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DeLay to Rosie -- We're Gonna "Destroy" You!

4/13/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The attack dogs of the right wing have officially been unleashed on Rosie O'Donnell, this according to indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
DeLay v. O'Donnell
In a post on his blog,, titled "If the Left takes Imus, We'll take Rosie," the controversial DeLay calls on conservatives to "protest and demand" that Rosie get the boot from "The View." DeLay uses Imus-gate to demonstrate the "concerted strategy" of the left to, in his words, "unite to destroy."

Going further, DeLay issues a challenge to fellow right-wingers: "If Don Imus falls to the pleas of political correctness, we're taking Rosie O'Donnell down with him." Rosie shot back on her blog late last night, calling DeLay a "criminal" and telling him to "go away."

Meanwhile, Rosie and crew got a lesson in squatting from den mama Barbara Walters, who demonstrated the exercise in all its gluteal glory on this morning's "View." After an inspired squat session, Halle Berry came on and showed the ladies how it's really done.


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Brother Harold, S.J.    


2752 days ago


linnette, rosie doesn't read, she reads liberal conspiracy blogs for her news that skews facts to a political bias. she is extreme! she makes stuff up as she speaks. many of her conspiracy theories have been refuted!!!!!!!!!

what gets me is that the liberal press never mentions rosie's crazy, political views. even tmz.

2752 days ago


it is a double standard for cnn, msnbc, fox, abc, cbs, and nbc to be all over imus, but they never, ever report on a liberal saying crazy b.s! i smell liberal bias in the media?

if you don't think rosie's opinions are mental, you need to go to a doctor. now.

2752 days ago


Ya know, I was thinking about this same thing when all of this started. How come it's ok for some people (Rosie) to spew out whatever they feel and have no reprocutions happen. She isults anyone and everyone who doesn't believe The same things that she does. Remember when she refered to Kelly Ripa as homophobic for telling Clay Ailen not to touch her? She just says whatever she feels and doesn't care if it hurts or offends anyone.......I'm not saying that Don Imus should be forgived so easily.....but why are we so hard on him and so easy on others? I personally don't remember Mr Imus being in this much trouble before, but Rosie is in trouble every time we turn around. Yet, he lost his job and she, according to some, is more popular than ever. Am I the only one this doesn't make sense to?

2752 days ago


Sarah -- Imus was liberal
kinda makes you sound like you dont know what you are commenting on #81

2752 days ago

Karen Walker    

Where did you people get the idea that Imus is a conservtive? Just because he is a registered Republican does not make him a right winger! If you ever heard the things he said about GW Bush everyday on his show you would never call him a conseritive! Imus wants Bush tried as war criminal! Thats what makes this nut taking up his cause funny!

2752 days ago


Buzz off DeLay, you criminal.

You know how many people on tv and the radio and in print have said things that are offensive to one person or another? Quite a lot. Are you going to hound every one of them out of a job until everyone's so constrained they can't even speak anymore? Enough with this witch hunt. Let people speak. If you don't like what they're saying, don't watch their show or listen to their radio program or buy their book. Let's be Americans here, not fascists.

2752 days ago


You go Rosie......Stand up for freedom of speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2752 days ago


Whays the matter DeLay, afraid to take on the black rappers?

2752 days ago

Karen Walker    

To #92 Sarah.........Hey moron, if none of the news outlets report about Rosie's craziness then how does the rest of the world know about it? I have never once watched the View, but I do watch a lot of news, where I learned all about it! Try thinking for yourself instead of just repeating what some other moron nut tells you!

2752 days ago


Stop picking on the one show devoted to allowing women to give their opinions. And Elisabeth gives her opinions at length every day, so stop complaining about that. Just leave the View alone--it's a great show, I love it, if nasty DeLay doesn't like it he can switch to whatever male-only fascist-only show that he likes.

2752 days ago

jason hutchins    

haha check this site out

2752 days ago


Tom DeLay is a criminal and has no right to make any commentary on anyone. Ignorant un-educated people, primarily sexist men, are his base. They still like him and he likes Imus. When you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Imus and the Elf (DeLay) are perfect together!!!! Go Rosie!!!!!

2752 days ago


Rosie is making Walters look bad......can't believe she is letting all of this happen.......

Good for Delay...............

2752 days ago


Tom, Tom, Tom, take your bad hair piece and your cheap outdated suits and go away already! Rosie has a right to free speech. Can someone post a video link showing where she said that Bush blew up the towers on 911.

That video doesn't exists, because she NEVER said that. She said she doesn't know what really happened to one of the buildings. I don't agree with a damn thing that Elisabeth has to say, but she is also entitled to free speech. Free speech doesn't mean you have a right to speak ...just as long as I agree with.

Rosie is exercising her first Amendment Rights. It seems to me that people such as Bill O'Reilly don't know what it means to be an American. We are free people who live in a democracy, therefore we have every right to question our governments actions. It's not like this administration has been forthcoming. I long for the day where adults can disagree and not stoop to calling each other vile names.

It's obvious to me that Rosie's questions are making TPTB nervous, this government hasn't given the American people any reason to trust them. Therefore I don't, I seek facts and I don't feel that the MSM is providing us with facts. It's really naive to think otherwise. It seems to me that the Right Wing are pissed at Rosie, because she has a platform that reaches millions of people on a daily basis, just like their radio shows and Faux News.. Why is it okay for Elisabeth to sit there and spew her GOP talking points, but Rosie can't state her opinion?

This is just a diversion from all the scandals going on within this White House. Imagine if the media devoted the same amount of time to one of our fallen soldiers, that they devote to entertainers using their first amendment rights. If Bill wasn't fired for sexually harassing one his employee's , Rosie shouldn't be fired for stating her opinions. on a show called The "View."

2752 days ago
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