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Heather Mills Eats It

4/17/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLeggy Heather Mills was knocked off her foot by the Samba last night.

Paul McCartney fans were tickled as Heather ate floor in a "Dancing with the Stars" spangled spectacular fall on her sequined rump.

Mills had a knickers-flashing wipeout at the end of her dance, as she, er, lost her footing in a final pose.

Heather still kept a leg up on the competition, getting high marks from the judges.


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I think the judges favor her because of her leg. Some of the others have just as big as handicap, they are not natural dancers! I don't like or dislike her, but it bugs me to see them suck up to her each week and then be so critical to others.

2712 days ago


LOL, ya'll wrong on SO MANY levels for that!

2712 days ago


I think Heather Mills is a genuine person. Not liking her just because her marriage to Paul McCartney didn't work out is stupid. She is doing a great job.

2712 days ago


OK, I didn't look at the pic until just now. It looks like a phony fall to me.

2712 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I don't care for her as a person, but I don't think anybody should be delighted at her falling either. If nothing else, she is certainly a source of pride to those with disabilities- showing week after week that one can get on with life regardless.

2712 days ago


The whole thing seemed staged. Almost rehearsed. She's trying to get the sympathy vote and it's working.

2712 days ago


I didn't believe the fall was real but shame on anyone who bashes Heather simply because of her divorce. I support her 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2712 days ago


I am a huge McCartney fan and don't feel the need to criticize Mills
because I am his fan. I have been watching Dancing with the stars
since it began and have heard the judges criticize her. It has to
be difficult dancing with one leg that has no feeling from the knee
down. Hell I can't do what she does with two good legs, so good for
her. And her being there has to be inspiring for people with artificial limbs.

2712 days ago


I applaud her gumption for even attempting to dance in a public forum. I do not personally believe she is getting special treatment (she only scored 21/30).

I think it took tremendous nerve for her to come to another country, amid all the gossip in the UK and agree to put herself out there on a dance show while only having one limb! I don't know what it takes to impress some people, but I find it positively inspiring.

Ann, how is not being a natural dancer a handicap? Because I seem to recall reading that Heather was not a natural dancer so that gives her two distinct handicaps according to your reasoning.

2712 days ago


A couple of years ago a rapper was knocked by the judges because he didn't wear the proper shoes.....they said nothing about the sneakers Heather wore.....and she is doing gymnastics but they say nothing about that when the rest of the dancers have to follow the "rules". Yes, I know she is handicapped but they give her way more leeway than anyone else. I think she wore that white "sleeve" over the connection of her leg so that it was apparent she has a handicap and I think the fall was staged also. I thought that as soon as it happened.

2712 days ago


Everyone skates around the fact of her having an artificial leg. So, this is a dancing competition, if anyone else fell they would not get high marks. She is NOT that good of a dancer. They are afraid to say anything because of her disability, next time someone will be in a wheelchair and probably WIN! This is getting crazy...AI with Sanjaya and Dancing with the Stars and Heather Mills. I am tired of this CRAP!

2712 days ago


Hi, Jenni, #6

As I am not watching DWTS this season....because I am boycotting it for the fact that Heather Mills is there......I had no idea of the incident until logging on here just now. That being, there is no hooping and celebrating over her fall and from reportsof high marks by judges, it seems she will continue to get sympathy vote. So, no harm will come to her standing. It may have some bearing on future ratings for DWTS, especially if she makes it much further.

Having said all that, my personal boycott is my way of protesting her manipulation of the American population. She was not, as I understand, invited or asked to appear..she asked for the opportunity herslf. IMO, with an agenda for garnering suport and sympathy from the public. It probably will make no difference to the show but it is my way of exercising my rights and feelings. Am not asking or expecting any such actions from anyone else. To each his own.

She has made public statement on television, that "you are hated and then do a dance or two and you are suddenly loved"..or something like that. Sorry, but I don't think she has that right. Dancing, as I have seen in a few areas of the public, will not alter the opinions of her.


2712 days ago


She's not the best dancer on that show, but she's far from the worst.
The next to go should be the Tall basketball player, then the Billy Ray, The guy from Cheers and then I think Heather will go. That leaves the best dancers on the show right now.

2712 days ago


#11, God I hope you never end up as a juror for a trial. You would be thrown out before you were even seated.

Heather wore sneakers because that is what many of us wore in the real rock n roll days in the 40s and especially the 50's. The white "sleeve" is the strap that holds the prothesis on the leg more securely. Heather discussed this a couple of weeks before. Too bad you don't pay more attention.

2712 days ago

who cares?    

HA HA HA HA ==peg leg money grubbing bitch!!!

2712 days ago
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