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It All Looks So Ordinary -- But It Isn't

4/19/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at these pictures of Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland, just two days after Alec Baldwin went ballistic on Ireland's voicemail.

The photos were taken on April 13th in Malibu. Kim seemed protective, putting her arm around her daughter, as they shopped for clothes.

TMZ obtained the incendiary voicemail message that triggered a courtroom battle. On Wednesday, after hearing the tape, a Los Angeles County court commissioner temporarily ordered that Baldwin have no contact with his daughter.


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My God......Do people think Alec Baldwin is a good guy?? He is a total complete loser! Talking to child like that, I don't care how mad you are-you don't act like that. Instead of running off his mouth, maybe he should get his fat ass on a treadmill!!!

2744 days ago


also, reference post #48:

The court case is sealed. The court did not leak the tape. Kim and her lawyer leaked it. The guy from TMZ can say "I have proof that leads me to believe that Ireland wanted it out there" all he wants, but bottom line is that Kim knew what was going on.

Also, I think it is beyond sick that an adult could actually sit in front of a camera and say that he put this out there because an 11 year old wants it. There isn't one adult in this whole thing that shows any caring when dealing with the life of an 11 year old. All three (Kim, Alec and Harvey) should all be ashamed of themselves.

2744 days ago

Biker Bob    

Other than the words PIG, Al lost it after having a few cocktails, What the hay.

Jeeze, My Dad ripped me a few assholes on a daily basis and I'm no serial killer.

Ireland will get over it and when she matures will realize how her Mpther manipulated her as a child.

Al, go for a few anger mgt. courses or start hanging with the Dali Lama.

2744 days ago



my thoughts exactly!
stupid bitch. she has hurt her daughter just as much.
And of course, since Alec has rebuilt his career, she needs to bring him down. So sad, she is so bitter.

2744 days ago


KIM BASINGER IS DA SHIT, MAN! Living with the Wicked Witch of The West's evil twin brother would probably make you act a bit wacky too. Let's face it she stuck with that nutcase for almost 9 years, I think she gave it the "ole college try".


2744 days ago

repoc rs    

The pictures provide more proof that the entire story is not being told. I would imagine that the mother is continuing to work toward alienating the daughter from the father by spreading horrific lies to the girl about her dad in conjunction with cutting off his ability to even talk with her. Acting in spite, the mom (Kim) is really hurting her daughter most of all. Kim ought to be ashamed of herself, not out casually shopping making it appear that she is concerned. She got exactly what she was after....get Alec angry enough to snap and then come in like the hero to save the day.

2744 days ago


We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones to make a better place so lets start giving LoL! Then End!
I just felt like singing!
I hope Ireland bounces those two parents off a big Curb and they fly away and come back loving her and giving her hugs and act like a normal mom and dad ....
Hey Ireland you can get a court appointed Lawyer who can help you......I would~ Peace!

2744 days ago

annanicolestern appears this 12 yr old has done this before, maybe it's her mom's fault, maybe the kid is just being a kid and talking to her crazy dad is not a priority.

Kim is 1000% wrong for making this public--she needs to take the high road for her daughter's sake. She's definitely has some issues herself and still needs to get over the divorce.

Alec did nothing wrong in my opinion except call his own daughter names.
Everyone knows he's got a temper but her should NEVER HAVE CALLED HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD A PIG. What a dumb ass..

2744 days ago



2744 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a better man than most. Keith Allen the father of Lily Allen told his bi-racial daughter that because lily is now in the puiblic eye he doesn't want her (his bi-racial daughter to use her/his birth name Allen. He is a racist mysoginistic man who doesn't want to pay child support to his child who lives in LA, so as to get away from the racism she had to edure from in in the UK courts. Keith has told his daughter of colour to f*#k off and told her, he only recognises his 'white children' ie, check out his myspace... you will see there is no mention of his child of colour who he refused to pay schoopl fees for, yet he paid lily's school fees... 'he said black kids don't need to be privately educated.'
I could go on.
Alec Baldwin has a relationship with his child... Keith Allen has tried to destroy his child of colour, because at the heart of his whole family is ignorance, and hateful, hurtful racism....
But who cares, this is the life of a bi-racial child, not white enough for a racist world to care about.

2744 days ago

GOD 1    

10. WOW!!! this is the PHOTO -OP Kim was waiting for. Does anyone stop to think that she is hurting her child also by releasing the tape.... What a bitch.... She must resent the fact that Alec has a hit show and her experation date has expired...

Posted at 11:52AM on Apr 20th 2007 by Daniel

wtf.. daniel i thought they buried your drugged up sorry ass .

2744 days ago


My heart skipped a beat when I heard this tirade. Abuse stays with you. My dad's dead, but it still hurts from here. Please get away from him Ireland. Or Stephanie, or Julie...

2744 days ago


Wow ....

I have always been a huge fan of Alec Baldwin ... but after hearing that tape I don't think I can ever watch his shows again the same way ... if at all!

Not that Kim is any better for leaking the tape ... but what he did is disgusting.

I have an 11 year old ... and if her father ever spoke to her that way ... it would be the last time he did until he got some help.

My heart goes out to that poor kid .... she is going to have some real issues to deal with in her life.

2744 days ago


I think the judge should give Howard Stern custody of Ireland, he's probably lonely now.

2744 days ago


Kim and Ireland run for the hills and don't look back!!!!!!!!!!!!

2744 days ago
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