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It All Looks So Ordinary -- But It Isn't

4/19/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at these pictures of Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland, just two days after Alec Baldwin went ballistic on Ireland's voicemail.

The photos were taken on April 13th in Malibu. Kim seemed protective, putting her arm around her daughter, as they shopped for clothes.

TMZ obtained the incendiary voicemail message that triggered a courtroom battle. On Wednesday, after hearing the tape, a Los Angeles County court commissioner temporarily ordered that Baldwin have no contact with his daughter.


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2745 days ago


Why don't celebs just do their shopping online?

2745 days ago

keepin it real    

FIRST!!!!!!!!!! yeah baby

2745 days ago


That kid is awfully tall to be just eleven. WOW

2745 days ago


That was a pretty selfish thing she did: not excusing what Alec said, but really, way to take a dig at your ex by using your daughter, and completely humiliating her. Mom of the frikken year award...

2745 days ago


Poor kid --

2745 days ago

dumb media whore    

I think Kim's beahvior is just as gross as Baldwin's message. Leaking that conversation as ammunition, then parading her daughter for the cameras to show her as the "protector." I feel awful for this little girl, and think she's no better off with Kim. Teaching her child manipulation and spin, I kind of understand where Baldwin's anger is coming from now(not that I condone it in anyway). He's obviuosly very frustrated and angry about the way his daughter is being turned against him, and can't vent his frustrations to his ex, so he irresponsibly and wrongfully did so on his daughter's answering machine. These people make me sick.

2745 days ago


I'm sick of hearing about this. What's going on in the Bahamas?

2745 days ago

Michigan Dad    

Manipulation at it's finest. Just how much can Kim alienate her daughter from her father...regardless of his faults. This is just classic and will be harmful to their daughter for years to come...all in the effort to "one-up" her ex-husband.


2745 days ago


funny how we have not seen pics of her and her daughter (together) in a long time. Now we see the pic and she has her hand around her daughters waist. What is this a pic for the judge. Give me a break.

2745 days ago


What a Pig!!! He needs to have all of his parental rights terminated!!! You know something like this will stay with her for the rest of her life no matter how many "IM SORRY'S"he has for her.Grow up Alec your a loser, asshole who needs to get out of show buisness nobody wants you here!!!!!

2745 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a jerk. Several years ago, when my sister was very pregnant, he appeared in the grocery store parking lot and helped her load groceries into the car. Her husband owns a charter fishing boat, and when she thanked him, she gave him their card and told him he could fish with them anytime. She said his face completely changed, he tore the card in half, threw it on the ground, spit on it and proceeded to curse her and her husband for "over fishing" the ocean. His reaction was a total Dr. Jekyll thing and using the "F" word so uncalled for. We felt totally sorry for Kim & Ireland because we knew then that they probably went through reactions like that on a daily basis.

He needs mental help.

2745 days ago


im sure kim planned this all out
im sure the kids never heard the voicemail
but kim made sure she had a loving photo op with the kids

2745 days ago


If Kim Basinger was truly looking out for the best interest of the child she would have fought through the courts. Not released it to the public after the judge put a gag order out. Now she looks just as bad as he does in regards to the child. Neither of them should have custody. That child is seriously messed up after having those two as parents.

2745 days ago


WOW!!! this is the PHOTO -OP Kim was waiting for. Does anyone stop to think that she is hurting her child also by releasing the tape.... What a bitch.... She must resent the fact that Alec has a hit show and her experation date has expired...

2745 days ago
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