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Brad and Zahara's 31 Flavors of Adorable

4/16/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad, Angie and Zahara made a quick stop for a cold scoop of goodness from a Baskin-Robbins on Saturday.

Daddy and daughter were spotted at 31 Flavors in the L.A. suburb of Los Feliz. While Angie stayed in the car, Zahara and Brad, in a snappy porkpie hat, were left to pick just one flavor all by themselves.

The tabs have been reporting that Brad and Angie hit the skids ... but their family outing seems to put that rumor in the deep freeze.


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john aitek    

Adoption is great for couples that don't have time for pregnancy. Usually busy couples.

2670 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Boy he doen't look to good or happy now a days. I wonder why he looks so bad. He looks misreable! The little girl is sweet looking.

2750 days ago


That baby's soooooo cute!

2750 days ago


Beautiful little girl. Brad looks like death warmed over tho.

2750 days ago


Brad - You never look too happy. Wazzup, homie?

2750 days ago


hes probably unset about all the people badmouthing is partner and their choice to adopt children, instead of breeding like rabbits and popping them out themselves for free.

i wish them all the best.

2750 days ago


Mel: I loved your comment! Hit the nail on the head! All the best to them.

2750 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Brad is just trying to have his private family time buying an ice cream cake with one of his two baby girls. X17 has a bunch of pixs of them at BR and he looks happy enough. He's rocking that hat. Angelina is smiling and happy in the other pixs. Tabs lied again folks, remember they make up and print whatever they want to. BRAD AND ANGELINA AND THEIR FOUR KIDS ARE TOGETHER AND HAPPY.

2750 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

I don't know what to think. I never thought that Brad Pitt would go for the earth father role but he seems to handle it well-it is nice that they are sharing their lives with these children. I see it as a heavy and tiring responsibility so I admire their efforts.

I don't totally understand it though, I never understood Mia Farrow either.

2750 days ago


So Brad tries to disguise HIMSELF, by wearing a hat and Sunglasses...but doesn't shield his adopted- daughter Zahara (where is her hat, disguise?), from the snaps of the paps..

Oh well I guess exploiting the child(ren) something they BOTH are good at....

And who this time, tipped the paps off about the Baskin-Robbins run, or did they have their private photographers on their tail, to get a picture of the "happy family' out for an ice cream run??

It's called PR.................and they know how to work it.

2750 days ago

the DQ    

He bought an whole ice cream cake for everybody to share. Can we see pics of that mess...........LOL

2750 days ago


He looks shell shocked. She will get tired of him. He is also starting to like the media. They make a good pair. Wonder what they will say about him when she leaves.

2750 days ago


That Zahara always has the pissiest look on her face!! She looks like a mean little brat.

2750 days ago


Angelina has BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder - she will
never be normal - which was likely very exciting to Brad initially.. as to
all the other suitors as well... But it is exhausting to live with =
the highs and lows and tears and demands and bizarre accusations...
and in this case.. absolute obssession with adopting children.

Feel sorry for Brad, very sorry for Brad. Do not think he is the luckiest guy, snagging the hottest woman around. He will need a lot of support when he
finally breaks free.

2750 days ago


Well- who needs to arrange for photogs? Those paps hang out by their homes constantly. It is sick. Is it exploiting the children? or is it actually harrassment by the media?

2750 days ago
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