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It All Looks So Ordinary -- But It Isn't

4/19/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at these pictures of Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland, just two days after Alec Baldwin went ballistic on Ireland's voicemail.

The photos were taken on April 13th in Malibu. Kim seemed protective, putting her arm around her daughter, as they shopped for clothes.

TMZ obtained the incendiary voicemail message that triggered a courtroom battle. On Wednesday, after hearing the tape, a Los Angeles County court commissioner temporarily ordered that Baldwin have no contact with his daughter.


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They both should be ashamed of the media frenzy - - they have created around their daughter. What parents would want to have this kind of attention focused on their child.

2692 days ago


sounds just like my ex..i'm glad kim leaked it..alec is a verbal abuser and they are very clever at hiding their evil side from people...its the dr jeckyl, mr hyde syndrome...he needed to be exposed...its not the first time he's done this...good luck kim and ireland...

2692 days ago

Eileen L Cannon    

This is the same old story...parents pushing each others buttons while the child is in the middle!

2692 days ago


Neither one of these people are Parent of The Year.
They both need to grow up and quit using the child
as ammo against each other.

2692 days ago


My heart goes out to you Kim--"first". I will pray for you.

2692 days ago


So Kim suddenly stopped being a recluse and decided to parade her child for the photogs? What a manipulative piece of work she is! Alec is a loud jerk and Kim is a sneaky, manipulative bitch.

2692 days ago


This is very clearly Parental Alienation Syndrome.

You will notice that many of the symptoms or behaviors focus on the parent. When the child exhibits hatred and vilifies the targeted parent, then the condition becomes parental alienation syndrome. After reading the list, don't get discouraged when you notice that some of your own behaviors have been alienating. This is normal in even the best of parents. Instead, let the list help sensitize you to how you are behaving and what you are saying to your children.

1. Giving children choices when they have no choice about visits. Allowing the child to decide for themselves to visit when the court order says there is no choice sets up the child for conflict. The child will usually blame the non-residential parent for not being able to decide to choose whether or not to visit. The parent is now victimized regardless of what happens; not being able to see his children or if he sees them, the children are angry.
2. Telling the child "everything" about the marital relationship or reasons for the divorce is alienating. The parent usually argues that they are "just wanting to be honest" with their children. This practice is destructive and painful for the child. The alienating parent's motive is for the child to think less of the other parent.

3. Refusing to acknowledge that children have property and may want to transport their possessions between residences.

4. Resisting or refusing to cooperate by not allowing the other parent access to school or medical records and schedules of extracurricular activities.

5. A parent blaming the other parent for financial problems, breaking up the family, changes in lifestyle, or having a girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

6. Refusing to be flexible with the visitation schedule in order to respond to the child's needs. The alienating parent may also schedule the children in so many activities that the other parent is never given the time to visit. Of course, when the targeted parent protests, they are described as not caring and selfish.

7. Assuming that if a parent had been physically abusive with the other parent, it follows that the parent will assault the child. This assumption is not always true.

8. Asking the child to choose one parent over another parent causes the child considerable distress. Typically, they do not want to reject a parent, but instead want to avoid the issue. The child, not the parent, should initiate any suggestion for change of residence.

9. Children will become angry with a parent. This is normal, particularly if the parent disciplines or has to say "no". If for any reason the anger is not allowed to heal, you can suspect parental alienation. Trust your own experience as a parent. Children will forgive and want to be forgiven if given a chance. Be very suspicious when the child calmly says they cannot remember any happy times with you or say anything they like about you.

10. Be suspicious when a parent or stepparent raises the question about changing the child's name or suggests an adoption.

11. When children cannot give reasons for being angry towards a parent or their reasons are very vague without any details.

12. A parent having secrets, special signals, a private rendezvous, or words with special meanings are very destructive and reinforce an on-going alienation.

13. When a parent uses a child to spy or covertly gather information for the parent's own use, the child receives a damaging message that demeans the victimized parent.

14. Parents setting up temptations that interfere with the child's visitation.

15. A parent suggesting or reacting with hurt or sadness to their child having a good time with the other parent will cause the child to withdraw and not communicate. They will frequently feel guilty or conflicted not knowing that it's "okay" to have fun with their other parent.

16. The parent asking the child about his/her other parent's personal life causes the child considerable tension and conflict. Children who are not alienated want to be loyal to both parents.

17. When parents physically or psychologically rescue the children when there is no threat to their safety. This practice reinforces in the child's mind the illusion of threat or danger, thereby reinforcing alienation.

18. Making demands on the other parent that is contrary to court orders.

19. Listening in on the children's phone conversation they are having with the other parent.

20. One way to cause your own alienation is making a habit of breaking promises to your children. In time, your ex-spouse will get tired of having to make excuses for you.

2692 days ago

Wendy Johnson    

Alec Baldwin should be so ashamed of himself, He should be thinking about all those children whos lives were taken by a mad man and how their parents feel, should be embracing your children not verbally abuse them, i bet those parents had one last chance to say i love you. Not those vile words that came out of Baldwin's mouth. He should be saying I love you instead of those terrible words that will stay with Ireland for the rest of her life. What a scumbag

2692 days ago


See what liberals are really like?You too can choose to have this "village" raise your kid. Hillary and Alec for president and vice-president, what a ticket.

Bush is still president and Baldwin still lives in America. Wasn't he suppose to move to France and be a neighbor of Johnny Depp?

When will Child Protective Services deal with Baldwin. This is just 1 call we've been privy to.

2692 days ago


I'm shocked by most of the comments. Not one person knows every sorted little detail of this family and their troubles, except for them and their attorneys. Does anyone really know who made the voice message from Alec public? Most children, from a famous family or not, are to a degree spoiled and can be disrespectful. The one thing Ireland will always remember are the words her father spoke to her. Those painful words will never leave her,ever. I feel for the little girl. Maybe it was in Ireland's best interest to have the words of her father made public to let everyone know what Kim and her daughter are actually up against. I wish Kim and her daughter all the best and hope Ireland over time can heal from this.

2692 days ago

Vigilante Justice    

Oh my gosh Kim...what vein'ee arms your have.....yikes.
Where long sleeves next time !

2692 days ago


Sweet Ireland...Don't ever forget how beautiful and precious you are always. Your dad loves you as best he knows how to. I hope that some day he will be able to have a healthy relationship with you. Right now, after hearing the phone message he left you, I'm not sure that he can. Perhaps with some much needed counseling on his part he will learn what it takes to be a positive role model for you. You need and deserve that from him. All the best sweet girl...Debbie (CASA) from Colorado

2692 days ago


Paid bloggers for Alec? LOL. I'm sure there are some paid bloggers for Kim here, after all SHE was the one who made the tape public and went to TMZ in the first place. BTW, wasn't she supposed to be an agoraphobic? What is she doing outside parading her daughter and hugging her in public? I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. She divorced Alec years ago but she won't rest until she turns her daughter against him. Kim, GET A LIFE!

2692 days ago


This is none of our business. That being said..think they'll ever get back together????

2692 days ago


What Baldwin did was heinous but Kim Basinger deserves some of the blame. Turning your child against an ex-spouse is the lowest thing a parent can do.

Baldwin should have counted to 10 before he left that message but I wonder how many of you have said or done something in a moment of anger that you're glad no one was around to record.

Releasing that recording was irresponsible of everyone involved. Everyone seems to be forgetting that the central character in this drama is an 11 year old child and every action taken should be in her best interest.

TMZ should be ashamed.

2692 days ago
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