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Alec Baldwin -- REDIRECT

4/19/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Chech out a humorous outlook on this issue here in the latest show. The first 5 or 6 minutes are intro and then the Baldwin critique begins.

2728 days ago

crystal bones    

Alec Baldwin, Shmaldwin - He needs to learn discipline. As an actor, he
is disciplined; so he was letting loose purposefully on his daughter.

How could he?? A rant on a 12 year old???? The man must be bonkers;
whether the tape was released or not; the man must be bonkers to speak such a horrible diatribe to his lovely daughter.

If those two parents don't take better care of their daughter, she could wind up a "near- psycho" just like her father.

2728 days ago


I'm sorry, but I have to be the Devil's advocate on this one, so I'm siding with Alec Baldwin. I'm not denying that it was his voice on the phone, and yeah, I think he has a temper on him, but I'm not going to cry 'OMG! Child abuse!' all beacuse he yelled at her. He was frustrated at his ex-wife and his daughter. Also, from what I seen, the girl looks like a spoiled little brat who has no respect for either of her parents, esp. her father, all because of Kim Bassinger, who looks like one those dumb mothers that allow their children walk all over them and and do whatever the hell they want, and Baldwin was not going to have any of that and do the right by discplining the little snot.

But of course, people are going to cry that Alec Baldwin is a scumbag, shouldn't see his daughter, he's going to scar her for life, etc., and then be the first ones to cry 'OMG! What's wrong with the kids of this country?!' Why? Oh, because people are too afraid to discpline the kid and act like it's wrong to do anything to such a 'precious little thing'. It's not people, just look in this book called the Bible and look for a quote that says : 'Spare the rod, spoil the child.'

2728 days ago

Look at it this way...    

What would you do if your kid never talked to you? At least he cared enought to want to talk to his kid in the firt place. The worst thing he called her was a little pig. What is the worst thing you have ever said to your child when you were ever punishing them? A brat? Is that better? I feel bad this guy has the unfortunate luck to have to be a celebrity and have it caught on tape and publicized. His wife is pretty low.

2728 days ago


Don't judge Alec Baldwin for one conversation that got out of hand, don't judge any father that is being ignored by his own children. The court system is so unfair in this country in child custody cases. I am a great father that has visitation rights with my children, but their mother refused to let them go with me, she has turned my children against me. It has been 4 years now, my daughter is now 18 and my son is 15, I haven't seen them in 3 years. It is so unfair and frustrating, until you have felt the pain don't judge!

2728 days ago

Ms. Tee    

I'm not exactly sure what the big deal is. As a parent of 3 boys, there have been many times I've found myself wanting to rip their heads off for different episodes of disrespect. But just like Mr. Baldwin, I did not curse not did I call them any foul names. I don't see how calling her a selfish pig would cause her to have counseling. Why should it be bad for any father to scold their child for behaving in a way that is disrespectful to them. Although their is a complete family in my home, so many homes have the father living away from the child. He was trying to get his child to see that her actions were hurtful and plan wrong. Are country has let the media and politics dictate how parents punish and talk to their children and look what has been the end result. More and more children being violent in schools and in their neighborhoods. Parents being killed and beat up by their kids. Let that man handle his child. Its not anyone else's business. As long as he is not putting bruises on her, molesting her, or calling her curse words, I say let him be.

2727 days ago


There has to be a reason.....maybe Ireland doesnt want to go to dads. I know some of them do.....

2727 days ago


Oh, Lord, the morons do speak!

Look, all I know, or all that ANY of us sitting here chiming in knows, is what we heard on that tape. That was the candid, unadulterated and unscripted truth, and even a slimeball like Alec Baldwin can't deny that because he was busted, and busted cold. Now, I have no doubt that he would have gladly called his own daughter a liar to protect his own selfish, rotten a$$ if she spoke up about this message without having any proof of it, of that there can be no doubt. What's a "you little liar" here or there between father and daughter when horrible stuff like "you are a disgusting little pig" rolls off your tongue so easily to her, along with every curse word you can muster? So, we can all try to interpret the past from what we know about these people...what the media feeds us about them, that is... we can all try to predict the future for them, (and we'll let Joy Davis Biographer divine tea leaves and chicken bones for us), but the fact remains that all that any of us can say about the vast majority of this Baldwin-Bassinger situation is only so much conjecture. We simply do not know. But, that tape quite literally speaks for itself, loud and clear, and even turdhead himself doesn't dare deny it. And there you have it. If a guess can ever be acceptable in this matter, I would have to venture one that this is not the first time something like this has happened, by far. I seriously doubt that he got busted the first time he freaked out like that, but I can't say for sure.

