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This Week's Biggest Losers 04/15/07

4/14/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don ImusIn a perfect Zone, the forthcoming sex tape from Season Two "American Idol" contestant Olivia Mojica would play out to the sounds of William Hung's "She Bangs," but for this sorry lot, a simple funeral march will suffice.

Don Imus: We had Don on last week's list, but since then, events have conspired to put him in the running for This Year's Biggest Loser. Stripped of his MSNBC simulcast and WFAN-AM syndicated morning radio show, he's now pushing the control buttons of "Imus in the Mourning." Would producer Bernie McGurk's ill-fated comments have sparked as big a furor had they been exchanged with a top-selling rap artist? You know, the kind that keeps radio parent company Viacom in the green via MTV and BET? Hard to say, but with the loss of Howard Stern and now the 66-year-old Imus, CBS Radio is suffering a serious case of jock shock.

Tom DelayTom DeLay: For the love of a combover, do we really need another he-said-she-said feud pitting a male authority figure against "The View's" Rosie O'Donnell? Apparently, indicted former Congressman DeLay thinks so. Jumping into the fray of the get-Imus bandwagon, DeLay aired out his grievances on CNN and website, dredging up comments from La Rosie that are ancient history. She replied with a blog item entitled "Tommy D," but we think DeLay should take his cue from perennial funny guest Bruce Willis as to what people need right now. On "The Late Show with David Letterman," while perusing a gag list of alleged female conquests handed to him by Dave, the pranking "maxi-super-megastar" confirmed he'd slept with all members of "The View," including Rosie.

Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein: The PR campaign for Miramax's "Grindhouse" started way back at the 2006 Scream Awards, with co-stars Marley Shelton, Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan prancing lasciviously around the Pantages Theater stage. Despite months of exploitation incantation, the highly touted Miramax flick was trumped on opening weekend by... the Ice Cube family sequel "Are We Done Yet?" Is Weinstein done yet? Not quite. Although he is threatening to break up and re-release the Rodriguez and Tarantino halves as two stand-alone movies, take a hint, Harvey. The stars of today's exploitation industry are folks with names like Anna Nicole, Brad and Angelina.

Joe FrancisJoe Francis: There is no man boob flashing going on in this extended edition of "Multi-Millionaires Gone Wild." At least not yet. Based on court documents filed this week, what we do have is a Mardi Gras of anti-anxiety pills, sleep medication, alleged jail guard bribery, alleged tax evasion and teary-eyed exiting of a Florida courtroom. Francis once bellowed that U.S. District Court Judge Richard Smoak was a "judge gone wild." Thanks to perhaps as much as $20 million in alleged bogus 2002 and 2003 business expense deductions, Francis may well turn out to have been done in by "Tax Accountants Gone Wild." In the blink of a spring break girl's inebriated eye, this say-it-ain't-so-Joe has gone from pondering the menu of a planned chain of themed GGG restaurants ... to possibly sampling the taste of prison food.

David E. KelleyDavid E. Kelley: We'll admit that any guy who is married to Michelle Pfeiffer wakes up every morning a personal winner. Still, the final episode of his canned, mid-season Fox show, "The Wedding Bells," drew just 3.8 million viewers last Friday, Kelley is now struggling with the casting of the planned ABC remake of the BBC-TV series "Life on Mars." What gets us is that Kelley has had to glance across the pond for inspiration, rather than relying on a craggy corner of his prolific writer brain. It's no accident that the only show flying these days for Kelley, "Boston Legal," has one foot firmly planted in the procedural world. Maybe instead of putting Pfeiffer in his 2008 flick "Chasing Montana," Kelley should turn to a Calista Flockhart/Harrison Ford reality TV series called "Chasing Wyoming."

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al sharpton and jesse jackson are called reverand? where is their church, on street corners keeping race relations from getting better. they are the racists! have they apolizgized to the young men from duke? no and they never will. al sharpton caused two men to be killed,.he should be apoliging for the twana lies he told and knew they were lies, has he ever done anything that was good. he couldn't even run for pres. without messing up the donations. he should shut up and jesse should be out making more illigitimate babies.. THEY ARE BOTH THE SLIME OF THE EARTH.

2748 days ago


Ask your wife about Karma I-Mess!!!!!!!!!!

2748 days ago


Well stated trailrunner. If we don't see the problems with this situation, we are destined to repeat it . The white back lash from this sort of thing is ugly to watch, and we need to learn and quit doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Yes, I've attended a few meetings.

2748 days ago


Trailrunner, I appreciate your comments AND the civil tone you used in presenting them. But to clarify ....By saying that Imus was appropriately fired, I'm not defending rappers who does have an impact, it's not ok and I would consider stronger forms of protest. My problem is with people who suggest that negativity in rap music should give Imus a free hate pass. That's also not ok.

2748 days ago


It's nice to know that all the racial problems, in the black community, are now solved, since, Don Imus has been fired. You have just seen your , personal freedoms, crumble in front of your eyes, thanks to CBS and NBC. A little heat from the two corporate crooks, Al and Jesse and CBS and NBC folded -up like a two dollar suitcase. Do you think CBS records is going to fire all the rap artists on its label, as fast as they fired Imus? One small point, today CBS radio was fined 3 million dollars for the practice of payola, on their radio stations. WHERE WERE JESSE AND AL , WITH THEIR OUTRAGE? My question to the black community, now that Imus has been fired, ARE WE HAPPY NOW?

