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"Idol" Ratings Down, Sanjaya to Blame?

4/6/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Viewership of "American Idol" has slipped compared to last season, and each episode has been watched by less people than the one before it. Is the lack of talent, embodied by Internet fav Sanjaya Malakar, the cause? Or maybe, as the show's EP would have us believe, it's the sun's fault.
American Idol
Nielsen stats show that the Tuesday performance shows are down about 10 percent compared to last season (from roughly 31 million viewers to 28). This past Wednesday night's results episode, which saw tongue-studded shrieker Gina Glocksen get the boot, was the least watched episode of the season, according to TV Week.

Idols on vacation: Click to launch galleryBut if you ask "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe what is causing the problem, he'll blame daylight saving time, which started three weeks earlier this year. Ratings tend to dip every year whenever the time change kicks in. "Even if we lost 50 percent of our audience, we'd still be in the top three shows in the country," Lythgoe said at a press conference on Monday. It's good to be king.


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Dancing with the Stars rocks........much better than AI........u might get a chance to see if Heather's wooden leg falls off............

2725 days ago

love what about brian    

this season does suck. i havent like any of them. Even from auditions. i havent really enjoyed a season since Bo bice. Hes my all time fav!

2725 days ago


I am sorry but its suppose to be a singing competition, not hair..and even if you have nice hair you should also be able to carry a tune and sing .I have watched from the git go and had enjoyed it very much I could not wait for the next season to start each year but this has to be the worst i have ever seen, I have lost interest and will NOT watch next season... J.p

2725 days ago


I can promise the producer of the show it is NOT because of Daylight savings time. Everyone I know at work and in my personal life have lost interest in the show this year. The only person that kept the show intersting for the age group of mid 30's to mid 50's last year was Chris Daughtry. I just think a large audience has been lost because for the last two seasons it is starting to sound like a Disney World tour instead of someone you would go see in a concert. The only part that is interesting is seeing how long Sanjaya will hold on. But I promise it is not because people want him to stay. My 13 year old has even lost interest. Her and her friends have said it is boring this year also. So please, ask people why they are not watching your show before just trying to blame it on Daylight Savings.

2725 days ago


People are not watching because none of the contestants are interresting or charismatic or that good.

2725 days ago


This is the least talented of any American Idol's bunch. I used to watch it loyally, but now I'll tune to other stations instead of watching the complete show. I now watch about 5 minutes worth, then I'm bored.

I can get more entertainment from watching my little nieces and nephews clown around and more talent, too !

2725 days ago


Heard on a news talk show last night that A I can actually control the outcome as to who wins. If they don't want Sanjaya to win, he won't. When you hear Simon say "I GUARANTEE YOU, HE WON'T WIN" - I believe it. The show has always seemed like a farce to me.

I agree with some of you that Sanjaya may be the only reason some people still watch.

2725 days ago


People are not watching because none of the contestants
interresting or charismatic or that good.

2725 days ago



2725 days ago


Dancing w/the Stars dancers r hot as hell.......

2725 days ago


I think the show is still good, I'm very angry at the way the voting process has become a real problem, this is no longer a singing contest, every year there is someone who seems to hang in there ,just too long..chicken little, william hung, but it usally evens out by now, it's just a shame to lose some of the better singers just because someone wants to prove a point, or they just don't like the show, well if you don't like the show don't watch it..if you want to prove your point..get a life..This is a great chance for someone to get a lot of exposure, and try for a nice career in music.

2725 days ago


IF he goes passed Minlinda I am done watching!!!!! THe judges need to have a say in the votes

2725 days ago


Now I just tune it to see how long Sanjaya will stay

2725 days ago


In my opinion we do not have many stand out talents this year. There are a coupke who deserve some credit but for the most part this year is just ho hum!!!!
That is the reason for the decline in viewership...not poor Sanjaya !!

2725 days ago


Now I just tune in to see how long Sanjaya will stay

did i already say that?

2725 days ago
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