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Vieira Raps Rev. for Racial "Double Standard"

4/12/2007 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith Vieira turned the tables on Rev. Al Sharpton this morning, blasting him for not doing enough to stop black rappers from using words like "ho" and "b**ch" in their lyrics while excoriating Don Imus for doing so. Snap!

Sharpton was on the "Today" show this morning to react to Imus' firing by MSNBC, and the Rev. repeated his contention that Imus' place on the "public" airwaves made him responsible -- and ultimately culpable -- for his "nappy-headed hos" remark. Vieira then challenged Sharpton, demanding to know why he didn't hold hip-hop and rap artists more responsible for "spreading the message" of demeaning and abusive language, and accusing Sharpton of perpetuating a "double standard."

The Rev. explained that his organization, National Action Network, was working to get more rappers with "positive messages" onto the airwaves, but acknowledged that those rappers weren't getting exposure.


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Good for Meredith!!!!!Sharpton is an a**hole!!~!

2753 days ago

pattie in cali    

wow, they care, they must need the ratings.

2753 days ago


Congrats Meredith! For exposing this race trader.

2753 days ago


It's funny how Al is able to be on TV every morning this week, but he couldn't be bothered to show up to a scheduled panel discussion on racial slurs at a university last night.

2753 days ago


Thank you Meredith Vieira for asking what I've been asking for a long time about the double standard that rappers can make derogatory remarks about women by calling them bitch and ho.

2753 days ago


Shapton is not the only asshole, don't forget Jesse Jackson! Hooray for Meredith!

2753 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

oh my isn't meredith 'edgy'.

if she really wants to know about the double standard she should ask the rappers. there is no advertising pressure to leverage with hip hop performers and therefore no public b*tchslap available to administer.


2753 days ago


YOU GO.................Meredith Vieira & so right! see, sharpton just wants to be on tv!! he has no morals.

2753 days ago


HE IS FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!

2753 days ago


Enough already!!! You would think M.S.N.B.C, allowed a live lynching.

IMUS, is racist and an ass, but he is human. The personal persecution is over-kill,

Now, go after the people in your community who are bringing your own race down.

Praise Bill Cosby, for having the balls to speak the truth.

Jesse Jackson has had how many out-of wedlock children?? He not one to condem another human being.

Sharpton, make some real changes for the black race. Your children go to the worse public schools. Your people live in the worse neighborhoods. Most of the high crome rates comes out of those neighborhoods. No-baby daddys anywhere. Have the mothers raising and doing all the child-rearing.

Instead of worrying about IMUS, this would be my focal point.

2753 days ago

big joe    

you go girl { black people make fun of black people}

but we as white people can not say the big n word.

2753 days ago


Let the backlash begin. MSNBC caved to Sharpton and his hateful and divisive racial politics. I can honestly say I missed the interview BECAUSE Sharpton was involved, I invoked my right to the remote control and changed the channel. Don't like it don't listen.

2753 days ago


I think why it’s ok for blacks to use those words towards each other, because they are not over the slave thing. I don’t think they every will be. I don’t know why I have to get blame for that when I wasn't even around when it happened.

2753 days ago


There is a double standard. As a black woman, Al Sharpton does not speak for me. I hate hearing anyone refer to us as b!tches or hoes. Rap music degrades women in their lyrics as well as their videos.
Imus has been using disparaging remarks for over 30 yrs. He's attacked Catholics, Jews and anyone else he could think of. He's being made the example.
I'm glad Meredith didn't sugar coat her interview. Good for her.

2753 days ago


THANK YOU MEREDITH!!!!! way to go!!! There is a double standard that Al Sharpton allows, and if he wants this to stop, he has to be fair to EVERYONE!!!! Also, I don't understand why white people who say and do something stupid always have to apologize to Al Sharpton. Especially since he ignores rappers, etc., saying the same stupid things!!!!

2753 days ago
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