2748 days ago


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Remember that people? We all know it for a reason. This is a ridiculous attempt to avert our attention. Freedom of speech is our right! Think about it, what better to divide the nation then a national race and gender debate?

Together we are powerful. We the people control the media and the government. By splitting us up into Black, White, Male and Female they are effectively isolating us from each other and in turn keeping America "under control".

Forget race people. It's about money which is just a pretty name for power. This is WAY beyond Imus, gangster rap, or either one of the conspicuous reverends. This is a testament to the fact that people in a position to exploit others in a less fortunate position for their own personal gain will do so every time.

To the Revs I say practice what ya preach.

To Imus I say sorry bro but Karma's a bitch.

To Racist or Sexist people I say get with the twenty first century.

To everyone else I say keep your eye on the ball. You know, that big oil field over in the middle east?

2748 days ago


Correction for Post 94 -
The word should be marched not marked. Now that I less excited let me say that I didn't even know that there was black & white until I was 14 years old The people close to me in my life didn't have a color. The man I respected the most growing up was a black educated man who took good care of his family and was helpful to me. He was intelligent and kind and educated his children. Why would it matter to me if his skin was a different color? How I got to know the difference? One night he drove a bunch of us to the high school for a dance and he stopped the car two blocks away and told me I had to get out there. Why? All he said was that someday I would understand. And I do. I never heard the trash talk from his family's mouths....not like I have heard for 15 years of being a nurse. I have been threatened and had reverse discrimination thrown at me by some staff. None of this will ever change my mind about what my mother taught me and I taught my son......never judge a book by it's cover - you may miss the greatest friendship you will ever find.

2748 days ago


#62 Teresa

Either on CNNheadline News, Foxnews, or Court TV. Those are the stations I watched last night and I heard it reported. One of those for certain.

Not being a Don Imus fan...I do not watch his program and did not hear what was said when it was said. However, after seeing it rerun several times it seemed clear to me that there was absolutely no malicious or derogatory intent to what he was saying. Having said that, in no way do I condone his language or his form of entertainment. I do, however see the double standard here and that is something we should all be concerned about as it is very frightening, IMO.

There was a very poignant article in today's paper by columnist Bruce Weinstein( on the subject of asking for, receiving, and giving forgiveness. Though it was in no way spawned by the Imus debacle, it is very relevant and something I feel would benefit us all should we read it.


2748 days ago

Laura Priest    

So are all you so called African Americans(oxymoron) going to boycott "Nappily Ever After" the Halle Berry movie? She is only half black after all and has nice white features.

2748 days ago


#79 Sarah,

Tell me, given your obvious disdain for hatred....what are your thoughts on Rosie, Al, Jessie, Nifong, DUKE accuser, you think their brand of hatred is acceptable? Should they be overlooked and not held to the standards of select few? Where would you draw this line of yours? When and where is hatred okay and not okay? Who and how do we choose who...gets to spew hurtful, hateful, libelous diatribe without being held accountable. Further, if and when we may hold anyone of these people accountable...should we always go after their livelihood and the livelihood of their family members?

BTW, I see it is not killing are still around.


2748 days ago

Laura Priest    

Those girls were extremely unattractive,I would be very suprised in this world where beauty is #1,that this was the first time anyoneblack or white told them that they are fugly.Come on at least their brothers had to have told them this before.

2748 days ago



It's a shame we don't hear each other under regular circumstances (what really good posts here - of course there are a few exceptions - shout out to Laura - now that's some insiteful wisdom there, huh?).

Anyway, I hear you Sarah and I agree. I guess what I was saying, too, was that it's a shame it came to this with Imus and I think you're right that we can't except hurtful, disparaging comments that perpetuate racism. I give latitude to some degree with certain humor, though I've got to say I don't have a stomach for a lot of it, but when it's perpetuating racism as opposed to good natured poking fun I think there's a big differnece. I think if it were just this reference you might let it slide, but there definitely is a history here. I'm just sorry we lost the other side of Imus and am sorry to see the loss of the good part of the package. I really thought it was a great venue in terms of getting information and through the BS. Many losses here. Ditto Nichole. You made excellent points, especially about calming down in this and not going at each other. Most of us I think do want what's fair and good for all. Out of control emotions never make good policy or for good debate.

2748 days ago


#106-Comments like yours and people like you are what has made racism what it is today! Even though Imus made the totally wrong comment he did, I would bet that he would be ashamed that his comment has fuel this whole thing out of hand and made racial relations much worse.
May God forgive you and others, whatever their race may be for making comments like this because they are tCOMPLETELY wrong. There are good AND bad people of every single race and when someone begins to put all bad people of a race in one basket because of what some in that race did, then they are the ignorant and pathetic ones themselves. And for YOU to make the commnts that you did using that word about Al and Jesse (even though I don't agree with them either), you are no better and have no right whatsoever to be point one finger at anyone else. Your choice of words prove that you are a VERY ignorant, pathetic, and ugly on the inside bigot!!!!!! May God forgive you for spewing such filth!!

2748 days ago


110 I agree with you totally. Intelligent people will get their point across without stooping to vulgarity and slang. Thanks you for your comment.

2748 days ago

interested canadian    


2748 days ago
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