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Pit Bull Lawyer Pissed Off at N.Y. Times

4/12/2007 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth HurleyTMZ has obtained a threatening letter to the New York Times, written by one of the most famed and feared lawyers in America.

Celeb attorney Marty Singer's letter warned the New York Times not to publish a story that he claims was false and reckless, but the article was published today -- and it seems a lawsuit could be on the horizon.

Model/Actress Elizabeth Hurley looms large in this drama. Back in 2001, Hurley announced she was pregnant, and said the dad was Hollywood mogul Steve Bing, but Bing said he was not so sure. The Daily Mail of London then ran a vicious story, calling Bing "Bing Laden," and claiming Bing hired infamous private investigator Anthony Pellicano to trash Hurley.

With us so far? Singer, Bing's lawyer, sued the Daily Mail. Singer sent the newspaper a sworn declaration from Pellicano claiming the P.I. was never hired by Bing to investigate anyone. After receiving the declaration, the Daily Mail issued a retraction and entered into a financial settlement.

Today, the New York Times ran a story intimating that Pellicano's declaration was false, claiming the paper had evidence showing "...Pellicano repeatedly talking about his work for Mr. Bing in connection with Ms. Hurley." The Times claims the so-called evidence includes audio recordings in which Pellicano is heard bragging to People magazine and others that he was "working for" Bing regarding Hurley's pregnancy. P.S. -- a DNA test showed that Bing was indeed the father.

Pellicano is currently in jail awaiting trial on federal wiretapping charges.

Yesterday, Singer fired off his threatening letter, reasserting that neither he nor Pellicano phonied the declaration. Singer said Pellicano's declaration was truthful and the New York Times had no evidence to back up its story. Singer wrote, "We have been instructed to file suit on Mr. Bing's behalf if the New York Times proceeds to publish the false and defamatory story." The story was published today, so there could be legal fireworks.

As for the audio tapes in which Pellicano talks about repping Bing to dig up dirt on Hurley, anyone who knows Anthony Pellicano knows he is the king of the b.s.'ers.

Singer could not be reached for comment.

A spokeswoman for the NY Times tells TMZ "The story is accurate and fair and speaks for itself."


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Britney Spears Photos    

What will happen next?

2717 days ago


She HOT !!! Too bad she is ruined now by that dirty indian!!!

2717 days ago


Bing, is a pathetic loser. He denied that child all along. He was the one who demanded a paternity test. He was lucky someone like Hurley would sleep with his ugly ass.

2717 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

Not very likely

2717 days ago


She's a total hag. Way, way past her time

2717 days ago

Fabiola Thing    

"Dirty indian?" What kind of ignortant, red neck, white traler trash are you?

2717 days ago


They weren't calling him "Bing Laden" they were saying she's Bing-laden, as in laden with Bing's child. Doh.

2717 days ago


Dirty Indian????
Sounds like Don Imus may be moonlighting as poster "whatever".

Such an ignorant, racist statement.

2717 days ago


I think it's great that Elizabeth Hurley was able to find such happiness after that ugly ass baby daddy ditched her and the kid. However now her new father in law has disowned her and the new hubby...Who knows what will happen. Lord knows she has enough money to make all that sadness go away!!! (For celebrities, thats how they handle lifes little upsets)

2717 days ago

Call it what it is    

I don't think it was any big secret that Stephen Bing is a slime - And by threatening to sue another newspaper that exposes a small fraction of his ugliness only verifies he is truly a swine! Money can't buy you everything - like morals, dignity and honesty!

2717 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Hmm... (picture above): What Lindsay Lohan will look like in 20 years???

2717 days ago


I have never even heard of this attorney Marty Singer. How can he be so famous and feared?

2717 days ago


#2, "whatever"---you are a hate-filled bigot. I pity you.

2717 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

I think Pit Bull Lawyer you're needed in the Bahama's.... Larry, father of Dannylynn needs you, HK$$$$ has hired another PIT Bull Lawyer to go after her mother's money from diary to artifacts, etc.


2717 days ago


Bing and Singer would have a tougher time in US Court. First, Bing is a semi public persona, being a producer, being in the gossip pages here and there, and getting involved in a public war of words with Hurley. Second, If the New York Times got a copy of the declaration sent to the Daily Mail, they are on very safe legal ground, along with the tapes of Pellicano. Third, Pellicano is a convicted felon, who has worked with some of the biggest lawyers in the Westside of Los Angeles and indirectly pulled him into the Federal Probe. If the NY Times have the goods, Singer wouldn't send the most nasty legal letter unless he and his client are truly afraid that they can't get into big trouble not only in US Courts but lying in order to get a settlement in the UK.

Even if the allegations are not true, Bing and Singer have a weak case for defamation. New York Times saving grace is that Pellicano is so disreputable, and if Singer has ever hired Pellicano for any job, it would be used against him in court.

2717 days ago
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