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Uncle Larry Birkhead in the Swim

4/11/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday was a day of celebration for the DNA victorious Larry Birkhead. Shortly after the news of Dannielynn's paternity was announced, Birkhead did some victory laps -- in a pool with his adorable niece and nephew.

While a huge weight has been lifted from Larry's shoulders, it looks like he'll still have heavyweight Virgie Arthur to contend with in a custody hearing.

It seems that Larry will be a swimmingly good dad, and Dannielynn will have some happy cousins to play with. *Sniff*


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armchair lawyer    

Excellent analysis, Tambo. I have hoped for some good in Howard Stern - because it would be terrible for Anna to be betrayed by him - but I agree that Birkhead SHOULD NOT make any deals with Howard. Birkhead is the father, and Stern needs to move on and stop insinuating himself in others' lives. Birkhead should remember that "an infallible method of conciliating a tiger is to let it devour you."

2754 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

I think the most serious portion of the ipinions journal article (posted by ALH ipinions at 4/11/2007 05:43:00 AM) was the portion I've copied and pasted below... What excellent advice from a Bahamian, even. Larry needs to pay attention to advice from others, not just the "advice that Howard is and will be giving him!!

Great info I found in the iPINIONS JOURNAL

Meanwhile, as soon as Birkhead obtains a passport for her from the local U.S. consulate, he and she will be free to leave The Bahamas for California, without any legal obligation to ever return. But I admonish Birkhead to make no deals with Stern and keep him as far away as physically possible (and by a court-ordered TRO if necessary). Because his mercenary interest in Dannielynn is not only unseemly; it's potentially dangerous (displaying as he has the homicidal pathology of women who cut the fetuses from the wombs of other women, and then fancy themselves birth mothers). Indeed, who, but a psychopath, would hold a little child hostage in the open and notorious way that he has, and then have the balls to show up at a paternity hearing - with as much public interest as this one has generated - knowing full well that there’s no way he could be the Daddy?!

Posted at 12:17PM on Apr 11th 2007 by Tambo

2754 days ago


The new, Mr nice Howard is probably cleaning up his image on his new lawyers advice. Remember , theres a jury at the inquest , that Howard was objecting to. He is not very likeable there and felt they could not be impartial . So .. hence the clean up effort of his image. Hhopes that they will vote accidental at the inquest.

2754 days ago


Burbank is fine city to raise a child. I live here. My kids are great...........He is young and cute..and he will probably find her a nice mom someday..and If not..he can do it himself with the help of his family. Do you really think this poor child would be better off with Grandma dearest..geez...and he wanted this baby from the get go..not just after Anna died. Give the poor guy a break........................

2754 days ago

who cares?    

if i were larry i would watch my back

2754 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

I'd read before, comments made about the will. I'm wondering if they every produce the ORIGINAL will?? Or are they still playing around with a copy?? I don't think a copy will work. But there has been so much speculation, and of course this is Howards main game... the will, probating it, being "legally" appointed the executor by a court, and also trustee... and he's "playing Larry like a violin"... and Larry seems to be just following the pied piper right along...

It does sound though, like the will cannot be probated in the Bahamas...

I don't know that Stern can leave the Bahamas right now either, with the pending Inquest into Daniel's death. It's possible he COULD leave and avoid the Inquest I guess... I mean the witnesses are voluntary I believe... but how would THAT look for old Sternie boy??
NOTE: I imagine a few enquiring minds would like to know what has or will become of Anna Nicole’s alleged Last Will and Testament, which Stern presented in evidence in the Florida court to assert his authority - as executor - to have her buried in Nassau. But whatever its validity and provisions, it will never be probated in The Bahamas. And this is so because it was not drafted there and nothing in Anna Nicole’s estate, such as might exist, is situated in The Bahamas….

The Will was drafted in California and it will be probated there. But I would not be at all surprised if Stern accepts a nuisance pay off from Birkhead to forfeit any role in settling Anna Nicole’s estate. After all, Stern knows that if he ever shows his face in any California court, it would be to face summary disbarment.

Posted at 12:21PM on Apr 11th 2007 by Tambo

2754 days ago


Since there is a question as to the "will's" legality---and the original can't be found--my guess is that Anna be ruled to have died "intestate", as if there is no will. If that is the case, HKS has no standing in the estate unless a court gives him a role.

2754 days ago


Larry is sooo hot!

2754 days ago


Okay, I just don't understand this.

It seems like a happy ending, but thats just not enough for some people.

Larry has been proven the father, HKS has said that he will not fight that, Virgie may or may not fight for custody, but Larry is STILL the PARENT. Virgie's past will not let her get custody of that child. Whoop de freakin doo! Lets all move on to some real news now...

Leave this poor little girl, her father, and her family alone, and stop all your bitching! Everyone got what they wanted! GET OVER IT!

2754 days ago



2754 days ago


Howard is sordid, bizarre and cruel. He’s a manipulator of life, death, custody and money. He ought to be the poster boy for the most evil homeless man.

2754 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

I agree... seems like Levin has sold out... the tone of his articles on this case changed, like 180º after he was being threatened by the lawsuits with L. Wood in charge. And I really don't like it... I feel he cheated us all... And how can anyone know what he prints now is the truth, or if its skewed in favor of Stern because Levin has been threatened and he's scared to death???? I'm really disappointed in TMZ and Levin, overall.

70. Is everyone here at this phonyass TMZ site not yet sick and frickin tired of Harvey Levin and all his lies???? Yep - you can tell old man Levin is definitely an attorney - every article is a LIE, and every time his lips move, he's LYING - just like last night on Larry King!!!! What a fool he is. Hope Virgie and O'Quinn sue his ugly ass some day soon.

Posted at 12:29PM on Apr 11th 2007 by gary

2754 days ago

Empathy Matters    

THE WILL! Maybe the will cannot be found because it was stolen along with everything else Ford Shelley stole from the Horizons immediately after Anna's death. Duh!

2754 days ago

Donna Lee Carrillo    

10. That's not what her attorney O'Quinn said on Greta last night. He said she and Larry have a meeting scheduled on Thursday. The hearing is scheduled on Friday. Greta asked him who was paying Virgie's bills, did she take money from any TV shows and he said not one penny. OK but that leaves the question who is paying for her high living and traveling? O'Quinn? Just out of the kindness of his heart. Yeah right.

2754 days ago


97: Thank you - VERY well said, indeed!!

2754 days ago
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