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Virginia Tech Maniac Speaks From Grave

4/18/2007 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the creepiest turn yet in the Virginia Tech slaughter. In between murders, the killer took the time to loop-in NBC news by sending an insane press kit through the mail.

"NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" has just broadcast a chilling video shot by shooter Cho Seung-Hui.

The package included photos -- but no images of the shootings. The items were delivered to NBC this morning and were immediately turned over to FBI agents in New York.

In a manifesto, included in the package, Cho refers to the two killers behind the shootings at Columbine High School as "martyrs."

The package was postmarked at 9:01 AM ET Monday -- about an hour and 45 minutes after police say Cho shot two people at a residence hall, and shortly before he entered another campus building and killed 30 more, before turning the gun on himself.


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This asshole should have left everyone else alone and went into his doorm room, shut the door, and blew his brains out.....I agree with comment # 12

2709 days ago

who cares?    

how does one know when he is going to cross the line?

2709 days ago


When another Human Being takes the life(lives) of other Human Beings. It's a sad reminder that we as Human Beings need to start taking action by raising our children differently. We need to teach our children to view others as our fellow brother and sister
not as strangers or unequals.
I strongly believe that if he had seen the world and people differently there is no way he would have done this. If you have compassion and empathy for others there is no way this could ever happen.
In the end all of us our here for the same purpose, to live our lives out in happiness and meaning.

2709 days ago


Um, isn't this an entertainment site where we get away from the
"news"? Also, to the news media, publishing these images
is sick. This material shouldn't be made public since it helps glorify what
this mentally unstable person did. This is truly TASTELESS.

2709 days ago

Mary T.    

Anna.....if you're talking to me...I'll read what I please....I said take the pictures way....Can you read what I said again....

2709 days ago

get it right    

What a maniac, Im speechless. God bless the families...

2709 days ago


chalk up another slew of murders for the gun they want to arm all the other crazy students and faculty.charlie manson must be laughing his ass off...soon helter skelter will go off without a hitch.

2709 days ago


He should NOT have been allowed to attend that college with those mental issues. Why was he even there?

2709 days ago


#78 from what I've learned many people tried to reach out to him and he pushed them away.

2709 days ago

who cares?    

there is too much freedom in america

2709 days ago

Mary T.    

This SOB killed 2 people went back to his dorm took pictures of himself videotaped himself mails all this to NBC..then goes and slaughters 30 more people......

2709 days ago


That was #79 I was referring to not #78. Sorry.

2709 days ago


Don't you think that HIPA laws should be changed? Too many crazy people walking around and we cannot protect our children. If we send our kids to schools -they should be safe. How could that crazy person buy -he was not even a US citizen. What a tragedy! My heart goes out to families. Don't you think that freak's family should be deported?

2709 days ago


his parents were too *busy* running their dry cleaning store to notice their kid was a paranoid schizophrenic sociopath. They will say, we din no, we din no, he good boy! They knew. The victim's parents must deal with the loss of their children who probably never did anything wrong in their life. Will this be the wake up call parents need? How many more kids have to die? Wasn't colombine enough? Isn't this enough? Don't ignore the signs, they don't go away, today's behaviorally dysfunctional children are tomorrow's adult murderers...may God help us all....

2709 days ago



In case you are not on holiday, please, please....REMOVE THESE PICTURES FROM THE TMZ website!

2709 days ago
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