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Kate Not Fit for a Prince?

4/14/2007 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William, Kate MiddletonIt's hard out there for a ... prince. Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton have split. The 24-year-old prince and his older ladyfriend (she's 25) met while studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland, and have been seen around Britain doing all of those things regular young folks do -- you know, going to polo matches, attending fancy dress balls, and vacationing in obscure tropical locales.

According to a friend of the couple, the split was "amicable," reports People. Reps for the prince refused to comment.

Penelope Cruz to Adopt?

Penelope Cruz Poor Penelope Cruz. Now that her BFF Salma Hayek has gotten herself knocked up, Penelope is feeling left out of the baby game.

The oh-so-single Cruz told the Spanish-language edition of Marie Claire magazine that she wanted to have kids and that, like Angie Jolie and Madonna before her, "My life won't be complete if I don't adopt."

"Of course I want to have kids. I want to have my own kids, but also adopt," she said.

When asked about potential baby-daddies, Penelope was, well, mum.

Kelis "Acted Like a Diva"

KelisKelis is proving that she really is "Bossy." She pissed-off organizers of last weekend's White Party in Palm Springs, who claim that she showed up nearly two hours late, and then only performed two songs. One event producer went so far as to suggest that the IRS be called -- "Kelis demanded her $25,000 payment up front, in cash. But then she didn't perform. Someone needs to alert the IRS – because we know she won't." Event organizer Phil Lobel said that, "Kelis acted like a diva."

For her part, Kelis' rep Tracy Nguyen told the NY Post: "There were many missteps behind the scenes which created a less than suitable environment for any artist to perform. Because of her love for her fans, Kelis made the decision to take the stage, against any advice not to do so."

Party favors: Robert Evans Fire Scare...First James Bond Dies...Jon Cryer to Wed...

A raging fire engulfed three houses near Robert Evans' home in Hollywood. The fire came within inches of his property line but Evans, along with his gardener and assistant, managed to keep the flames at bay with garden hoses until the fire department came. ... Barry Nelson, the first James Bond, died this weekend at the age of 89. He played James Bond in a one-hour TV adaptation of "Casino Royale" in 1954. ..."Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer (we love him best as Duckie from "Pretty in Pink") will wed longtime girlfriend, TV journalist Lisa Joyner, in Mexico in June.


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I think Prince William and Kate are far too young to be in a serious relationship. Prince William has never really dated anyone else.

I wish him all the happiness. I would never want to see him in a loveless marriage like his poor mother had. Prince Charles ruined her life. Diana was a happy carefree woman until she became mixed up with his family, and the always present mistress- dog face Camilla.

Yes- take your time.

2719 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

That's just crazy

2719 days ago

Jamie Cason-VanLuven    

I don't know why everyone is such a hurry too marry these boys off... Their Young, let them enjoy life and NOT inflict the Fishbowl lifestyle they have to live on any poor gal. They Forced Charles to marry diana and looked what happened there Tradgey all around..... and everyone PRAY Harry has a SAFE tour of Iraq I don't know why whatever Idiot had to make that PUBLIC... Do they WANT him to be a Target?

2719 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Prince Charles ruined Diana's life, and now it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Grandma, at 24 my Dad had fought in the second world war and had two children, and was happy to have them. 24 is hardly a child, and he's lived with this girl for 4 years. Now off he goes to live out some extended adolescence. Losing Kate Middleton will haunt the boy for the rest of his life. Who's doing the advising here, the queen mummy or Charles? I believe he is making a huge mistake; true love is hard to find at any age. He's the one who isn't the good bet here, with all that royal baggage; I wouldn't blame Kate if she found a good family man and settled down for a normal life out of the limelight with this someone who doesn't think they are too 'special' for it. Then William might spend the rest of his life watching from afar with a pain in his gut, knowing he was the one to cut and run after living together, publicly humiliating her. The public expectation of their engagement didn't come out of the blue; chicken Willie didn't step up to the plate when it was time.

