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Paris and Kim K: BFFs No More?

4/10/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous friends and fellow sex-tape sirens Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian might be turning against each other – because Kim's getting too big-time for Paris' liking.

Paris, according to MSNBC, didn't show up for Kim's big birthday bash in Vegas on Friday, and various sources say that Kim didn't want to be overshadowed by Paris anyway. Fueling the feud was Kim K's former rep, Jonathan Jaxson, who wrote on his blog that magazine editors "are moving past Paris in hopes to bring [sic] someone fresh to the spotlight, like Kim."

Jaxson adds that Britney texted Kim in New York to hang out "and go bowling," but that Kim passed on the invite because she didn't want to piss off Paris.

Ex-Mess USA Goes Hollywood

Tara Conner -- the now former Miss USA -- had been telling all and sundry that she was staying in the Big Apple after she passed-on her crown. But perhaps the temptations of the city were too great, because, according to Page Six, the disgraced beauty queen bolted for Tinseltown. Sources say that she met an unspecified guy while prepping for the Miss USA pageant, and that she's already moved into his house. What's more, Tara's looking at getting a hosting gig in Hollywood.

Justin: "Britney Who?"

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake really doesn't have anything to do with Britney Spears – and he's certainly not sending her coded messages at awards shows. In an interview with British GQ (via People), JT says that he is "so far removed from that situation," and that he "didn't know anything" about Britney's rehab issues when he made his "Stop drinking!" comment at a British awards show a couple months back. Meanwhile, JT says he gets a little prickly when people trash-talk his ex, Cameron Diaz: "If I hear anyone say anything bad about Cameron I'll have something to say to them."

Party Favors: Scarlett and Ryan Heat Up ... "Grindhouse" to be Re-Released as Two Flicks? ... Katie and Suri spotted at NYC Film Studio

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were busy bunnies this Easter weekend in New York, say Rush & Molloy, hitting Azza lounge and Odeon, among other spots, all while looking "very lovey-dovey." ... Harvey Weinstein is trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with the critically-beloved but audience-bereft "Grindhouse," which grossed a paltry $11.6 million last weekend. One solution that Harvey's floating, according to Page Six, is to release both flicks separately. ... Katie Holmes was spotted, say Rush & Molloy, at Silvercup Studios in Queens, with baby Suri in tow.


No Avatar

Lenn K.    

Anything involving Paris Hilton just sucks. She has done nothing in life for this kind of attention other a nasty sex tape.

2751 days ago


Saw Justin in concert, he was awesome. Still don't like Cameron though.

2751 days ago


New sign ups get 10 minutes free!

2751 days ago

Britney Get Help    

Okay. So I am sick of this Tara Conner. She is just a drug addict, who thinks she has something to offer the world. She doesn't. She couldn't even handle a year with the crown without messing it up. She is a dried up has been even before she became anything. Tara missed the train. She may as well go back to where she came from. She has nothing to offer.

2751 days ago

Britney Get Help    

One of the first rules of maintaining sobriety is not to get involved in a relationship. Seems Mess Tara couldn't follow even the most fundamental rules of sobriety. This tells me that she just like Britney is not taking sobriety seriously. She has nothing more going for her other than maybe she could become a stripper. She looks like all of those hoochies that hang out at the mall. She is nothing special.

2751 days ago

Philip Dhingra    

Yeah, I'll definitely see the tarantino flick on its own.

2751 days ago


what's the deal with britany and paris being bff--then shunning each other--anyone know?

2751 days ago


Sadly, too many treat friendship, love and esepcially marriage like a fad, confusing them with a fleeting moment in time. Tiring of these things before spending time developing them and nuturing them and giving them a chance to grow takes effort, dedication and commitment, not brief amount of time, like being one's "BFF". That's contradictory, but then we're dealing with Hollywood! Perhaps when someone claims to have soooooo many "BFFs", they're really demonstrating their insecurities and inability to cultivate one or two lasting and meaningful friendships. I trust no one that claims to have many many friends.

2751 days ago


JT shouldn't worry about people commenting on Cameron--doesn't he read TMZ? He should worry about all the trash talking about him!!!

2751 days ago


what is up with scarlett's baby chick yellow hair???? i know they have plenty of good hairdressers in LA........and i know she can afford it!

2751 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

It disgusts me that the women featured here appear to have only one thing in common; they can't seem to keep their clothes on. First Kim "Porno" Kardashian, then Pair-ASS "I can't stay in my clothes" Hilton, then Britney "oops, I forgot my panties" Spears, and finally Tara "Watch Me Do Another Chick" Connor. Is this what it takes to get publicity these days? What happened to actual talent (the non-porno kind), drive, ambition? I guess in this screwed up pop culture we have here, those things count for little. What a horrifying comment on our times.

Since these chicks don't have any discernable talents, with the exception of stripping, making out like a lesbian or being in porno films, they deserve a term applied to them that describes their pathetic way of getting publicity: They're SLUT-EBRITIES.

2750 days ago


#12 I love it!
lets start this..... SLUT-EBRITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick of those whores. they will degrade themselves and so low and just for money. what losers. if they are so hard up for money I can give them some. Keep your freaking clothes on and have some self-respect!
I dont care if they are Hiltons or Kim K whatever, they are nothing but PORNO SLUTS!

2750 days ago


Gosh I feel like I'm in a dumb blond nightmare.

I don't think these dumb ass people really understood what Tarantino and Rodriguez were doing. They were trying to bring back the feel of the old 70's cinemas with a double feature - that's all. Back when we used to see 2 movies for the price of 1.

If you don't want to see both movies, then leave guys. (or, go in late for the second show) Its not that hard to figure out.

I think it was a great idea.

2750 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

#14 is right. Pair-ass DULL-ton (IQ of an icecube) and Kim 'I've got no skills or brains, so why not do a porno for publicity" kardashian are the most disgusting examples of what's wrong with our "pop" culture I've heard of. These stupid hos deserve the label; they are SLUT-EBRITIES.

2750 days ago


Kim was better off without her there, pariaite is at the point where no one else but losers and porno stars hang out with her coz no one else with any hint of talant or class wants anything to do with her. BIG SNORE TMZ once again u guys have proved what parisite huggers you are.

2750 days ago
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