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Paula Not So Sweet at 30,000 Feet

4/18/2007 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" good cop Paula Abdul threw a fit and reportedly demanded first-class treatment on a recent airplane trip –- only problem was, there wasn't any first-class treatment to give.

The "Idol" judge, according to Star (via MSNBC), tried to play the "I'm famous" card to get pre-boarding on a recent flight from San Jose to Burbank, Calif. But the airline she was flying – Southwest – doesn't do first-class passage, so Abdul was left to board just like everyone else. When she did finally get on, Paula tried to save the seat next to hers – for herself – but had to give it up.

Watching her diva-rrific behavior, one fellow passenger was prompted to quip, "You're no Sanjaya!" Abdul's rep had no comment.

Guy to Madonna: "Get Your Hands Dirty!"

Madonna might be smiling it up for the cameras on her current trip to Malawi, but her husband Guy Ritchie thinks the trip has "disaster written all over it," according to a British tab. The Material Mom took adopted son David Banda back to the orphanage from which she plucked him last year, a move that Ritchie labelled "tasteless," according to the Daily Mail, and also didn't think it was such a great idea to go back to Africa with a phalanx of chauffeur-driven cars. In fact, he had some PR advice for his wife: "If you do go, then at least make sure you get your hands dirty this time." Meanwhile, schoolkids helped Madge out by pelting reporters' cars with rocks to keep them away from the Queen of Pop and her entourage.

Gere Charged with Obscenity in India

Richard Gere has become the target of three legal complaints in Indian courts after he kissed native actress Shilpa Shetty in public, as TMZ showed you Monday. Lawyers accused Gere and Shetty of committing "an obscene act" in a public place, says the AP, an act that shocked the conservative sensibilities of the Indian population. Residents of several Indian cities burned effigies of Gere after he took Shetty into his arms and kissed her several times (on the cheek) during an AIDS awareness event in Mumbai.

Party Favors: Suri Cruise Turns One! ... Are Scientologists Swarming at Grieving Virginia Tech? ... Robin Roberts on Imus: "Very Painful"

Before Dannielynn, there was Suri – and, believe it or not, the Cruisebaby celebrates her first birthday today. Gatecrasher says she'll be celebrating in Shreveport, LA, where mommy Katie is filming her latest movie. ... The Church of Scientology has already sent "ministers" to Virginia Tech to counsel the grief-stricken students there, report Rush & Molloy, but some critics are alleging that the Church is really more on a mission to convert than console. ... ABC's Robin Roberts weighs in on a multitude of topics, including Don Imus, with Of the deposed Don, Roberts says, "It was just inexcusable and so painful for Rutgers women in particular, but for every woman athlete in general. It was very painful."


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let richard burn!!!

2747 days ago


I got flamed on PerezHilton because of my opinion about Madonna and her so-called "humanitarian" trips to Africa, so I've quit posting there because it's gotten real lame. But I did say that Guy Richie was absolutely right about Madonna's hypocrisy.

I think Guy really cares for David, but isn't interested in raising this child that's not his. Hell, many men don't want to raise they ones they do have. I think Madonna didn't take Rocco because Guy wouldn't allow it. Guy Richie seems to be a decent guy who sacrificed his own directing career (remember that movie he did with Madonna? Real stinker!) to be Mrs. Madonna. Perhaps Mr. Richie feels it's time to move on...and I have to agree.

2747 days ago


Hope the country fines him....He thinks (like Rosie O Donold) they can do and say whatever they be it if they do but pay the price for it!!!!! Hope is new movie flops too!!!!!

2747 days ago


Paula, next time use a Good Airline....Gere, Stay in your own country..Suri,Happy B-Day,sorry you have them as parents...And Last Madonna..Do you think you can teach the kids over here to throw rocks at the cars so your precious ass is not bothered by such details, like your fans wanting to see you..One thing for sure they would never hit my car, because you would be the last person I would want to see....

