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Woman Trips Out

During "Deal or No Deal,"


4/9/2007 7:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deal or No DealIf you thought watching an episode of "Deal or No Deal" was painful, try being in the audience!

A woman is suing the production company behind the hit game show, after she tripped and fell down a flight of steps during a taping in February, 2006.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Judy Ann Myers claims that during a commercial break, the show's stage manager instructed her to "hurry up and come down" the stairs to perform in an audience dance contest. As Myers hurried to the stage, she claims to have completely wiped out, suffering "great and considerable personal injuries" all over her body. In the suit, Myers blames her bad trip on bad lighting -- and that there were no hand rails on the stairs.

Now Myers is asking a judge for more than $25,000 to heal her wounds. Better call the banker, Howie!

Calls to reps for "Deal or No Deal" were not immediately returned.


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This isn't a Deal or No Deal -- it's a Bad Deal.
Start coughing, Howie.

2724 days ago


$25,000? The dealer better deal this one to the ladies quick!

2724 days ago


25,000 isnt anything to this game. Just give it to her.
DEAL Howie and Banker!

2724 days ago


You know everytime we try affirmative action it gets us in trouble. They should have know she would sue. Her king always do. Something for nothing.

2724 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

Amazing, isn't it?

2724 days ago


If they pay her, a whole lot of people will suddendly fall down those stairs. I say the time to make everyone sigh a release form to get in the buiding is now in order. Thats too bad. If she has medical bills the show shoud morally help her pay them. Did she participate in the dance contest?

2724 days ago


It's her fault she's so clumsy. I hope she gets nothing!!

2724 days ago


Movie and televison people have a knack for creating siuations which are unsafe as living hell They have no sense sometimes, Just ask the poor parents of the child actors killed by explosives in the Twilight Zone movie many years ago. This was just an accident but ignorant movie and TV mistakes have cost injuries and lives.

2724 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

She is suing because she doesn't know how to put one foot in front of the other and she fell?? I would suppose there i probably some footage of this swan like crash she took. If she wins, I hope Deal or no deal provides the video to U tube or TMZ so everyone can watch the idiot fall on her face!

Get a life Judy Myers....

2724 days ago

Get over it    

She is suing for medical expenses, this is a reasonable thing to sue for. If she was suing for millions then I could see how it would be ridiculous. IMO this is a legitimate lawsuit. Good luck Ms. Myers.

2724 days ago

Alex's Chica    

What a Dumb Ass watch how you walk and then you won't fall on your Stupid Ass Deal or NO Deal should tell her to go suck an egg...

2724 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

somebody looking for a free ride,she wont get anything,she wants all the cases without picking,by the way I triped on my way out the back door because my dog rushed me,now me and him are in a law suit,I want 350 thousand and he wony give up but 50 thousand,long way apart,I going to stick it out in hope of a settlement,maybe he will break

2724 days ago


You have got to be kidding! Is she for real? People today are so sue happy, it's crazy.
If you can't see that's your problem! Watch where your going next time!

2724 days ago


I am rather surprised at how low her damages are. The studio should just pay it; their attorney's fees would be more than $25,000.

2724 days ago


When are people in this country going to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others for everything? I am personally sick of this kind of attitude; no wonder kids today cant handle rejection or disappointment. This kind of behavior only ties up the judicial system and makes attorneys rich!
Get a grip people, start being accountable for your own actions and look in the mirror for once.

2724 days ago
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