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DeLay to Rosie -- We're Gonna "Destroy" You!

4/13/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The attack dogs of the right wing have officially been unleashed on Rosie O'Donnell, this according to indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
DeLay v. O'Donnell
In a post on his blog,, titled "If the Left takes Imus, We'll take Rosie," the controversial DeLay calls on conservatives to "protest and demand" that Rosie get the boot from "The View." DeLay uses Imus-gate to demonstrate the "concerted strategy" of the left to, in his words, "unite to destroy."

Going further, DeLay issues a challenge to fellow right-wingers: "If Don Imus falls to the pleas of political correctness, we're taking Rosie O'Donnell down with him." Rosie shot back on her blog late last night, calling DeLay a "criminal" and telling him to "go away."

Meanwhile, Rosie and crew got a lesson in squatting from den mama Barbara Walters, who demonstrated the exercise in all its gluteal glory on this morning's "View." After an inspired squat session, Halle Berry came on and showed the ladies how it's really done.


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Woops, I forgot to attribute Rosie's words to her.

Y'all just keep pointing fingers. Carry on.

2727 days ago


Why is it ok for rosie to insult people & make remarks that slander people & make up her own news & pass it off as the truth. I'm not crazy about imus but why should some people go down that make remarks not as disgusting as others?? Why hasn't old sharpton apologized to the 3 guys he whined was guilty before they even went to court?? double standard big time. I do hope someone gives rosie a taste of her own venom and puts her in the unemployment line. I can't stand the view anymore it's no longer a fun show it's pathetic show which I will continue to boycott theirsponsors. Uneducated bug eyed rosie has got to go and take the old bat joy with her.

2727 days ago


#4--you sound like an angry, hateful out-of-control person. Wishing cancer on anyone is incredibly disturbing. I will pray for you.

2727 days ago


Thanks to ace for posting an intelligent comment. For a lot of people, the whole Imus issue wasn't even about race, it was about RESPECT - which judging by the number of people who insist on calling Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig, most of you do not have.

Rosie is paid to speak her opinion everyday on tv. That's all it is - her opinion. She is not disrespecting those who have done nothing to provoke it. While many do not agree with her opinions, keep in mind that many do. Same goes for any one of the View ladies.

2727 days ago


Sandy #56 - IMO there are MANY MANY stars that use their celebrity to shove their opinions down our throats -- we have the choice to NOT listen, change the channel! That does not seem like a good reason to fire someone.......

2727 days ago


#46, MS. M---blah, blah, blah

2727 days ago


Where do I start? First off, the Janet jackson situation had more to do with the color of her skin than anything else. If it had been Brit or Christina, it would of went away in a matter of weeks.
In case I missed something, Don Imus was anything but a CONSERVATIVE. So, Delay is way off base there. But to equate what Imus said (racially motivated) with what Rosie has said (politically motivated) is just plain stupid. Where were all of these self-righteous people when President Clinton was being made fun of on the late night talk shows? IT IS OKAY TO DISAGREE WITH THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION AND BE ANTI-PATRIOTIC! The whole, "either you're with us or your against" thing is idiotic!

I agree that the Rappers must be stopped! But, first do some homework. Rev Jackson and Rev Sharpton have been fighting the "hip hop" community for well over 15 years. No one has been paying attention. C. Deloris Tucker died fighting this fight and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were right by her side the whole time.

2727 days ago

Samantha Fry    

Yes Please Take her out of Tv for life!!!! We dont need people like her representing our country. Because people from outside United States think we share her ideas. She's the worst thing on TV Show. Is embarrasing having someone like her in a TV SHOW.

2727 days ago


I am sick of this POLITICALLY CORRECT thing..........Like the IMUS situation.......I don't like IMUS, but think what happened is over kill.....

But ROSIES remarks were way beyond freedom of speech or not just being PC......she is spreading lies that could put us at more of a risk........................

People in other countries already base their opinions on the US on fictional lies...........they really believe this crazy stuff that ROSIE is spewing......ANYONE that believes this silly stuff should get their head examined..........

ROSIE can believe anything she wants, but she should not be on TV spreading it....I am immbarrassed that she is an AMERICAN............Can't believe she REALLY believes her lies....

2727 days ago

Samantha Fry    

Take that Fat Bitch out... She is an embarrasment for our country

2727 days ago

MS. M    

#61 Steve, trust me I could go on, but thanks for the intelligent blog.....

2727 days ago



Please goto and let them know how you feel RIGHT NOW! Lets stop talking and let's take OUR country back......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2727 days ago

Karen Walker    

This is hilarious!! This man has used the airways for years to spread lies! and now he wants to "demand" that Rosie shut up?? Once again hypocrisy rules the day!

2727 days ago


#46--you sound like Miss Marple!

2727 days ago


Who CARES what Tom Delay says? He's a CRIMINAL, people---an embarrassment to Republicans and our government as a whole---and isn't he in prison yet? And he is spouting BS about firing Rosie because....why exactly? Because he thinks that WOMEN shouldn't speak up and voice their opinions, unless they are the same as his. It's "okay" for Inside Edition host Bill O'Reilly (or any of Rupert Murdoch's puppets) to twist anyone's words and spout garbage, as long as it's a woman they are slandering (and as long as she isn't Black)? That is NOT all right with me, and shouldn't be okay with any American, male or female, Republican or Democrat.

2727 days ago
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