good one) has alot of creative words in it...a bit more beyond dumb..,.try it you might like it.

2728 days ago


Hey 13 & 15 et al.: if this is not simply about easy profits for AM or about having AM show off her nice assets at her age, then what do you really think the underlying message is??

2728 days ago


it sounded like a cat being torchered! yikes that girl is horrid!

2728 days ago


that was so funny!! great work!!

2728 days ago


I know this is off topic, but if you need me to explain what dumb is for you in more words then one, I think you should be gluing that thesaurus to your hands and not letting it go till you can pass for moderately smart. I said you're dumb because it was obviously a parody. I haven't seen her try to steal the lime light for ages. She's happy being a depressed psycho with the fans she has. So there :P

2728 days ago


ok, so this was the funniest thing I have ever seen Alanis do...and that includes her role as God in Dogma. TMZ made my day by having this on their site. I, too, have sent the YouTube link to all of my friends ( I think I have 3 now). Alanis rocks, I love her, and I even named my baby after her:-)

2728 days ago


josh...Much better. Told you the thesaurus would help. Now all you have to do is learn that less is more and not be so wordy :>)

2728 days ago


It is too bad this couldn't have been woked in as the music for the long program in "Blades of Glory" since the Wil Farrell character was so fond of the song. Maybe they can put it on the DVD extras!

2728 days ago


It's like arguing with a rock. I already know less is more, hence the short first post.

2728 days ago


Arguing? With a rock? You got me there. Can't say I've ever argued with a rock. I'll bet you are a menace in a rock garden with all that arguing going on between you and all of them. Poor little rocks :

2728 days ago


I'm sure you're trying to be sarcastic, but I don't literally argue with rocks. I know fire is hot without touching it, and I know arguing with a rock would be one sided if I were so inclined to do just that, much like what I say to you. I think I'm done with this. You can have the last word that's fine with me.

2728 days ago
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