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Another Britney Relationship on the Rocks

4/6/2007 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere is indeed a rift in the relationship between Britney Spears and her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph. -- which always gets Britney stuff right -- is now reporting the relationship has been "strained" since Spears left rehab. Rudolph is trying to repair the damage, but if he can't, that would leave Britney home alone -- she has no other real representation.


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Hello Kitty    


They worked so well together, and I'm sure he was thinking of what would be best for Britney, her family and her image when he joined in with the people that wanted her to clean up her act.

She went out with Pairs Hilton and she drank each drink, she allowed the world to see her private parts.. she only has herself to blame. She had everyone on her side post split and she shoud have spent more time with her boys, kept to her gym work, the new cd.. anything but the way she acted.

No one wants her to live like a Nun, but please show some yourself some RESPECT Brit !

What is she not going to be happy until she ends up like Bobby Brown ?

When she found out that Kevin had a gf that was about to give birth to their 2nd child she should have walked and never looked back. If her mind had been on her music she might not have hurt herself during the filming of one of her videos.

JT needs to get over Brit and stop using her for his crybaby songs.

However I'm still wanting for the new cd when she is ready to let us get a look into her world. (I've had enough of the dark side:O(

2694 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

We are starting to look bad, Hollywood , everyone is in and out of rehab or jail, and some are leaving for the pearly gates of Heaven.

2694 days ago


Poor, poor, man. I can only imagine what he goes through (daily). Britney, you're going to lose your fans. "Oops!", Britney, you're going to lose everyone's respect. "Oops!", Britney, you're going to lose your panties, again. "Oops!", Britney, you're losing your children. "Oops!", Britney, you're losing your mind. "Oops!", Britney? "Oops, Oops, Oops,....................."

2694 days ago


#67 James R.
God, you really nailed it. I know you're using humor to state the facts in the "black-comedy" that Britney calls her life. Obviously, if someone can't FULLY be responsible for themselves, how can they even be considered MINIMALLY capable of caring for children, whether hers or not?

2694 days ago


Look at this dude. She IS nuts.

2694 days ago


does anyone else think he looks like the crazy guy from prison break? lol.

2694 days ago



2694 days ago


Britney Spears?
Two words: washed up.

2693 days ago

J Doe    

# 56 YOU GOT IT RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!

Britney wasn't in rehab to get better and she wasn't there because she was going to lose her kids to Kevins emergency custody hearing.

Lynn flew out to sign papers to commit Britney !!!!

In California, there has to be one family member in addition to the spouse to file the affidavit (in the absence of a physicians evaluation). When Britney found out, she went to Kevin's house, but he refused to discuss it with her.

Later that night, Britney attacked a paparazzi with the umbrella. Britney called Lynn that night and begged her not to file for commitment. She said she would go back to promises and stay, this time.

Lynn went to Kevin's house, the next morning, to talk to him about it (x17 has those pictures to) and Kevin agreed.

That is why you may have read that the hospital is still holding a room for Britney.
If she left promises, she would of been forced into the psyciatric hospital.

that werent resolved in that 5 star rehab, and since its not being treated she's
going to continue to self destruct mentally and emotionally HARD.

2693 days ago


An other faulse comment!Once again spears is playing with rumors!I don't beiev 1 min to this storry!

2693 days ago


Well she is only human... Everyone has there down falls in life and maybe this is hers... If it is she can still live stable the rest of her life rather she sing again or not. She has made millions... Maybe she wants that other guy timber or whatever his name is the one Justin timberlake has, he seems like he would get her back on top again. Just because Brittney is a mother does not mean she has to be perfect, there is not a perfect parent! Kids do not come with manuals anyway you learn as you go and it is not easy being a young single parent of two so if you have not been through that type of situation you should not judge her. K-fed brought her down..

2692 days ago


Rudolph was the force behind Britney when she first became popular so, yes, he had a lot to do with it. He cultivated her image, which resulted in everything she touched turning gold or platinum.

The public knows that it was all a facade now, so she will have an uphill battle regardless of who her manager is from this point forward.

2692 days ago
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