I see people here taking sides, if you will, some drawing conclusions based strictly on their own many cases it's sensible to see things relative to our own experiences, and we can't help but do that anyway being that we are all human (pretty much, anyway, present commentary subject excluded). Some of those people simply relate their own experiences to some particular something in this situation, and they state as much. Like I said, we are a product of our own experiences, and as such we all tend to understand things better if we are familiar with similar matters. Notwithstanding, I see other people, like this guy a few pages back who can't see his kid except for "an hour every two weeks", and then "only during supervised visits", and because of that he seems to think that it somehow creates a whole new set of facts surrounding this Baldwin phone message situation, and one helluva screwed up set of facts at that! That makes me wonder, and wonder a LOT, about his thought processes and about the reason behind his highly restricted visitation. Things generally don't happen in a vacuum, and if an individual cannot extricate himself from that sort of situation, then maybe it's because that's the way it NEEDS TO BE! Defending this hateful ba$tard Alec Baldwin only lends more credence to that. I personally know people who've done hard time in Angola Penitentiary, and a lot of it, who don't need supervision to see their kids! So, statements from people like "Mr. Supervised Visits" in defense of an a$$ like Baldwin neither suprise me nor do they in any way sway my opinion, quite obviously, and I take them with a grain of salt. I know, I know, I know....your ex is behind all your problems, she lied, she set you up, the whole world is against you, all the lawyers, CPS staff, every officer of the court and your ex-wife are all conspiring against you, and so on, and so on. Maybe you and Alec Baldwin can ride off into the sunset together and try to start some kind of freak colony where mentally abusing kids is commonplace and perfectly acceptable, but you better damned well keep it far away from good folk if you know what's good for you, cuz us good folk suffer neither fools nor child abusers very well.

To all these other posters here who jump in to blindly defend this idiot creep, hey, I wanna tell you something, okay? I want you to know something, okay? I'm tired of playing this game with you. I'm tired of leaving these posts here for you, to tell you, you have insulted my intelligence for the last time. You have insulted every thinking individual in the world, and you don't have the brains or THE DECENCY AS HUMAN BEINGS to realize it! All your "arguments" serve to do here is to advertise your stupidity. I have to laugh, and I have to admit doing so somewhat out of pity, for these feeble minded posters who sit here and summarily endorse this moron by saying things like "Alec is only doing this", or "Alec didn't mean this, he meant that", and "Kim is doing this to poor Alec" and all that other ridiculousness, stupidly attempting to validate it all by saying "because my wife/husband did that to me!". This is all I have have to say to ALL OF YOU like minded idiots: You are all rotten, rude, and stupid pigs, and you have made real a$$es of yourself here on this forum. I am tired of having to sit here and keep point

2727 days ago


Alec and his spokesperson, along with everyone else he's paid to help do damage control, should just bow out. Alec continues to lie and not take responsiblility . Even now, that he has been exposed who he "really" is. He is still trying to blame everything on Kim! This incident shed new light on the "nasty divorce!" Alec is a father and needs to own up to his problems honestly! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!!! I gaurantee you it isn't. It's so sad that even in the wake of his own personal dilema, he continues to try to berate Kim.
This is ABUSE! Certainly Kim has been on the other end of that for years. Who wouldn't need some Prozac.


2727 days ago


Yeah!! What HE said!!

2727 days ago


First of all I'd like to say"He who has not sinned cast the first stone".It's
a little harsh to talk to your 11yr old like that and Alec has to realize he
is the first example of a man to this child.I truely believe he loves his child
and its a learning experience raising children for all of us.For both parents
get along for the sake of the child.Good will come out of a bad situation!!

2726 days ago


If you ever ventured to that dating violence board Alec baldwin would fit the profile in more ways than one. I think this is a perfect look at the history and you will see what happens. He fits all of the warning signs. Kids have activities such as school functions.

2726 days ago


ALEC......... HAS A BIG, FAT EGO.......SO MUCH SO....... THAT HIS HEAD IS..... SO INFLATED..... .........SO HUGE NOW...... THAT HE HAS TROUBLE GETTING THROUGH THE DOOR!!!!!!!!! IN SIMPLE TERMS........................ HE HAS...........................................BIG HEAD.......SYNDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2726 days ago


He sooo needs to wakeup.......get a clue, and yet he has great comedic timing?
Check out bestof SNL....2wordz ....ANGER MANAGEMENT

2726 days ago


As terrible as they may be, his parenting methods are between him, his ex wife, and his child...not the media's and all of ours.

2726 days ago
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