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NBC -- Oh, the Humanity. Oh, the Ratings!

4/19/2007 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after the vile press kit sent from the Virginia Tech killer arrived at NBC studios in New York yesterday, one sound clearly resonated through Rockefeller Center -- cha-ching!

While the network did a great job quickly putting together riveting news packages in a short time, and making sure the tapes were rushed to the FBI rather quickly -- they also did a swell job of first making copies of all the horrific contents for themselves. Then, on the same day that it was announced that NBC was getting whooped in the ratings, the blitzkrieg promotion campaign began.

After spreading the haunting, pathetic video of the killer over the course of last night's 30-minute NBC Nightly News broadcast -- and masterfully teasing even more disgusting clips every step of the way -- Brian Williams warned a shell-shocked nation that his network would do everything in its power to "prevent any more martyrs or heroes from emerging from the tragedy" -- then, in the same breath, he teased more scumbag TV on this morning's "Today Show." Dude, we get the game -- don't try to hide it.


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SHOWING HIS DISGUSTING, MENTAL, IRRATIONAL ANTICS TO AMERICA WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. THERE IS ABSOLTELY NOTHING TO BE LEARNED FROM IT. Put the tape away, pray for the innocent victims in this tragedy and figure out how we move on productively from this point on and stop the violence.

2743 days ago


Nothing like making money on the backs of dead children. Way to go NBC! I hope everyone sees past this and turns the channel. Then read the bios of these wonderful human beings whose lives were cut short. Every one of them was special. I hope you can take out and read about them.

I also hope everyone stops the political diatribes. The only thing we really need is a better medical system that can help or detain these individuals who clearly need help.

2743 days ago


Finally someone I agree with. Shame on NBC for giving this PSYCHO KILLER his last dying wish. I am so glad that NBC would grant the wishes of a KILLER rather than respect the families of the victims. All I really have to say is SHAME ON NBC!

2743 days ago


Sorry...please take time out and read about these wonderful people

2743 days ago



2743 days ago


By repeatedly showing this tape it helps make him the marytr he wanted to be. ENOUGH

2743 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. The media never ceases to amaze me... and I'm sure that there will be other psychopaths watching at home, ready to emmulate him. I absolutely refuse to view the "coverage" of this mass murderer.

My thoughts, love, and prayers go out to the families who have lost their loved ones.

2743 days ago


It makes me sick that NBC continues to perpetuate t his. I did turn the channel! Shame on NBC for selling out this way.

2743 days ago

my opinion    

NBC is turning into tabloid tv. It is sickening to hear the constant droning of their story of the moment. First was Anna Nicole, then Imus and now the tragedy in Virginia. NBC/MSNBC should be chastised for pretending to be real news when all they are doing is pandering for ratings. It was hideous that they broadcast and rebroadcast the ramblings of a mass murderer. Many of us have had enough of the peacock and it is now ABC and Fox or CNN for news.

2743 days ago


Our entire attention and focus should be on the victim's and the families. We are doing exactly what this monster wanted us to do. Stop showing the video of this psychopath,and focus on the real tragedy. The press and media once again don't know where to put their focus. Shame on us!!!!!!!! That creep is looking up at all of us laughing.

2743 days ago


yeah, and how cool for tmz that you can grab screenshots to post at this blog.

stupid maggots. you feast at the same slaughterhouse buffet that general electric's media outlet -- nbc -- does.

2743 days ago


I, for one, will NEVER watch NBC News again — including MSNBC. I am beginning my own personal boycott today and will urge all my friends and family to do the same. Disgusted

2743 days ago


Andrea, I don't think you understand the meaning of the word martyr. They're making him even more notorious and infamous but not in any way a martyr.

2743 days ago


What Imus said was so vile he was removed from the airwaves? Yet this killer is gleefully given tons of airtime.....this is the slime our "free press" has turned into.

2743 days ago


I cant watch it...the pathetic warning by Matt Lauer this morning that they wont show alot of it just enough to get the point across how horrific it we need to see this to know that a massacre is horrific??!! Shame on you wont be able to count me in your ratings...I hope you made enough money on this to make up for the many viewers you will lose..way to go!

2743 days ago
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