Then again, perhaps Kate dumped him. Somehow I doubt it, though.

2719 days ago


Adds fuel to the rumor that Wills is not interested in women too much, except as friends

2719 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

You can't parallel Charles & Diana with Wills & Kate. Had Charles married Camilla in the first place, instead of running off scared to live out HIS extended adolescence, none of that Diana stuff would have happened in the first place. I see Wills repeating his father's mistakes here, not avoiding them. I've seen so many people run away from perfectly great relationships because they thought they were too good of a catch; now they're all 40 or 50, unmarried, lonely, childless and lining up for facelifts, and wondering why some woman didn't love them enough to give them children and a family (denial). To those men I say that women have a funny way of wanting their children to have last names.

2719 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Charles fooled around with Camilla and quite liked her when he was around Will's age. He foolishly kept moving on to conceivably sow more wild oats, thus Camilla married a nice guy and had a family, and then look what happened. Poor Diana, and Camilla's poor dignified former all those lost years and pain for Charles and Camilla... Twenty Four is not too young to decide that you love what you've got, and you're going to make it work.
At twenty four it is not good advice to go sow more wild oats if you risk losing that special someone. Time passes quickly, and regret can last a lifetime.

2719 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Yeah, I agree with #1., "Grandma".

Is a little sad, though, because these two seemed like a healthy couple.
Camilla - now there's someone I wouldn't want to be my mother-in-law, maybe that has something to do with Kate splitting. I can't believe how the Brits have forgiven that Rottweiler look-a-like.

2719 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

btw! TMZ, what's up with the title of this article.
The split had nothing to do with Kate being 'fit'.
???? Why the bash????

Harvey, you could only hope you have such a daughter-in-law someday!

2719 days ago


Well, it is kind of hard to draw a conclusion without the facts. I personally like to imagine that Kate broke it off because she realized that marriage into the royal family would be a nightmare.....

I definitely think that Kate is "fit for a prince". What a classy young lady.

2719 days ago


Penny Cruz is the biggest slut and whore on the planet and not woman enough to have her own child.

2719 days ago


Kate-- Someday, when Wills is bald & carrying out his royal duties cutting ribbons at supermarket openings, you will smile...

2719 days ago


History seems to always repeat it self. Don't let this turn out to be another Charles and Camilla. Kate if it is over. Run and don't look back.

2719 days ago

beth c    

I'm not sure everyone has their historical facts straight. Andrew Parker Bowles is not the all round patient victim or nice guy as is being said. He was a womaniser at the start and remained so all during his marriage. He was more than happy to have the Prince of Wails suck off his wife's teat while he was free to live his life.He kept the Royal secrets and was rewarded handsomly for it. As for lost years and pain for Charles and Camilla, please don't insult me by saying such a daft idea. They loved the intrigue,the sneaking around, the "i need you for needing me for needing you needing me", the thought of danger around every bedpost. Andrew PB was in on the game but Diana was not. It was she who endured years lost and pain suffered. After seeing pictures of William being a drunken doofus in the past few weeks maybe Kate realized that at 25 she wanted to settle down out of the glare of the public and live a normal life. Perhaps the lure of the crown wears off when you are exposed to the harrassment and intrusion it comes with. Perhaps she did not want to be in her 30s before having a marriage and children. I would imagine the taste of being chased by paparazzi was a clear sign of things to come and she opted out. William has become less like Diana and more like Charles and at the first sign of that I know I would get out and run like mad.

2719 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

I got good vibes from the William and Kate romance but I wouldn't have wanted to walk, or should I say ~run~, in her shoes. No amount of prestige, jewels, money or castles is worth all the nonstop exposure.
Shame, though, these two did give off hope the royals were making good choices for a change. I think it'll take a Fergie-type to nail William, one who enjoys all the royal advantages. Or think they do, at least, in the beginning.
Whoever William ends up with with I hope is a fast jogger. Unfortunately, that's what it's going to take to qualify for the job and life of Princesshood.

2719 days ago
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