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DeLay to Rosie -- We're Gonna "Destroy" You!

4/13/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The attack dogs of the right wing have officially been unleashed on Rosie O'Donnell, this according to indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
DeLay v. O'Donnell
In a post on his blog,, titled "If the Left takes Imus, We'll take Rosie," the controversial DeLay calls on conservatives to "protest and demand" that Rosie get the boot from "The View." DeLay uses Imus-gate to demonstrate the "concerted strategy" of the left to, in his words, "unite to destroy."

Going further, DeLay issues a challenge to fellow right-wingers: "If Don Imus falls to the pleas of political correctness, we're taking Rosie O'Donnell down with him." Rosie shot back on her blog late last night, calling DeLay a "criminal" and telling him to "go away."

Meanwhile, Rosie and crew got a lesson in squatting from den mama Barbara Walters, who demonstrated the exercise in all its gluteal glory on this morning's "View." After an inspired squat session, Halle Berry came on and showed the ladies how it's really done.


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Alright, now we're talking. Get rid of Rosie, Imus and all the other trash talkers. Let's see who watches or listens anymore. What in the world are we gonna do? Wait for TMZ to find us some dirt, perhaps. Go TMZ.

2729 days ago


Tom Delay,
What a mess he is and pitiful site for sore eyes. Get a life Tom.

Rosie has stood firm on her beliefs and has not called out derogatory names like others have. She speaks her mind, More people should. but you don't go putting down any race or orientaion or religious beliefs. Stick to the facts and you will go further..

2729 days ago


Now we have to listen to the rantings of a right wing lunatic like Tom DeLay!
One of the most corrupt politicians ever. Now there's a real authority on the
moral high ground. lol

2729 days ago


Rosie won't even let Elizabeth talk much anymore .
She told Liz last week on a show that she should be asking questions,
Rosie said before that the show was a way for all of them to talk about things,not for liz I guess.

2729 days ago


What Imus said was not nice. Rosie says something degrading about someone everyday. If freedom of speech was an issue here Imus shouldn't have got fired just like Rosie has not gotten fired. Nick Cannon has a SHOW on MTV making fun of white people. So why did they even pick that show up or start that into production? When an issue with a black person and racism comes up who do you see there first Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson but never when there is a crime for white, chinese, arab or any other race. Tom Delay is right in every sense of this issue... I think that people should start writing letters to abc to get rid of her ass and boycott abc all together if they don't want to remove her.

2729 days ago


rosie rocks. what is everyone's problem? she can say what she wants. if you don't like it, don't watch her. i hate o'reilly and the stupid stuff he says, so i don't watch his show. besides everyone has a right to free speech. i am not sure imus should have been fired unless it was because so many of his sponsors bailed out. now, i don't like imus either and, again, i don't listen to his show! the only reason the right is going after her is because there is some truth in what she is saying.

2729 days ago


This is getting to be a little scary -- as some other posters have questioned: "where will it stop?"
I can kind of grasp this whole outrage re: Imus - I definitely dont agree with him being fired - suspension would have sufficed for those comments.
Rosie is being compared unfairly -- what she is saying is totally protected by the Constitution - she is questioning the US Government - she is questioning authorities that are making decisions on our behalf. I, for one, want the right to question the government! If we take that right away, what will all the Conservatives do when we have a Liberal President again? Don't you want to right to question that admistration as well? Or do you want to take a backseat and keep your mouth shut?
You may not like her personally - you may not like her opinions - you may not like her approach........but she has EVERY right to do what she is doing.
BTW -- Tom DeLay is trying to cash in on this Media Hype -- he has nothing else to say that anyone will listen to !

2729 days ago

MS. M    

"A house divided against itself cannot stand"....people don't think this about free speech? I don't care what Rosie says, nor what Imus said....if we don't have anybody saying anything where will we be as a people, as a NATION? Certainly NOT FREE...we will only be told what to think & when to think it, doesn't sound like a democracy to me...Leo Tyrell, Black civil rights atty. was just on O'reilly's radio show and stated that Imus is an American Icon and was taken down for his comments because of that & the dicision to can him was driven by economics...& hopefully his being fired will continue the "open Discussion" to clean up the airwaves.....well my feelings are I am going to paid radio, BOYCOTT the "do-goers" that treated Imus so unfairly and show my feelings on this witch hunt through my wallet....sponsors only sponsor programs with a following....anyone willing to think this whole thing through has got to be getting it....this is NOT about RACE but rather CLASS....2% of the population controls 98% of the wealth, and the GREEDY pigs want the rest of it, therefore successfully enslaving us all....NO I don't for a minute think this is about RACE but to push RACE sure does divide us & makes it so much easier to control US.....they successfully silenced Imus (for awhile anyway) WHO'S NEXT? I don't even think blacks realize how they are getting played.....& I'm NOT talking basketball here either....

2729 days ago

montana mike    

i agree that rosie has the same rights as others to say what she thinks, but please god--don't let her do squats on tv anymore. that could cause a full eclipse of the moon

2729 days ago


Though I have no words to describe my contempt for Tom Delay, I do agree that it is about time ABC pulls the plug on Rosie. It is Ok for people to have opinions, but it is not OK for a celebrity to use for example their TV show to cram their opinions down the throats of others. She does this all the time and I for one am sick of it. Unfortunately, it is all about ratings and money. Never mind what it does to our country. Please ABC do the right things and let her go.

2729 days ago


What a bunch of silly hypocrites.

I think just yesterday that blaming - pointing the finger away from oneself, deflection, is human nature.

2729 days ago


I think that Rosie may go a little bit to far on The View sometimes. BUT THAT IS HER VIEW (and the view of many others. ) I think that she makes a lot of good points. This is our country and we need to take it back and start fighting for what we believe (if we all believed in the same things this would be a boring country). The good this is Rosie is getting people talking about our government and the war. I have looked up more on our country and our government in the last six months then I ever have, I never really cared ,I just voted. I now know that I will be researching my presidential nominees before I go and vote and I thank Rosie and the other women on The View for that. I love the View and I think that Elizabeth, Joy and Rosie make a PERFECT talk show and I enjoy watching them everyday. Keep it up Elizabeth, Joy, and Rosie

2729 days ago

Karen Walker    

I can't wait for all the "offensive " people to be gone for good! TV and radio will be so entertaining! Once the TV and radio is cleaned up, maybe then we can go after blogs and comments made on websites! Oh what a clean and boring world we will have! But a least we will be safe from words that hurt us! What the hell is happening to this country?

2729 days ago


Imus was wrong, but apoligized...Rosie's is horrible when she gets wound up about President Bush, the war or anything she deeply cares about , but she expects everyone to believe her completely "because she said so" and is furious when you don't agree with fact she attacks or bullies she totally dominates a show (I know the ratings are up....but for how long...)Everyone I talk to who watched the show is getting tired of her..they wanted to watch it for the entertainment., fashions, interviews, and food fun and relaxation for an hour each day...Since Rosie is there...everyone is the end of an hour...Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe in Free Speech...but pointing fingers...and preaching her hatred for our Country is ruining a good show and the reputation of a wonderful journalist...Barbara Walters...The show needs to be views with the 4 different personalities, but not a rally for Rosie's ideas with disdain for our government...let her get her own show and leave The View alone...Barbara please do something soon, please

2729 days ago


Money=more rights than others
Rosie=got a job by having brilliant talent
The LEFT=would have you belive that Rosie's "lifestyle" deserves rights. When we all understand that it is just a way to fleece America

Write your congressmen and women and tell Rosie and the LEFT to kiss off.

2729 days ago
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