2747 days ago



2747 days ago


A few things.
1.) It's really sick when a cult is seeking to find members during times when people might be emotionally weak and in shock. This cult should be kicked off that campus because nobody needs a parasitic cult for comfort.
2.) Why would Paris hilton have to go to jail for something so minor.
Why aren't the police out chasing all the rapists, child molesters, killers and other bad guys?
So what! She was out driving with a suspended liscense.
3.) Is it just me or is Madonna continuing her leeching behavoir and trying to steal the limelight from Angelina Jolie. Seems she wants to be seen holding black babies in the press and even brought her own photographer with her to africa. Like she is such a humanitarian or something. It's really sick.
It's all just a pathetic move to stay relevant and in the news by mimicking A.J. who is legitimate and sincere.
Think about it.

2747 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

ATTN: Mr. Gere: This message is long overdue. You peaked in "Goodbar," where you portrayed a self-absorbed narcissist. You went on to fame in "Giggolo," where you played another self-absorbed narcissist, one by which your character arc toward enlightenment was rendered unbelievable by your inablilty to be believable. You suck the life out of every scene--on film or in life--in order to satisfy your own ego. You are what my actor friends refer to as a "one-note" actor. You don't give to your fellow thespians because, as an intelligent, self-actualized, spiritual person, you realize you are of limited talent. And limitless ego. Julie Christy's character put you in your place in "Power." The only scene I've ever seen you truly give it up to your partner was during Kim Basinger's bayou admission in "No Mercy," where you kept your irritating eye-blinking/thinking to a minimum and your mouth shut. And now this faux pas in India. You kiss the Bollywood actress once, twice, yet again for the camera, then go into a swoop-dip kiss finale. Here you are invited to join another culture to speak on an important topic (AIDS awareness) and you don't bother to learn the customs of the hosts (or have your handlers do the vetting). You can't help it; you MUST turn every event into a ME-ME-ME love fest. Question: how can a spiritual person, a self-professed Buddist, be SO SELF-ABSORBED and materialistic? Answer: he can't. Suggestion: stay off the world's stage because this is where your hypocracy shines through most brightly. Continue to make your disposable movies... OR promote humanitarian causes, one or the other, because at the end of the day people are left with the image of you in your Malibu (or wherever) mansion and cannot process the dissonance of your message. Yours truly, Chicago Moo

2747 days ago


I hope they hang Gere by his.. well.. you know., her brothers and male relatives have a right to really wail on him now.. and he should have known better than to insult and assult her on stage before an audience. He practically ruined her rep for any man now., it was that BAD.. and against the LAW! Dirty old stupid FART does know better! Cruise should support Gere and get some lessons in manners too.. the hard way. But he'd probably like it too much.

2747 days ago


SWA DOES have celebrity pre-boarding. i've been in line & seen it happen more than once, even for a baseball pitcher & his peeps! what a riot that paula was denied it! that's too funny!

2747 days ago


Something's wrong with Paula's brain.. she either had a stroke or is in need of a through medical checkup.

2747 days ago


It may be Suri and Grier's birthdays, but on this day, one year ago, I was also in labor in a regular hospital, giving birth like a real woman...not a celebrity!...I had a scheduled c-section with a spinal block...LOL! Just had to throw that in there. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET LITTLE SETH ROGER-RICHARD ELLENS!!!!

2747 days ago


2747 days ago


Oh please, number 39 - and all those truckdri vers having unprotected sex with prostitutes are chaste? India's mores and morals are a superficial joke!! Indians, why is your caste system still around, why do you have such a HUGE problem with AIDS? And what about your untouchables that you pretend you dont have?
You want to blend with western culture (and steal jobs because youre CHEAPER labor), youd better learn to be more accepting.

2747 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

once again because TMZ deleted the first one WTF????? people say much worse you you delete this?


2747 days ago


Paula must be making enough money to have that big ugly mole on her face removed.
She's dumb as nails. I don't understand why she's still on American Idol.

2746 days ago
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