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Entourage Decoder: "Less Than 30"

4/9/2007 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been seven months since we caught up with the princes of Queens, but it was still all about the hard, hard sell on last night's shiny-new episode of "Entourage."

For one, Vince's foxy new agent was trying to sell our boy on the merits of Edith Wharton. Meanwhile, Ari was trying to sell his way back into Vince and Eric's affections -- with a "Medellin" pitch that might be a brilliantly played bluff. As ever, Drama was obsessed with his own saleability, this time on a Sunset Boulevard billboard, and everyone's favorite opportunist Turtle sold Vince's birthday out to the highest bidders.

And more than ever, we're left with all kinds of questions about the gang's Hollywood high life, like: How much would it actually cost to rent that big ship? Why does Drama's show seem so familiar? And what exactly does Amanda mean when she disses Ari for only reading "coverage"?

ART: Turtle goes way way over-budget, or so it seems, to make Vince's birthday party the ultimate booze cruise aboard the Queen Mary. Just how much would it cost to throw that kind of blingy bash?

LIFE: Even though it seems like the boys had nearly the whole ship to themselves, we're assured by a rep for the Queen Mary, which is permanently docked in Long Beach, Calif., that for Vince's 800 closest friends, the Grand Salon was the venue of choice. Surprisingly, it only costs about $5,000 to rent the space -- but add in all the drinks, girls, party favors, cake, and according to one party planner, Turtle's bill could've been as much as half a million bucks. Good thing he got Victoria's Secret -- and Bliss, Olympus, Skyy, and Carvel, among others -- to sponsor the soiree.

ART: There's something oddly familiar about that billboard for "Five Towns" that Drama can't get enough of -- four shadowy-looking guys, one girl, NBC. What is it?

LIFE: Just take a look at this -- it's "The Black Donnellys," an NBC series about four brothers and the Irish mob in New York (much like "Five Towns") that premiered this January with much hype and the pedigree of having been created by Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning screenwriter of "Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby." But maybe Drama shouldn't get his hopes up too high -- "Donnellys" just got the 86 from the network mid-season, and there's no word on whether it'll ever return. (Haggis, of course, played himself in an episode last season.)

ART: Eric and Vince complain that the scripts that Amanda (Carla Gugino) is giving them to read are too long, unlike Ari's scripts, to which Amanda replies, "I'm surprised Ari doesn't just send coverage. That's all he reads anyway."

LIFE: For all you non-screenwriters out there, "coverage" is a one-to-two-page Cliff Notes for agents and other supposedly important folk who don't have time to read through the entire screenplay. It not only summarizes the plot, it usually offers an opinion on whether the script is a viable entity or not.

NAME DROPPINGS: Burke Williams is a swanky L.A. spa ... Ari, E and Vince have their awkward lunch at Italian hotspot Il Fornaio ... "The Glimpses of a Moon" is not in fact about a guy who can't f**k a girl for five years, but about a penniless couple trying to live the high life off their friends (sound familiar?) ... Steven Zaillian wrote "Schindler's List" and "Gangs of New York," among other renowned scripts ... And for all you West Coasters, Friendly's (where Vince says Turtle threw him a surprise party back when) is an East Coast-based chain of diner-ish eateries, and a Fribble is the restaurant's signature, um, milkshake.

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does anyone know the sunglasses vince was wearing in the first scene when he pulled up in the 7 series ??

2695 days ago


Finally new episodes! I LOVE this show. Why is it only 30 minutes long? Vince is HOT! Ari is FAB! And even Lloyd is back! You dont have to live in Hollywood to love the crap out of this show.

2753 days ago

I love it!    

I kind of felt sorry for Ari last night, he wants Vince back so bad. The way the show ended makes me think Vince will sign back on with Ari. Can't wait for next Sunday's episode.

2753 days ago


Last night's ep made me want to go to Friendly's for a fribble!

2753 days ago


Poor Ari. I love the scene at the Lakers game when Ari sees Vince and the others for the first time. It's priceless. Can't wait till next Sunday. Vince has to go back to Ari.

2753 days ago


Wow, a well-written, informative, thoughtful article on TMZ. I can hardly believe my eyes. Could you make this Entourage art vs. life thing a weekly feature, a la the Lost recap? You could explain for us bumpkins anything we didn't quite get. Then there would be TWO articles to look forward to on TMZ each week.

2753 days ago


Get Daniel and his crew to review Entourage and you'll see me here every week!

2753 days ago

Brett from SD    

Dude bros, Ari is a great guy, and we all love em, but he'll say anything to make money, and thats just what he's doin. I think he's going to come very very close with not getting Medellin for Vince, but he will. He always pulls through in the end. Peace out Nukka

2753 days ago


I would love to see this as art vs. life as a weekly thing!!! The only problem with last nights show-not enough Lloyd! He is the greatest!!!!

2753 days ago


i love the recap!! PLEASE make this a weekly feature!! and the fribble description was great, i live in LA now but am from Boston and grew up on fribbles :o) thanks!!!

2753 days ago


Go here to see an aerial photo of Vincent Chase's mansion:

2753 days ago


I agree with Belle- PLEASE do a weekly review from Daniel's gang!

2753 days ago

When is this going to end??    

I know some of you may be a big fan of this show and Adrian Grenier but this is just my opinion. I really don't get this show? Is it a spoof on leading actors? I like all of the HBO series except for this one. I've tried to watch it a few times but can never get over the fact that they are trying to make Adrian Grenier out to be a leading man/actor character... as if this guy would ever play a leading man especially in an action film on big screen.

No offense but he would be better cast in an independent film or play a rock band member or perhaps, a middle eastern terrorist? What's with the after 5 shadow? Is it permanently tattooed on his face? And the hair cut, does it ever grow out or get cut shorter?

Can someone explain the synopsis of this story and the reason why they are using someone like Adrian Grenier to be thought of as the "famous' leading actor? What about someone like Chris Evans or perhaps, Tom Welling as the leading character? How about a Mark Wahlberg type? Since he's the producer, he should know to pick someone that has his leading man quality.... Just my opinion....

2753 days ago


Entourage is among my three favorite shows. The Wire is the best show on HBO because it is realistic. The Sopranos better have a great ending. Also, PLEASE keep the Art verus Life.

2753 days ago


After reading this I wasn't sure whether I was at TMZ or TVGuide. A show's synopsis is not celebrity news.

2752 days ago
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