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Will Virgie Get in Larry's Way? Today's Custody Fight Looms

4/13/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead and Arthur tussle.We know that Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's biological dad, but does that mean he'll get to take her home to L.A.? A hearing is scheduled for 2:30 PM EDT in the Bahamas, to determine who will get custody of the little girl -- we're an hour away from the start of the hearing.

Howard K. Stern has already told Birkhead he won't fight for custody now that Birkhead's been named as the father, but one wild card remains in the large form of Virgie Arthur.

Anna Nicole's mom has stated that she wants to be more than just the child's grandma.

TMZ will have all the custody-day action as it happens!


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I think she has a right to visitation but not "court-ordered"... that's INSANE! She should have rights based upon what's best for Dannielynn and what's most convenient for Larry as he is, DUH, the one living parent. And shuffling her back and forth to Texas ain't gonna cut it, lady... bring your grandma a** to CA when you want to see the baby or wait for Larry to have the time and money to bring her to Texas. I for SURE wouldn't allow Dannielynn to spend any time alone with that freak family until she was old enough to know what's going on... and maybe not even then. She should be thankful that it's turned out this way for her as Anna would NEVER have let her see the baby if she'd have lived. I say go in humble, Virgie, and take whatever you're offered. And Larry, if she comes at you for joint custody, screw her to the wall through your attorneys. I don't believe once she's back in CA that you HAVE to show deference to a Bahamian judgment, anyhow. I mean, they didn't show any deference to your request time and time again for DNA from CA, did they???? Do what's right for the baby and take her home and love her, love her, love her!

2749 days ago


The only thing "breaking Howie's heart" is losing control of everything that was and is Anna's.

BooHoo! Poor, poor Howie!

Now he might have to actually work for a living. So sad!

2749 days ago


I pray she never gets a dime of Anna's money. After all, that is all she cares about!

2749 days ago

Just Guessing    


"Large Form" of Virgie Arthur . Gee TMZ you are either afraid of L. Wood or working with him and Stern to continue your tiarade of defaming comments against her for no reason.

If it was Howard holding up the custody--which he still is now with his--"SLOW TRANSITION" or his "SQUATTING" in a house that isn't his-- would you say anything?

Coward (and Anna) is the reason this is all happening in the first place.

Nothing you can say will convince the normal and intelligent people that Virgie was totally correct and within the law in making claims in the event that Larry was not the dad. Anything to prevent Coward from hurting that child and keeping a child that was not his is to be commended.

P. S. Howard is a Kidnapper

2749 days ago


vigina you are a fat ass bitch. People had the nerve to comment about HS. This crazy bitch I would not leave my dog in her care. All she wants is the all mighty dollar.

2749 days ago


Larry has stated on his website (http// that he doesn't want any monies collected for him.. Hopefully the courts will let Dannielynn go home with Larry today and see thru HKS wanting to hang on for the next 4 weeks. That is ridiculous.. The child is 7 months old and she will adjust fine. Angelina Jolie adopted a 3 year old and took him home with her.. Didn't take 4 weeks..Madonna adopted and took the child with her also.. Didn't take 4 weeks. HKS just wants to hang on to Dannielynn for whatever reason. Bonnie Stern said that DannieLynn was the last remaining part he had of Anna.. What about Sugar Pie ;)

2749 days ago


I can send .01..Give us an address..

2749 days ago


I agree with Vickie
Larry and Vergie have worked this out and Vergie was trying to make sure Howard did not get the baby, and I think Larry should be able to take her home this weekend, it's Howard draging this out.

2749 days ago


My kids see their grandparents three or four times a year because they live in a different state than us. We're all just fine with that. My parents have other things to do with their lives.

Something is definitely fishy with what Vergie is doing right now.

2749 days ago


virgie has had more than one chance to be a good mom. get lost! your time is up and your to frigginold to take care of a small baby! its hard work! 24hrs 7 days a week! but we all know what she REALLY wants... chaCHING!!

2749 days ago


I have to agree with you with you number22 and on greta the other night he was laughing that stern didn't get Dannielynn.

2749 days ago

Shame Shame    

I thought it was 2:30 aswell. Perhaps they've gotten the time zones confused??

2749 days ago


I used to feel sorry for her but she is absolutely horrible. She now needs to simply fade away. She is nothing but money hungry. You are a failed mother do NOT ruin another person's life.

2749 days ago


You guys just STFU with the Stern comments. It doesn't pertain to this particular blog.

Go spew your crap on a relevant blog.

2749 days ago


Mail it to his lawyer.........I'll get the address.......I'm donating $.05.

2749 days ago
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