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Baldwin Goes to Court to Plug Leak

4/20/2007 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin has just filed legal papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court to determine who gave TMZ the vile voice mail message Alec left for his daughter Ireland.

The document is an Order to Show Cause on why Basinger and her lawyers should not be held in contempt.

In a declaration filed by Baldwin's lawyer, Vicki Greene, the attorney says "Petitioner [Basinger] is the only parent with custody, possession and control of the minor child's telephone voice-mail message that was dissemination (sic) to Harvey Levin and"

Greene continues, "I do not know how Mr. Levin received any information about the court proceeding that was closed to the public, but again, it had to come from someone connected to the proceeding, and it was not me."

Greene adds, "If Mr. Levin had a tape recorded message between Respondent and the minor child, it had to have originated from Petititoner or her employees, agents or attorneys."

Greene ends with this: "Respondent [Baldwin] urges the Court to set a heariing to determine the source of the leak and whether and how its Orders have been violated. Information has been leaked to the press intentionally. The specific source is unknown, but it could only have come from Petitioner's side of the case." Greene ends by alleging the leak "...goes against the Court's stated desire to protect the child from unwarranted publicity."

For the record, TMZ does not comment on how it obtains information.


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I know what he is going though because I'm a living proof of it! My ex Loves keeping my son away from me! She will do what ever it takes to make that happen. I believe she will pay one day in Life.

2657 days ago


Whoa, this is getting nasty. someone's going to jail!

2690 days ago

Dawn Day    

Ooooooh, it's on!!!!!!

2690 days ago

Way to go TMZ. how good of you to spread the flames. What else would I be doing on a Friday...

2690 days ago


He's worried about his public image after years of blaming his x-wife for their divorce and custody arrangements. Perhaps Kim Basinger has been telling the truth all along. Nobody should talk to a child of any age that way. He sounds like a very mean person.

2690 days ago


Read my name, Alec.

2690 days ago


Too late, Alec, to flip into damage control mode. The world now knows what you're really like and it's not pretty.

2690 days ago

big joe    

ass hole

2690 days ago

big joe    

ass hole

2690 days ago

who cares?    

GOOD! I hope he sues Kim Bassinger for every penny. I can't believe she gave out something as personal and EMBARRASSING as that voice mail message to the media. She doesn't care about her daughter. Her life is pretty much ruined now (surprise, surprise!).
Hollywood is an evil, evil place. KEEP CHILDREN OUT OF IT, YOU MONEY-HUNGRY FREAKS!

2690 days ago


As usual, Harvey stir shit up! Never impartial. Clearly, you are on Team Kim for this one. Shame.

2690 days ago


He should be more concerned about his tone/language. Never mind who sent it. Perhaps he's worried about job offers drying up now that he has been caught red handed acting up.

2690 days ago


I think this just goes to show that no matter how bad Alec is, and what he said was bad, the mother is just as bad. Why did she release this to the media? She should be ashamed!

2690 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Smart Alec?

No, it's just Alec Baldloser...

2690 days ago


typical of Harvey Levin, on all the news shows this a.m. totally smug like the dumb ass celeb wannabe he is.. he is totally in on this, this never should have been out if a judge ordered it not to be.. so now Kim controls our justice system?? A judge says that this issue is to remain private and Kim totally goes against his orders? Well, I think Alec should also, come out on Larry King and officially tell your daughter what a total ass you were and that you promise you will spend your life making this up to her but then.. let the shit fly on Kim.. you notice that Alec would Not discuss Kim on his last Larry King appearance? Cause the court told him he can't.. he does listen to the court but since Kim doesn't then he might as well play that way too and tell the world how the past 6 yrs Kim has totally kept him from his kid and made his kid hate him.. C'mon Alec... let her have it!!!!!!!!

2690 days ago
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