Britney Keeps Her Germs to Herself

4/19/2007 1:05 PM PDT
America's favorite back-on-track trainwreck, Britney Spears, two-stepped out of Epitome Spa yesterday in Bel Air to two nice surprises -- a face full of flashbulbs from frantic paparazzi -- and a fat parking ticket waiting on her car -- neither of which phased the wigged-out singer.

After BritBrit made her way through the mob and said hello to some pint-sized fans who'd been waiting for her, she headed to her next stop, where she warned a shark-like swarm of photogs, "I'm really sick, don't get close."

Britney is either genuinely concerned about the health of the paparazzi, or afraid that her picture won't appear somewhere for a day.