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Little Pax Goes for a Ride

4/17/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pax Jolie, the newest addition to the rainbow Brangelina tribe, was snapped in Los Angeles while being shuttled from day care.

The tot gazes at paparazzi with the same curiousness seen on faces of children at a zoo.

Pax's sister Zahara seems to enjoy the attention a little more than the rest of the family.


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linda mary    

Spell correction on number 71 here should be hear and matter should be manner. There are alot of people out there who care so I corrected my self. Justme

2744 days ago

Luke Dogg    

Why would you adopt all these children, knowing that the paparrazzi's are always going to follow you around and hound you. Yes, they are giving these kids a second chance but they are not giving them a normal life at all!! How sad for these poor kids. Stop collecting them and get off your high horse and go live in seclusion and raise them like normal children. DUH you dumb asses!

2744 days ago


Pax looks like he has aged intensely since his adoption. Common sense should have told Angelina (because Brad doesn't seem to have much of a say in anything) that things are happening too fast for this child.

2744 days ago


So #57 says yesterday's incident is even more of a reason to 'go american' in terms of adoption? So I can assume you'll be adopting American kids now eh? Shut up with your lies you dumb b*tch. People only want white babies to adopt in this country - all of you screaming adopt American, can't even bring yourself to adopt brown, yellow, red or black American - let alone adope PERIOD. So get off Brad and Angelina for adopting abroad - besides it's Angelina's responsibility to serve abroad through the UN, where she gets to encounter kids in other countries -- tell it to madonna, or meg ryan who have no reason to go abroad and adopt except they want to follow in Jolie's footsteps. At least angie is there as part of her responsibilities. ...and you need to be bitch slapped through the pC making a remark and using the tragedy at Virginia Tech to validate your evil racism and hate -- that guy killed OTHER asians, blacks AND whites you fool. I suppose after Tim McVeigh blew up the fed building in Oklahoma, you said 'yet another reason to adopt abroad' at that time -- what a dumb ass!!

2744 days ago


First to an early poster, car seats do NOT have to be in the middle seat. As wondering why Pax is not in a car seat, how exactly can you tell? That whole picture is blacked out except for Pax' face. I am sure he is in a proper seat.

I feel sorry for this kid, and I hope he adjusts okay. It will be easier once he learns English, I am sure. I seriously hope that B&A do not adopt another child this year, that would be insane. Quite honestly, I don't see a long future for these two. Ang is never photographed with Shiloh, plus making comments about her that she does, I can only imagine that Brad would get tired of it sooner or later.

2744 days ago



2744 days ago


Angie is trying to fill a hole in her heart by adopting non-amerian kids. It's about her, not the kids she wants to save. To bring a child to this country, then cart them off the daycare shows she is not helping Pax adjust properly..IMO Pax, and Z look scared. I have never seen Z walk, and she is 2+, isn't she? Nor have I seen Angelina carry Shiloh in her arms. Max seems to be the most adjusted. His smile is adorable. If she adopts another child I hope she will consider an American. I'm sure there are many orphans in her new hometown of New Orleans, if she is hell bent on adopting more. Sorry, I just don't get it. Angie looks haggard, and anorexic. She needs to start taking care of herself, and concentrate on the ones she has, instead of she and Brad talking about a "soccer team". What good is a house full of kids if they have a sick mother? To each his own, but I wonder if she is thinking clearly? I don't think either one can act, nor do I think they are exceptionally attractive, but I will keep watching them to see what they do next, and be surprised like the rest of the world. IMO

2744 days ago


to all you people out there who are complaining because people are on here expressing their opinions , the last time I checked that's what these messabe blogs are here for. S o if you don't want to read it then don't look at the message boards!!! now is that so hard???
as for Angelina& her dumb ass man whore Brad- these are 2 people who very well may have the resources to properly take care of children , but they seriously lack the skill!!
first of all I have 2 children and pretty much where ever I go I have my 2 children . If I had 4 children pretty much the same thing would occur. my point is they keep adopting , yet when they go out they only have certain ones out with them. If you want 4 children then 4 children is what you should have with you. If it's to hard to take 4 of them places with you then maybe that number should be decreased...
if she was a normal woman in a normal neighborhood and not what you sick people(example: ujealous) think we are jealous of you know darn well you would be gossiping with your little friends as to why she only takes certain children out with her. You can sit there and say "oh no not me I wouldn't do that" but we all know you are only fooling yourselves have a good night all and God bless!!!

2744 days ago


13. You can see Angelina beside him in the background (white shirt/black cardigan). They are on private studio property and the paps are using a zoom lens - it's not like they're sitting in traffic on the freeway or something.

you can see Angelina? I sure as hell can't . I can see the driver's side back window and no other person is in that car with that scared little boy... I feel terrible for him, he looks to be a very sweet child regardless of what country he is from...just like he has no say in whether or not he wants to be a child of these people he had no say in what country he was born in ...that shouldn't even be an issue...where are the" great humanitarians?" that is the issue

2744 days ago


# 67 remarks are really racist and cruel...hopefully they will delete those and someone else can become 67......#80..sure everyone has a right to their own opinion, but does it really have to be so cruely targeted at innocent children.......also, Angie and Brad are like millions of other parents who take their kids to nursery school, its great for the kids to acclimate themselves with others and a great few hours needed by parents to help them regroup...and I am positive they cannot relax and enjoy time with each other as like most other parents, they are worried to death when their children are out of there sites..and for good reason it seems from the sounds of most of the cruel, degrading, racist comments coming across...

2744 days ago

my own damn opinion    

New pics of Dannielynn & Larry on this myspace, they are out now in magazine in
England..............she is so cute...............lots of pics


Posted at 12:26AM on Apr 18th 2007 by Tambo

2744 days ago


Angelina kidnapped the kid, and changed his name, then dumped him off somewhere with people who don't speak his language. She is a chitty mother and a major mental case, and this Pitt guy is getting back in spades what he did to Jennifer. Look, it is not a family they have but a publicity venue to insure their future, and it is obvious weird Angie is not a mother to him... people spend more time with their pets. Is all this to make Maddox happy with siblings who never smile and look miserable? Angelina, the tramp who beds every married man and won't talk to her father .. the man who left her mother because she was nuts too. It is not normal to french tongue whack your real blood brother on national TV at the awards .. or is it? That the mother didn't flinch, well, it proves why Angelina's dad removed himself from his wife, who had these nutty kids, Angie and her loser brother .. ugh

2744 days ago


I also wonder about the language barrier. Reports stated that Angelina had been planning the adoption for a year, which ultimately involved Sang, now Pax. Angelina had the money and could have devoted the time to learning his language. She didn't, and as a result, the trauma was exacerbated, that of Sang's crying at the orphanage, when told he was being removed from that familiar setting, and in meeting Angelina, Perhaps at some point Brad, or some friend of hers, will tire of enabling Angelina, and mollifying her ego by extolling her as "Supergirl." Perhaps, instead, they might help her confront some Super-Inconsistencies in how her priorities are skewed more towards her needs, than that of her expanding family.

2744 days ago


You need to balance it out, Angie...Have another natural birth sibling for Shiloh....adopt another African close to Z's age, then stop and let others "save the children" Six kids will keep you and Brad busy for awhile. In the meantime, get well physically. You'll need strength chasing your brood...

2744 days ago


I thought Saint Angelina was going to stay home to be with her why is he going to day care? So much for the Saint....she ain't.

2744 days ago
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