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See Through Britney

4/5/2007 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney went to her mother's birthday party, she wore a lace dress with a pink bra. Now it's her sister's birthday, and Brit's wearing a see-through top and no bra. Classy!
Britney Spears
Brit put on her best Cleopatra makeup, popped on an apple cap with what appears to be a built-in Dynel wig, velveteen hot pants, her always-there cowgirl boots and what looks like a plastic, salmon colored purse... the perfect ensemble to celebrate lil' sis Jamie's 16th birthday at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Meaty!

Britney stayed at the restaurant just long enough to stain her blouse.


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loose the shirt. FREE THE BOOBIES

2703 days ago


Guys, Brittney has never proclaimed to be smart or classy. She's a good entertainer. As for her figure, she has lost some weight. She looks better, if she will just let her hair grow back out.

2703 days ago


Was Britney afraid that her sister would get attention at her own b-day party. Looks that way. So to ensure everyone is loooking and talking about her, she shows up in a shear blouse. How pathetic.

She has no respect for herself or her sister.

And where are her children? MIA again.

2703 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

Just GREAT! Isn't that nice!!! You'll have no FAN BASE left ....... and soon! My Goodness GIRL GET IT TOGETHER!

2703 days ago


What a terminal hillbilly. The sad thing is that blouse probably cost a week's pay for me.

2703 days ago

carol ard    

Britt you are looking a lot better but please wear the bra ...You need to keep it all together and focus on what you do as you are going to mess up your come back before it's begun!

2703 days ago


I heard she's going to be a spokesperson for Victoria's Secret. Oh wait, that will mean, she will actually have to wear bra's and panty's.

2703 days ago

non story tmz    

What is up with that nasty stain on her shirt? Does she need to borrow a bib from ones of her babies. Maybe it is drool. So freakin' nasty.

2703 days ago


I could understand the braless look if her younger son was with her and needed to be nursed, but 1) he apparently wasn't on hand to be fed, and 2) that doesn't excuse wearing a top that sheer in such a situation.

You don't think she was providing milk samples as a party favor (a la Courtney Love on a NYC street a few years back), do you? (Although I would guess that Britney's breastmilk is probably slightly less "Toxic" than Courtney's.)

2703 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

What the hell is wrong with this person??!! Good Lord, I see pictures of her everywhere & she always looks trashy & unkempt. It was her young & impressionble sister's birthday for crying out loud, how embarrasing for the child. I certainly hope none of her friends saw her older sister looking like that. I would die of humilation. Why is it so hard for her to wear a bra to her sister's dinner party? Also what is all over her shirt? Ewww, afraid to find out the answer to that one.

2703 days ago


I must say, if this was a family Birthday then she should have taken her kids to celebrate thier Aunt's birthday........but with regards to the blouse, it probably didn't look see thru before she left her house but with a million paps flashes going off at her, it was BOUND to show!

And everyone making comments about her wigs etc................she shaved her head in a moment of madness, now she's on the straight and narrow, of course she knows it looks ridiculous that's why she's wearing the wigs/hats - and who the heck are we to comment on what she puts on her head, did anyone tell you that your hairstyle was rubbish so you went and cut/dyed it? thought not.

Everyones so keen to knock her down again......let the girl get up first!

Her Babies are with thier Dad, even if that happens to be can knock her for that so all you Britney Haters........get off her back!
Go Britney Gooooooooooo!

2703 days ago



WHO CARES IF SHE DOESN"T HAVE A BRA ON... SO what... and anyone who think differently, needs to get a life!

2703 days ago


okay, so I did think there was some hope for her. But forget that. it's first, last and only priority is my kids. I guess I'm abnormal.

2703 days ago


Proof you can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the girl. Where are her children?/ Was it one of the four days that K-fed had them? How is it that she has custody, but he gets them 4 days per week? Shouldn't that count as the majority, therefore custody??? Please advise.

2703 days ago


When you are coming on hollidays over the US on the peach police is putting you on trouble when you are in topless!So who is she respecting???
What this time will find the defend her!We can see everything through her top and she also did a mark on a wite shirt got how old is she, it's dramatic!Why doesn't just go away!
We are sick of seing her bich face everywhere!!!
What is she waiting to start a porno carrer???

2703 days ago
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